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  • It is without question an important film today, and a quintessential product of the America we inhabit.
  • A movie that beats you into submission and makes you wonder if the sun will ever come out again.
  • Batman v Superman is a tiresome, ill-tempered film, and one too lazy even to earn its dismal outlook.
  • When in doubt, [Snyder] simply slings another ingredient into the mix, be it an irradiated monster, an explosion on government premises, or the sharp smack of masonry on skull.
  • If only the film actually had depth, along with a little levity to lighten the bulk in the script, the visual murk and the sonic overkill.
  • A ponderous, smothering, over-pixelated zeppelin crash of a movie scored by a choir that sounds like it's being drowned in lava.
  • It's freighted not so much with entertainment value as it is with enough talk of fallen gods, absent parents, and dissolute heroes to fuel a Greek tragedy. And .. director Zack Snyder seems convinced that that's what he's making.
  • [A] glum, cool-toned behemoth that labors to lay groundwork for a DC cinematic universe while setting up two famous characters on a collision course, and lobs out big ideas like an underprepared undergrad sweatily pitching off-the-cuff thesis topics.
  • The film might be pretty to look at, but narratively speaking, it is a disaster.
  • Underdeveloped, overlong and stupendously dispiriting.
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    3/24/2016 by Calvin Wilson

    Snyder delivers a superhero epic that's a significant improvement on his work on its predecessor, 'Man of Steel.'
  • Batman v Superman is kind of dopey and plays out some laborious plot twists in the DC narrative at unnecessary length, but as I've already said it largely kept me entertained for two and a half hours, which is not nothing.
  • Although viewers may be riveted at times, the net experience isn't much fun.
  • Did you ever think you'd long for the horrible puns and scenery chewing of the campy '90s Batman movies?
  • Blunt, humorless, and baffling, it collides the brutish directorial stamp of its director (he of 300 and Watchmen fame) with the most shameless instincts of our latter-day superhero franchise bubble.
  • In the words of The Joker in a far better Batman movie: 'Why so serious?'
  • Eventually the script's illogic and the relentless pounding of the action scenes wear you down.
  • While the Marvel universe, now owned by Disney, is glib and sunny, it's a nice echo of Warner's past as a home to gangsters and gritty melodramas to find its DC world operating very much on the dark end of the street.
  • DC and Snyder jammed a lot into 'Batman v Superman' to get back into the game. And it often works.
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune

    Electrical labor units free download. 3/23/2016 by Colin Covert

    It is an interesting idea of a film created by people who have no earthly idea how to do it, a quasi-epic without a thimbleful of wit, style or rooting interest in either of its leads.

Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut Download Torrent 2017

  • 'Wonder Woman' is a superhero movie, and it fulfills the heroic and mythic demands of that genre, but it's also an entry in the genre of wisdom literature that shares hard-won insights and long-pondered paradoxes of the past with a sincere intimacy.
  • The New Republic

    6/8/2017 by Josephine Livingstone

    Beauty, strength, goodness, bravery: These are your values, and here is how your values must look.
  • Jenkins tries not only to include men on Wonder Woman's side but also to make male viewers feel better about a woman saving them.
  • The final big action sequence, as now seems always to be the case, is a messy and overwrought CGI extravaganza. But at least the movie that precedes it involves actual characters-likeable ones, even!-exhibiting recognizable human emotions.
  • Wonder Woman embraces issues of female power and the need to turn from hate to love, war to peace in a mainstream delivery system. And the female lead is not solely a mother, sister, girlfriend or hooker, however gold her heart: wonder of wonders!
  • Christian Science Monitor

    6/2/2017 by Peter Rainer

    It's overlong at 141 minutes and suffers from too much origin story exposition and middling CGI effects, but it has a frisky, friendly spirit that perfectly aligns with its wide-eyed lead actress, Gal Gadot.
  • Many big ideas are juggled, and while the story doesn't exactly drop them, it does flail about a bit. Still, Jenkins has an eye for moving moments, Gadot is great fun to watch, and there's genuine visual panache to be found amid the combat and comedy.
  • The real strengths of this production are its lead actors, the period piece setting, and an unexpected emotional resonance that one doesn't expect from a popcorn movie.
  • Gadot does succeed, against heavy odds, in creating a fresh figure of heroic morality and might, engaging an audience with an earnest character's discovery of herself and the world.
  • Wonder Woman has action, humor and heart, as well as strong performances across the board, especially from Gadot and Pine.
  • Gadot .. exudes superhero charisma, which powers her through a clichd last chapter.
  • Suffering Sappho! Patty Jenkins' 'Wonder Woman' is that rarity: a superhero movie with a heart.
  • Wonder Woman is a cut above nearly all the superhero movies that have been trotted out over the past few summers.
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune

    6/1/2017 by Colin Covert

    With one talented woman in front of the camera and another behind, the film blazes an amusing proto-feminist path.
  • Except for the title, Patty Jenkins's big-hearted blockbuster doesn't use the name Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is singular. Wonderful women are manifold, and hopefully they'll fill theaters alongside some wonderful men
  • This is a movie about battling evil that pauses to ask what evil is and whether it's necessary to understand its nature in order to defeat it.
  • We can overlook how the third act yields to the blows-up-good formula of blockbuster franchises. For now, let's just celebrate a superhero movie that runs on estrogen rather than testosterone.
  • The moviegoing world deserves the best that Hollywood can deliver, and this time we've pretty much got it.
  • The movie does drag a bit during that midsection after Diana bids farewell to the Amazons, but it's consistently entertaining, buoyed in no small part by [Gadot's] presence, which makes the mythological seem possible.
  • Gadot proves she is worthy of Wonder Woman's tiara, but the superhero deserves a great film, not one that's just better than the others.
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