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Enlistment Screening Test

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This study describes the development and norming of two parallel Enlistment Screening Test (EST) forms for use by military recruiters in predicting applicant success on Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) selection composites. The EST was developed to reduce enlistment processing costs for transportation and boarding of service applicants. By administering this test at local recruiting stations, those applicants who would most likely meet service mental qualification standards could be identified and would be sent to centralized testing stations. Data on EST items were collected from a sample of applicants for military enlistment at geographically dispersed recruiting stations. Item analysis was used in item selection for operational forms. Descriptive statistics including correlations and frequency distributions of EST with ASVAB selection composites were computed. The EST was calibrated (or equated) to the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) through the method of equivalent percentiles. The ESTs appear to be highly reliable instruments, discriminating well throughout a range which includes major service selection cutoff points. The two EST forms appear parallel based on highly similar distributions of item difficulty and criterion correlation values. EST scores predict AFQT percentiles quite well (r = .83). In addition, EST content is similar to that of AFQT. (Author)
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