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  1. Carrier Comfort Network software download, free
I just got on a job with a Carrier CCN system. It just contains 4 RTUs, 2 AHUs, and a set of fans. I guess the job has been a problem ever since day one. I was wondering if there is a manual that anyone has that shows each parameter in the menus, and what the values mean. Like for instance we want to globally broadcast the OAT to all the units, and i see that the option for this is set at 3? What is 3? So a manual would be nice for things like this.
Another thing that is happening is the heat and cool have never worked from the system, and someone just dropped some stats down the return, and bypassed the system. Well I have analyzed the operation, and I have found the % of heat goes up to 50%, and then back to zero. The cooling has never worked. I was wondering if the staging tracks the PID Loop %? If so what should be the PID settings? They have them at 6 pgain 5 intergral, 3 derivitive. They also have start temp. setpoints. I noticed the cooling setpoint is set lower than the heating start temp. setpoint. Is this normal? Typically heating setpoints are below the cooling setpoints.
There is also a control temp. setpoint on the main status screen that doesn't match any of my programmed setpoints. I am assuming that the thermostat has some sort of adjustment causing this to change. Is this the temp. that it is trying to maintain or is there a offset in there for heating? I show on some of the units the offset on the status screen was set at 3 degrees and other units were at -3 degrees?
Any help with this would be great.

Carrier Comfort Network software download, free

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