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I have an app same as to contacts app. Here, I will be adding contact details like phone number, person photo from gallery etc. I have taken a quickcontactbadge, which, when clciked takes the user to the phone gallery and lets the user to select the pic he want.

Android currently unable to download message
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Till here all my code works fine. When I click the particular image, It shows this toast message 'Currently unable to download. Please try again later' and app is closed. I tried in the phone contacts app with the same image. It loaded.

Here is my code,

Unable To Download App

Please see this Image,

I dont know if the fault is with the phone or my code.

This is my logcat,

Anyone please clarify or suggest me some solution.

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Any help is appreciated!! Thanks.


1 Answer

Try using this method instead:

Android Currently Unable To Download Try Later

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Android Error Message Currently Unable To Download

I don't know if there is anything wrong in your Intent definition, but here in my app I did like this:

Currently Unable To Download Android Phone

Renan BandeiraRenan Bandeira

Currently Unable To Download

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