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Deploying Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 (CRVS2010) runtime files is mandatory in order to ensure that a project containing Crystal Reports components functions correctly. There are three distinct deployment scenarios for deploying Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010. The Crystal Reports product team is happy to announce the production release of SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010. You can download the release packages from. Starting on Friday, April 16 th, the beta version of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will be available as a separate download from this site. Just like when Crystal Reports was integrated into the Visual Studio installation, this download will continue to be free.


This is a list of fixed issues in Service Pack 1 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 (CRVS2010).


A total of 19 issues have been addressed in Service Pack 1 for CRVS2010. The issues are documented in individual KBases. For details, see the table under the List of Fixed Issues heading.

Where to Download Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for CRVS2010 can be downloaded from the Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Reference Page Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Reference page. Click here for a direct link .The Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Reference page includes downloads for the CRVS2010 runtime MSM, MSI files and more. For more information re. CRVS2010 see the SAP Crystal Reports, Version for Visual Studio .NET web page.

List of Fixed Issuses

ADAPT Number


KBase Number


PublicKey in both 32bit & 64bit runtime msi package is different from the one in product.xml


MapInfo MapX component was not installed by CR4VS


Event viewer error: 'The keycode assembly, BusinessObjects.Licensing.KeycodeDecoder.dll, cannot be loaded'


The webform viewer gets script error when viewer embedded into master page


WebForm viewer truncates a hyperlinked report field where the URL contains a '='


Using WPF Viewer control in Winform application will get NullReferenceException


The CDO and FieldDef database drivers are not installed by CRRuntime(msi & msm)


WPF viewer parameter panel does not accept new values when typed in


Unable to export to Exchange folder with Office 2010


Linked Subreport Refresh When the Main Report Returns No Data


WPF viewer's ToggleSidePanel/ToggleGroupTree/ToggleParameterPanel properties do not work


Some Chinese characters get corrupted when exported to PDF - if the report contains flash made by Xcelsius


DatabaseController.SetDataSource will throw out error: Failed to load database information error on 64bit runtime


Error: Load Report failed after unistall of Crystal Reports 64 bit runtime

Shadow the hedgehog ps2 iso download. ADAPT01490871

Localized help library will NOT install on localized VS2010


ReportDocument.Load method looks for database server when report contains SQL Expression


Error: Page Header plus Page Footer is too large for the page, when viewing a report

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I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and already downloaded CR (Crystal Reports) but when I search for Crystal Reports viewerin the tool, does not exist, so how can I display my report that is already created?

And whether there is a tutorial using ReportViewer?


4 Answers

The CrystalReport Viewer control is a .Net assembly. By default, when you create a new .net 4 Windows Form application, it uses the .net 4 Client Profile framework, not the standard .net 4 framework. After I converting the project to the standard framework, the Crystal Report Viewer control becomes available under the Reports section.

To view this tool you must change the build configuration of your project.

1) Select a project node in Solution Explorer.

2) On the Project menu, click Properties. When the Project Designer appears, click the Compile tab.

3) On the Compile Page, Project Designer (Visual Basic), select the Configuration and Platform. In simplified build configurations, the Configuration and Platform lists are not displayed. For more information, see Debug and Release Project Configurations.

4) Click Advanced Compile Options.

5) Change Target framework (all configurations):.NET Framework 4


Right click on the toolbox, select Crystal Reports Viewer from the available list of WPF components. Now it'll appear in the toolbox and can be used.

Download Crystal Reports For Vs 2010

Good tutorial here:


Click on 'Project' from menu bar. Select your project's properties.From the target framework select '.NET Framework 4' instead of '.NET Framework 4 Client Profile'. A prompt window will open, click on yes button. Now crystal report viewer is yours.


You need to First Change Your Framwork to .net Framwork 4.0 Link

After the Change Framwork You Need to install Crystal Report Runtime

You Can Also Create Crystal Report at Runtime..

in Your WinForm Crystal Report Viewer is Visible..

Download Crystal Reports For Vs 2010

Chirag SutharChirag Suthar

Download Crystal Reports For Vs 2010 Full

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