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Five of the Kamen Riders of Kamen Rider Gaim (left to right): Gridon, Baron, Gaim, Ryugen, and Zangetsu. The costume designs come from both fruits and traditional armors from around the world.

Kamen Rider Gaim (仮面ライダー鎧武(ガイム)Kamen Raidā Gaimu) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in the Kamen Rider Series, written by Gen Urobuchi. Kouta Kazuraba must use his newfound powers as the titular hero to battle the mysterious Inves monsters as well as other rival Kamen Riders, all known as 'Armored Riders' (アーマードライダーĀmādo Raidā), in what is described by the show as a 'Rider Sengoku Period' (ライダー戦国時代Raidā Sengoku Jidai).[citation needed] Characters are aligned with each other as members of dance crews and various organizations.

  • 1Team Gaim
  • 2Team Baron
  • 7Yggdrasill Corporation
  • 10Drupers
  • 11Inves
  • 12Over Lords
  • 13Sengoku Period
  • 14Aoi family
  • 15Underground Empire Badan
  • 16The soccer parallel world

Team Gaim[edit]

Team Gaim (チーム鎧武Chīmu Gaimu) is one of many dance teams in Zawame, identified by their Happi-themed modern outfits and logo.

Kouta Kazuraba[edit]

Kouta Kazuraba (葛葉 紘汰Kazuraba Kōta) is an earnest and cheerful young adult who is naïve, wanting to help others but ends up sometimes causing trouble than good due to his short-sightedness. He is originally the second-in-command of Team Gaim before eventually quitting the team to take odd jobs to help out his older sister Akira since their parents have died. But things change when Kouta is called by Team Gaim's leader Yuya Sumii, who wants to show him something to help their team out. This leads Kouta to search for Yuya in what he later learns to be Helheim Forest, finding a Sengoku Driver (戦極(センゴク)ドライバーSengoku Doraibā) that his friend bought from the mysterious Lockseed Dealer Sid and an Inves that he managed to destroy. Figuring out a means to best use his new-found power, it takes seeing the rampage by Kaito's summoned Inves to convince Kouta to protect people as Kamen Rider Gaim (仮面ライダー鎧武Kamen Raidā Gaimu).[note 1] This event spreads across the city, earning Kouta the name of 'Armored Rider Gaim' as he decides to help Team Gaim as an official member in Yuya's stead as more Armored Riders appearing in Zawame. Eventually, with help from Mitsuzane, Kouta learns that Sid is working with the Yggdrasill Corporation in an experiment involving the Armored Riders with DJ Sagara giving him a Lemon Energy Lockseed and a Genesis Core. While dealing with the public's prejudice against the Beat Riders, Kouta learns the truth of Helheim Forest, Yggdrasill's goals, and the truth that the first Inves he killed was actually Yuya. While he is still trying to figure out what to do with this new information, Kouta is approached by Sagara and learns of the Inves known as the Over Lords while advised to shatter the rules that the Yggdrasill Corporation is following in order to change the world for the better. Given the Kachidoki Lockseed to achieve that goal, Kouta tells Mai everything he knows to Mitsuzane's displeasure while managing to win Takatora over with a way they can save the world without sacrificing human lives. At this point, Kouta finally gets a job at Drupers, but only after his sister is downsized and he must find some form of work. During the Lover Lord Dēmushu's invasion into Zawame, he is critically injured by the Yggdrasill Corporation force's sudden attacks on him, resulting in Dēmushu landing a fatal blow on Gaim, until Baron rushes to his aid and retreat to Team Gaim's place safely. Gravely wounded, Kouta has another encounter with Sagara who offers him the Kiwami Lockseed to help him obtain the Forbidden Fruit to save his world. Though warned that he would have to kill everyone else who is after the Forbidden Fruit and would eventually become an Over Lord himself, Kouta accepts the Kiwami Lockseed. As he uses the Lockseed, Kouta unknowingly becomes more like the Over Lords, even gaining the ability to use the plants to his advantage after battling Redue and Roshuo. However, Mitsuzane plans to fight him with his new Ryugen Yomi transformation, and during the fight, Kouta intentionally lets his guard down, taking a seemingly fatal blow from Ryugen Yomi, all in an attempt to get his friend back to normal. Kouta's wounded body is later found by Chucky and Peko and brought back to the garage for treatment. In his injured state, Mai visits Kouta spiritually and warns him about Kaito wanting to use the Forbidden Fruit to change the future. While trying to learn if Redyue and Roshuo's words about him becoming an Over Lord after obtaining the Kiwami Lockseed are true, Kouta starts to test it out by eating the Helheim's fruit. When it has no effect on him at all, he realizes that they were right in their warnings. After killing Kaito, Kouta receives the Golden Fruit and evolves into the blonde-haired Man of the Beginning (始まりの男Hajimari no Otoko). Not wanting to destroy the current world nor rule it as it is, he uses his power to open a crack in space to send all of the Inves and Helheim Forest onto another barren world at the far end of the universe, where he and Mai will create new life instead. Seven months later, when Kogane returns as Armored Rider Jam – possessing the form of a teenage girl and beating Mitsuzane close to death – Kouta returns to Earth to help Mitsuzane destroy the Locust Monster, and splits Kogane from its host, so both Gaim and Ryugen can finish it off for good. After the last fight with Kogane, Kouta leaves Earth once more, saying goodbye to both Mitsuzane and the spirit of Kaito who is lingering behind at the relocated sacred tree.

As Kamen Rider Gaim, armed with a combination katana and firearm called the Musou Saber (無双セイバーMusō Seibā), Kouta can wear fruit-like armor in Arms Changes (アームズチェンジĀmuzu Chenji) by using different Lockseeds (ロックシードRokkushīdo) in the Sengoku Driver, a device that enables the user to absorb the nutrients of a Lockseed without becoming an Inves, while gaining access to an Arms Weapon (アームズウェポンĀmuzu Wepon). His main form as Gaim is Orange Arms (オレンジアームズOrenji Āmuzu), which gives him access to the sword-like Daidaimaru (大橙丸).[note 2] His finishers are a flying side kick called the Burai Kick (無頼キックBurai Kikku), the Daidai Ittō (大橙一刀) with the Daidaimaru,[note 3] and the Naginata Musou Slicer (ナギナタ無双スライサーNaginata Musō Suraisā) when he combines the Musou Saber and Daidaimaru into a naginata.

Gaim later acquires more Lockseeds to attain more Arms Change forms. The first is Pine Arms (パインアームズPain Āmuzu) with the Pine Lockseed; this form is armed with the meteor hammer-like Pine Iron (パインアイアンPain Aian) which he uses in a Burai Kick variant called Iron Breaker (アイアンブレイカーAian Bureikā) as well as being able to combine with the Musou Saber into a kusarigama. Next is the light-armored Ichigo Arms (イチゴアームズIchigo Āmuzu) through the Ichigo Lockseed, is armed with the multiple throwing knife-like Ichigo Kunai (イチゴクナイ) for his Kunai Burst (クナイバーストKunai Bāsuto) barrage attack. After gaining the Suika Lockseed from Mitsuzane, Gaim transforms into Suika Arms (スイカアームズSuika Āmuzu). Suika Arms possesses several different modes: Ōdama Mode (大玉モードŌdama Mōdo)[note 4] completely envelops Gaim in an armored watermelon that can roll around, Yoroi Mode (ヨロイモードYoroi Mōdo)[note 5] allows Gaim to battle as if he were in a power-suit and wields the twin sword-like Suika Sōjintō (スイカ双刃刀) that combine into a double-bladed weapon, and the flight capable Gyro Mode (ジャイロモードJairo Mōdo) which has guns in the form's hands. Gaim also once uses Kamen Rider Baron's Banana Lockseed to transform into Banana Arms with use of the Banaspear.

By inserting the Genesis Core (ゲネシスコアGeneshisu Koa) in place of his Sengoku Driver's Rider Indicator (ライダーインジケーターRaidā Injikētā) face plate, Gaim can mix the powers of his Orange Lockseed with any of the Energy Lockseeds, producing a new Jimber (ジンバーJinbā)[note 6] armor with various enhanced abilities, in addition to use of the Sonic Arrow which allows Gaim to use the power of both Lockseeds in a stronger attack. He initially uses the Lemon Energy Lockseed he obtains from DJ Sagara to transform into Jimber Lemon Arms (ジンバーレモンアームズJinbā Remon Āmuzu), which grants him enhanced overall powers. Later, after taking Sid's Cherry Energy Lockseed, Gaim gains access to the super speed of Jimber Cherry Arms (ジンバーチェリーアームズJinbā Cherī Āmuzu). After helping to cover a Crack in Helheim Forest, Kouta manages to steal Yoko Minato's Peach Energy Lockseed and escapes with it, in which later enables him to use the super sensitive hearing of Jimber Peach Arms (ジンバーピーチアームズJinbā Pīchi Āmuzu), which has the side effect of making him susceptible to the sonic powers of some of the Over Lord Inves.

Using the Kachidoki Lockseed, Kouta gains the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms (カチドキアームズKachidoki Āmuzu).[note 7] Kachidoki Arms sports a much more powerful armor than any other forms, able to shrug off volleys of gunfire from Kurokage Troopers completely, and even withstand a point-blank charged shot from Zangetsu Shin's Sonic Arrow. In this form, Gaim uses the twin banner-like Kachidokibata (カチドキ旗) on his back as weapons alongside the Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju (火縄大橙DJ銃Hinawa Daidai Dī Jei Jū).[note 8] In its Ju Mode (銃モードJū Mōdo), after reloading using the turntable-like DJ Table, Gaim can use the DJ Pitch switch to control the type of projectile fired. The middle setting fires single shots, while the highest produces machine gun fire and the lowest one single powerful blast. The Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju can combine with the Musou Saber to assume Taiken Mode (大剣モードTaiken Mōdo), and with the Kachidoki Lockseed set in is able to perform the Hinawadaidaimusouzan (火縄大橙無双斬Hinawadaidaimusōzan) finisher.[note 9] By inserting the Kiwami Lockseed into the keyslot on the side of the Kachidoki Lockseed, Kamen Rider Gaim can transform from Kachidoki Arms into the Daishogun-like Kiwami Arms (極アームズKiwami Āmuzu),[note 10] with power equal to an Over Lord's.[citation needed] As Gaim Kiwami Arms, Gaim can call on any of the Lockseeds for other powers, and is able to call on the other Armored Riders' weapons for his own use, calling them in quick succession to disorient and overpower his foes. Once he becomes the Man of the Beginning, Kouta gains the ability to transform directly into Kiwami Arms without the need of any Driver or Lockseed.

While Gaim normally uses a motorcycle called the Sakura Hurricane (サクラハリケーンSakura Harikēn) as his personal Lockvehicle (ロックビークルRokkubīkuru), accessed through the Sakura Lockseed, he can also use a hover bike called the Dandeliner (ダンデライナーDanderainā), accessed from the Tanpopo Lockseed. Later, DJ Sagara gives him a Tuliphopper Lockseed to access the Tuliphopper.

During the events of the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle Gaim uses the Kamen Rider Wizard-themed Wizard Arms (ウィザードアームズWizādo Āmuzu), armed with the Wizarswordgun. During the events of Heisei Riders vs. Shōwa Riders: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai Gaim uses the Kamen Rider 1-themed 1Go Arms (1号アームズIchigō Āmuzu) via Shōwa Rider Lockseed, created from the fifteen Shōwa Riders' powers and Shu Aoi's Imagination to utilize the power from one of fifteen Shōwa Riders to counter Kamen Rider Fifteen's Heisei Rider Arms. As 1Go Arms, Gaim utilize one of Kamen Rider 1's power.

During the events of the Hyper Battle DVD Fresh Orange Arms is Born!: You Can Also Seize It! The Power of Fresh, the Orange Lockseed rusts and turns into the Fresh Orange Lockseed after following the instructions of 'Alternative Mai' which Kouta uses. This transforms Kamen Rider Gaim into Fresh Orange Arms (フレッシュオレンジアームズFuresshu Orenji Āmuzu), a sparkling version of Gaim's Orange Arms, which is equipped with dual Daidaimaru, has a stronger version of the Burai Kick, and by combining the dual Daidaimaru with two Musou Sabers, he can execute a stronger Naginata Musou Slicer attack.

During the events of the film Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!, Kouta is brainwashed by the evil Kogane to become his liege. While under Kogane's control, Kouta uses the Black Orange Lockseed in combination with the Black Lemon Energy Lockseed to transform into Kamen Rider Gaim Yami Black Jimber Arms (仮面ライダー鎧武・闇 ブラックジンバーアームズKamen Raidā Gaimu Yami Burakku Jinbā Āmuzu), who is ruthless in his attacks with the Musou Saber. Earlier in the film, Gaim transforms into Banana Arms, Durian Arms, and Donguri Arms in his fight with Kamen Rider Mars.

During the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, Kamen Rider Gaim acquires the Drive Lockseed to transform into the Kamen Rider Drive-themed Drive Arms (ドライブアームズDoraibu Āmuzu), possessing Drive's Handle-Ken. Unlike other Legend Rider Arms, Drive Arms changes Gaim's helmet's horn into resembling Drive's 'R' logo.

Kouta Kazuraba is portrayed by Gaku Sano (佐野 岳Sano Gaku). As a child, Kouta is portrayed by Hayate Torii (鳥居 颯Torii Hayate).

Mitsuzane Kureshima[edit]

Mitsuzane Kureshima (呉島 光実Kureshima Mitsuzane) is initially a member of Team Gaim, nicknamed Mitch (ミッチMitchi) by the others, a smart yet manipulative youth who concealed his familial relation to his older brother Takatora. Concealing his heritage from his friends and his Beat Rider activities from his brother, Mitsuzane attends an elite high school yet wanted to follow his own path rather than follow in his brother's footprints in inheriting their father's company. After Kouta's near death encounter with the white Armored Rider forces him to quit, Mitsuzane goes to Drupers and convinces Sid to give him a Sengoku Driver. From there, Mitsuzane becomes Team Gaim's other Armored Rider, the Chinese warrior-themed Kamen Rider Ryugen (仮面ライダー龍玄Kamen Raidā Ryūgen).[note 11] After learning that the white Armored Rider, Zangetsu, is Takatora, Mitsuzane resolves to uncover the truth behind the Yggdrasill Corporation's ties to Helheim Forest. However, motivated to protect Kouta and Mai from the truth so they can live a blissful ignorance, Mitsuzane decides to help his brother in concealing information on Helheim Forest after learning of Yuya's fate and seeing the ruins within the forest. Having admired Kouta for his earnestness, though he finds his friend's ideals and methods disagreeable, Mitsuzane becomes completely disillusioned after Kouta tells Mai everything of the Inves and Yggdrasill's conspiracy. Combined with being slapped by Mai after taking his frustrations on Kouta for making her sad, an unhinged Mitsuzane now sees Kouta as nothing more than a threat to Mai and their friends. After Kaito stops him from attempting to secretly kill Kouta, Mitsuzane stands by to allow Ryoma's group to betray Takatora so he can attack his friend by posing as Zangetsu Shin while forming a secret alliance with Sid to help him get the Forbidden Fruit. But after Sid's death, Mitsuzane forms a new alliance with Redyue where he becomes the Over Lord's proxy so he can save Mai and a fraction of the human race. By that time, after seeing that Kouta continues fighting because of his hope, Mitsuzane reveals his utter hatred towards Kouta before seemingly killing Takatora and then placing Mai in Roshuo's care as the Over Lord invasion reaches its climax. But when she falls ill because of the Golden Fruit within her, Mitsuzane blames Kouta for the turn of events as he accepts the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed from Ryoma despite being warned that it will kill once he becomes Kamen Rider Ryugen Yomi (仮面ライダー龍玄・黄泉Kamen Raidā Ryūgen Yomi).[note 12] Luckily, Kouta feigns defeat to save Mitsuzane as he still considers him a friend. By that time, Mitsuzane learns that Ryoma has used him so he can extract the Forbidden Fruit from Mai before destroying Takatora's Genesis Driver. Going into hiding for the duration of the events to follow, a depressed Mitsuzane accepts his role in Mai's apparent death before finding Takatora's comatose body. Three months later, before Takatora finally awakens from his coma, Mitsuzane is still guilt ridden over his past mistakes as he turns down Zack's offer to dance with the Beat Riders again. Seven months after Kouta and Mai have left the Earth, both Mitsuzane and Takatora have begun their new lives. Mitsuzane is still contacted by his old Beat Rider friends to join them, but he still declines their offers. However, when the Locust Monster and Armored Rider Jam attack Zawame, Mitsuzane learns the latter is possessing the girl as he rejoins the Armored Riders as Ryugen before Kouta returns to Earth. After helping Kouta save the girl and destroy Kogane for good, Mitsuzane gives his goodbyes to Kouta and Mai as he decides to rejoin his Beat Rider friends. While having a peaceful new life, Mitsuzane and the companies on a different place, sought Kouta's death and lost by the robot alien Megahex, as the robot attempt to assimilate the Earth into his image, using a Forbidden Fruit's power and held Mai as one of his power core and hostage too. Mitsuzane confront Megahex, and witness Ryoma's revival as a cyborg, overpowered by the revived professor, but manage to escape with a Sengoku Driver from some of three Megahex's Mecha Kurokage. While Mitsuzane informed his allies about what happened with Kouta, Kouta's remaining Over Lord power can produce Helheim plant, as Mitsuzane reminded himself to Takatora that he got a Sengoku Driver from some Mecha Kurokage destroyed, and give it to his brother, as his brother can now fight as Zangetsu once more. After saving Mai and lure Megahex to get a Kiwami Lockseed to revive Kouta, the three Armored Kamen Riders fought Megahex back, until the robot found a body of a dead Roidmude from a certain place, Cyberoid ZZZ, and turned himself into Megahex. In a same time, the Armored Kamen Riders is later accompanied by Kamen Rider Drive, a revived Kamen Rider Baron, whom Megahex made a mistake on reviving him, then lastly by the three Roidmudes Mashin Chaser, Heart and Brain. After Megahex is destroyed, Mitsuzane and his friends wants Kouta and Mai to stay for a bit, before their departure back to planet Helheim.

In Movie War Full Throttle, Mitsuzane still have Melon Energy Lockseed with him, during his time when he was misguided into evil, shortly began to redeem himself, had the Genesis Driver he stole from his brother destroyed by Ryoma's kill switch remote for the Genesis Driver, before Mitsuzane attempt to use it, and was lucky enough on not to attaching the Lockseed to the Driver first. Once Ryoma is destroyed once again by Takatora, leaving his Genesis Driver behind for Takatora's use, Mitsuzane and Mai arrived, and he throws the Melon Energy Lockseed to his brother, so he can transform into Zangetsu Shin once more. During the events of Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle, Mitsuzane is graduating from high school and plans to assist his brother at work. Through this, he and Takatora discover that remaining members of the Yggdrasill Corporation are producing and selling mass-produced Sengoku Drivers on the black market, such as to the criminal group Team Neo Baron. Mitsuzane and Takatora hunt these rogue members down, and even saves Zack and Jonouchi from Neo Baron's Kurokage Troopers. He gives Zack a new Sengoku Driver and Kurumi Lockseed, as well as a Marron Energy Lockseed and, telling him how he can use it to transform into a Jimber Arms form, through using the Genesis Core that Peko gives him earlier.

As Kamen Rider Ryugen, Mitsuzane usually transforms into the Budou Arms (ブドウアームズBudō Āmuzu). In this form, Ryugen wields the gun-like Budou Ryuhou (ブドウ龍砲Budō Ryūhō) with which he can perform the Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショットDoragon Shotto) finisher. After buying a Rose Attacker Lockvehicle motorcycle from Sid, he enters the Helheim Forest where he picks up a Kiwi Lockseed that allows him to wear the Kiwi Arms (キウイアームズKiui Āmuzu). In this form he is armed with the wind and fire wheel-like Kiwi Gekirin (キウイ撃輪Kiui Gekirin), enabling him to perform the Spinning Hoop (スピニングフープSupiningu Fūpu) finisher.

To transform into Kamen Rider Ryugen Yomi, Mitsuzane uses the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed that transforms him into Yomotsuheguri Arms (ヨモツヘグリアームズYomotsuheguri Āmuzu),[note 13] resembling a combination of both Budou and Kiwi Arms. In this form, Ryugen Yomi can summon the weapons of the Over Lords, such as Shinmugurun's axe and Redyue's staff, as well as his own Budou Ryuhou and Kiwi Gekirin. However, extended usage of Yomotsuheguri Arms will ultimately result in Mitsuzane's death. The Lockseed is soon removed and destroyed by Gaim when he lets himself be struck by a finishing blow from Ryugen Yomi.

During the events of the film The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, Ryugen receives from Zangetsu the Kamen Rider Double-themed Double Lockseed, enabling him to transform into Double Arms (W(ダブル)アームズDaburu Āmuzu), armed with the Trigger Magnum.

In the novel sequel after Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle, Ryugen obtains his own Genesis Core and a Dragon Fruit Energy Lockseed he obtained from Takatora after the latter defeated a cyborg Ryoma back in Megahex's invasion during Movie War Full Throttle, to transform into Jimber Dragon Fruit Arms (ジンバードラゴンフルーツアームズJimba Doragon Furūtsu Āmuzu), which can utilize a Sonic Arrow like the New Generation Kamen Riders.

Mitsuzane Kureshima is portrayed by Mahiro Takasugi (高杉 真宙Takasugi Mahiro). As a child, Mitsuzane is portrayed by Hokuto Matsuda (松田 北斗Matsuda Hokuto) in the TV series and Wataru Nishioka (西岡 航Nishioka Wataru) in Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Zangetsu.

Mai Takatsukasa[edit]

Mai Takatsukasa (高司 舞Takatsukasa Mai) is another member of Team Gaim, originally a shrine maiden at the Takatsukasa Shrine as a child before the Yggdrasill Corporation tore it down as part of their development on Zawame. Having learned to dance during her days at the shrine, Mai believes her transition into a Beat Rider does not affect her ideals as she tries to teach the others how to dance better, and has an older sister relationship to the others. She is particularly hard on Kouta, but only because she is secretly in love with him. In Inves Battles, she uses a Himawari Lockseed, but it is damaged and allows the Inves to enter the real world. She finds a kindred spirit in Kaito, another person who has suffered a childhood ruined by the Yggdrasill Corporation. Mai encounters a white-haired girl resembling her who warns her to leave Zawame while she can still decide her destiny. But Mai stays regardless of the mysterious girl's warning and a chain of events occur that lead to her meeting Roshuo who places humanity's Forbidden Fruit inside her body. Mai falls ill as a result and then enters a deep deathlike sleep after Ryoma manages to extract the Forbidden Fruit from her body. However, Sagara communicates to Mai in her subconscious and completes her transition into the mysterious Doppelgänger she encountered: mankind's 'Maiden of Fate' (運命の巫女Unmei no Miko). Learning she possesses the power to travel through time, Mai travels to the moments where Kouta, Kaito, and Mitsuzane first become Armored Riders. However, when Mai attempts to warn them of the fate that awaits them all, she is unable to speak directly and instead speaks in riddles while telling the Armored Riders to fight for their own destinies. Mai learns from Sagara that her actions in the past, including her attempt to warn her past self, has produced a bootstrap paradox that ensures everything unfolds as it does to place her in her current predicament. Mai's actions also caused the events leading to the ultimate battle between Kouta and Kaito as she is unable to reason with either to stop the fight. Once the fight ends, Mai gives Kouta the Golden Fruit and assumes her role as the Woman of the Beginning (始まりの女Hajimari no Onna) while departing their world to a faraway and barren world via a Crack. Seven months later, Mai and Kouta return to Earth during Armored Rider Jam's sudden attack on Zawame. She visits Kaito's spirit while waiting for Kouta's return to her. With Kaito's spirit finally at rest, Mai and Kouta depart back to their new planet.

During the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, the Maiden is the intended target of Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim's kidnapping, although he instead kidnaps Mai, mistaking her for her future self. The Maiden herself appears before the Kamen Riders, giving them each a Helheim fruit that fuses with the various items left behind by the defeated Bujin Riders to turn into the Legendary Rider Lockseeds.

Mai Takatsukasa is portrayed by Yuumi Shida (志田 友美Shida Yūmi). As a child, Mai is portrayed by Shiori Saeki (佐伯 栞Saeki Shiori).


Chucky (チャッキーChakkī) is another member of Team Gaim. She is a bit tomboyish but is one of the teams best dancers. She provides medical assistance for the Armored Rider resistance force during Inves invasions, especially treating Peko when he is attacked by Shinmugurun and when Mitsuzane forces Mai to come with him. After the Over Lords are defeated, Peko and Chucky find Mai, who has recently fallen ill because of the Golden Fruit within her. When Mitsuzane arrives as well, only Peko still considers Mitsuzane a traitor while Chucky is not so sure until Ryoma arrives to take Mai to a hospital with her and Peko's aid. However, both are soon betrayed by Mitsuzane and Ryoma when they lock the two of them in a room in the hospital, only managing to escape through the window using bedsheets. On their way back, they find Kouta after his fight with Mitsuzane, and believe him to be dead, but he is simply unconscious. After Kaito becomes an Over Lord, Chucky, along with the other survivors at Drupers are soon evacuated by the JSDF soldiers, without any choice but to leave Kouta and Zack behind. Three months after Earth is saved, she along with other Beat Rider members starts a combined dance troupe.

Chucky is portrayed by Kanon Tsuyama (津山 香音Tsuyama Kanon) of Lucky Color's.


Rica (リカRika) is another member of Team Gaim. She is not as good as Chucky, but she makes up for it in encouraging the others. She and Rat, as well as Kouta's sister, Akira are caught by the Inves, until they are shortly released by Mitsuzane, who has sided with an Over Lord. While trying to release Akira from the device to drain their power, both Rat and Rica are recaptured, and put into the device by Redyue, until Kaito, Minato, and Zack arrive, released them all when Kaito destroys the machine. Three months after Earth is saved, she along with other Beat Rider members starts a combined dance troupe.

Rica is portrayed by Miina Yokota (横田 美菜Yokota Miina) of Lucky Color's.


Rat (ラットRatto) is a member of Team Gaim who prefers flashy performances and often manages to bring up the team's mood after losses, but sometimes he pushes his luck too far. When Rica is about to be attacked by Hase as the Bixie Inves at Drupers, Rat intercepts Hase's attack for her, resulting in his hospitalization before being allowed to leave after the results of infection are negative. He and Rica, as well as Kouta's sister, Akira are caught by the Inves, until they are shortly released by Mitsuzane, who has sided with an Over Lord. While trying to release Akira from the device to drain their power, both Rat and Rica are recaptured, and put into the device by Redyue, until Kaito, Minato, and Zack arrive, released them all when Kaito destroys the machine. Three months after Earth is saved, he along with other Beat Rider members starts a combined dance troupe.

Rat is portrayed by Ren Ozawa (小澤 廉Ozawa Ren).

Yuya Sumii[edit]

Yuya Sumii (角居 裕也Sumii Yūya) is the former leader of Team Gaim who went missing in Helheim Forest after having obtained a Sengoku Driver from Sid. When Kouta and Mai stumbled into Helheim Forest in search of Yuya, they found only the Sengoku Driver he received before being attacked by the White Tiger Inves (ビャッコインベスByakko Inbesu), an Inves with enhanced speed and strength whose upper body is covered with a tough shell. The White Tiger Inves follows Kouta and Mai to their world before the former becomes an Armored Rider for the first time to destroy the Inves. Weeks later, while accessing the Yggdrasill Corporations database, Mitsuzane learns that the White Tiger Inves was actually Yuya after he ate a Helheim Fruit. Though Mitsuzane tries to protect him from the truth, Kouta is horrified once he learns that he has unknowingly killed his friend and eventually makes his peace with the revelation.[1]

Yuya Sumii is portrayed by Hiromi Sakimoto (崎本 大海Sakimoto Hiromi).

Team Baron[edit]

Team Baron (チームバロンChīmu Baron) is the rival team to Team Gaim, dressed in black and red long coats. While their leader Kaito is strongly against cheating, there are group members are prone to cheat in Inves Games to win their ranks. Though they usually do this while Kaito was not around, he learns the truth when they caused the Deer Inves's attack on Zawame. After becoming an Armored Rider, Kaito enlists the services of several Beat Rider groups, including Team Raid Wild, Team Invitto, Team Pop Up (チームPOP UPChīmu Poppu Appu, portrayed by the Kamen Rider Girls), Team Soten (チーム蒼天Chīmu Sōten, portrayed by The Jacabal's), and Team Red Hot, to test Team Gaim's worth. However, as Kaito intended to use the recruited teams as pawns and backup dancers, the alliance soon falters after Teams Raid Wild and Invitto formed their own alliance.

In Kamen Rider Gaim: Gaiden, after the Movie War: Full Throttle event on Zack's route, it will tell the past formation of Team Baron. It was also revealed that the former team, Shura was exiled by Kaito for some reason, leading him join Black Linden created his own team, which is not really a Beat Rider, but a thug, known as Neo Baron.

Kaito Kumon[edit]

Kaito Kumon (駆紋 戒斗Kumon Kaito) is the leader of Team Baron who bears a strong hatred towards the Yggdrasill Corporation as their development of Zawame resulted in his father's construction company being closed while he spend his childhood in a poor household. In fact, Yggdrasill's doing on buying his father's company with a loads of money, causes his family life's downfall, such as his father becomes so greedy and abusive toward his wife and his own son, Kaito, then having their parents commit a suicide, his mother poisoned herself with a drug, while his father strangle himself by using a rope, tie it on the tree and jump himself to death. This cause Kaito becomes an orphan and leaving under Takatsukasa's wings. With his parents died caused by the Yggdrasill Corporation, the darkest experience cemented Kaito's ideal that the strong prey on and manipulate the weak, and one should strive to become strong, becoming unable to trust anyone but himself. However, he is against cheating and has a strong sense of honor, seeing that he truly does not need to lie to obtain power. Despite his brooding nature, Kaito cares for children and the safety of his own team. As Team Gaim starts to get popular with Armored Rider Gaim's presence in their Inves Game matches, noticing how the group's focuses more on defense than offense, Kaito gets a call from Sid and receives a Sengoku Driver along with the Banana Lockseed. Challenging Kouta the next day, making it personal by chiding the youth's inability to use his power correctly, Kaito reveals his new status as Team Baron's Armored Rider, the medieval knight-themed Kamen Rider Baron (仮面ライダーバロンKamen Raidā Baron). After his initial visit to Helheim Forest, Kaito attempts to buy off various Beat Rider teams into his service before Jounouchi and Hase become Armored Riders themselves. When he resolves to get more power after his team loses their first place standing, Kaito finds Mai in Helheim Forest and learns that they are similar in retrospect of the Yggdrasill Corporation's effect on their families. After being captured by Yggdrasill, learning of their secret activities while stealing a mass production Sengoku Driver for Zack to use, Kaito leaves Team Baton to take on the corporation by himself. While aiding Kouta in his raid into the Yggdrasill Corporation's headquarters, Kaito learns of the company's full agenda from Ryoma. Admitting that he welcomes the invasion of Helheim Forest's plant life, despite being livid of the company's conduct, Kaito finds himself aiding Ryoma's faction in the search for the Over Lord Inves Dēmushu. Seeing that defeating Dēmushu is a true step to gaining power, Kaito gains an equal footing with the Over Lord when he receives a Genesis Driver and a Lemon Energy Lockseed to fight Dēmushu as a New Generation Rider. When his battle with Gaim over their ideals is interrupted by Ryugen knocking his opponent out, Baron drives the Armored Rider away to save the unconscious Kouta. Since then, realizing that Mitsuzane has aligned himself with Yggdrasill, Kaito distrusts Mitsuzane yet does not tell Kouta as the gullible leader of Team Gaim would not believe him anyway. Later, when Dēmushu starts his attack on Zawame, Kaito manages to rally all the Armored Riders and Yoko together as they begin to deal with the Inves invasion by Redyue. Despite playing a vital role in the Over Lords' defeat, Kaito's reasons are personal rather than to protect people as he still embraces the Helheim invasion to obtain the power it holds. His ideals are further fortified by his mutating condition as a result of being wounded by Redyue, with his Genesis Driver treating the symptoms. After his Genesis Driver is disabled by Ryoma when he is about to confront the professor, as the condition worsens, Kaito desperately decides to consume a Helheim Fruit and see how it will turn out. Due to prolonged poisoning from his wound and the resulting adaptation, he recklessly transforms into the Over Lord Inves Lord Baron (ロード・バロンRōdo Baron) (Baron's non-canonical and Pseudo-Final Form, despite being confirmed by Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis that treated as Final Form) and kills Ryoma while relieving him of his Genesis Driver only his sanity become corrupted and lost his humanity. However, Gaim used his Kiwami Arms to deals a one final blow to Lord Baron; killing him for good, earning Kouta the right to the Golden Fruit. Seven months later, a whole human Kaito's spirit emerges from the relocated sacred tree, speaking to Kouta and Mai before he can finally rest at peace.

During the events of the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, the antagonist Megahex uses Kouta's memories of Kaito to create a replica of him to serve him. However, the copy was too convincing and he instinctively attacked Megahex while aiding the Kamen Riders before deactivating once Megahex is destroyed.

During the events of Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron, more of Kaito's true nature is shown when he encounters a situation that reminds him of his past, namely the conflict between Shapool and Alfred, where Alfred is attempting to murder Shapool and make it look like an accident to gain Shapool's father's trust and take his place as heir to the family. He prevents the strong from abusing their power to crush the weak, and empowers the weak so they can fight back. In Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle, more of Kaito's ideals are explained, when he kicks Shura out of Team Baron for his cowardish behavior, leading the young man to seek to kill Kaito and take control of the team for himself.

As Kamen Rider Baron, Kaito usually uses the Banana Lockseed to transform into Banana Arms (バナナアームズBanana Āmuzu). In this form, Baron can perform the Cavaliend (キャバリエンドKyabariendo) kick and is armed with the lance-like Banaspear (バナスピアーBanasupiā), which he uses in the Spear Victory (スピアビクトリーSupia Bikutorī) finisher. He later acquires the Mango Lockseed, gaining Mango Arms (マンゴーアームズMangō Āmuzu). In this form he wields the morning star-like Mango Punisher (マンゴパニッシャーMango Panisshā), which has the Punish Mash (パニッシュマッシュPanisshu Masshu) finisher. Kamen Rider Baron also has access to a Rose Attacker (ローズアタッカーRōzu Attakkā) Lockvehicle, possessing one before Kamen Rider Ryugen. He later acquires a Dandeliner in Helheim Forest. Gaim lends Baron the Suika Lockseed, allowing Baron to become Suika Arms. Unlike Gaim Suika Arms, Baron Suika Arms wields a large watermelon slice-shaped spear, and in this form he is even able to take on a New Generation Rider in battle. Kaito later acquires his personal Genesis Driver, using the Lemon Energy Lockseed to become Baron Lemon Energy Arms with the Sonic Arrow as his weapon. In Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron, he acquired the Forbidden Ringo Lockseed from Yoko, to become Ringo Arms (Baron's true Final Form) with the Apple Reflector shield and the Sword Bringer as his weapons. Although this Lockseed possesses Helheim powers that he would almost turn into an Inves, Baron's willpower is too powerful, only the effect somehow foreshadows his transformation into Lord Baron where he desperate ate the Helheim Fruit.

As Lord Baron, armed with long sword named Guronbaryamu (グロンバリャム, 'Baron' in the Over Lord language), Kaito possesses the same powers as other Over Lord Inves, including creating Cracks and manipulating the flora of Helheim Forest. But in a turn of events, as he has been using the Genesis Driver to stop his infection from Redyue, Kaito become insanity and lost his humanity as he can consciously revert to human form after becoming an Over Lord. However, his Lord Baron form is lost forever when he was turned back into whole human again in spirit form, although he temporarily regains this form in Kamen Rider Ghost and the two Kamen Rider video game and Kamen Rider: Ganbarizing before he take his forbidden form away again to become whole human once again.

The events of The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle introduce the Kamen Rider OOO-themed OOO Arms (オーズアームズŌzu Āmuzu), giving Baron access to the Medajalibur.

Kaito Kumon is portrayed by Yutaka Kobayashi (小林 豊Kobayashi Yutaka). As a child, Kaito is portrayed by Kurando Katayama (片山 蔵人Katayama Kurando).


Zack (ザックZakku) is another member of Team Baron who originally serves as second-in-command in Kaito's absence before Kaito entrusts his leadership to him. He is an excellent dancer and loyal to Kaito. Zack was formerly a member of a Team Severe Beat, until the team was beaten by Team Baron and Zack decided to switch teams. In his first Inves Battle, he is shown using the Matsubokkuri Lockseed. He is later given a mass production Sengoku Driver that Kaito took during his time in the Yggdrasill Corporation's custody, and is entrusted with the leadership of Team Baron, later using the belt to transform into the squire-themed Kamen Rider Knuckle (仮面ライダーナックルKamen Raidā Nakkuru). During Dēmushu's invasion of Zawame, after Kouta is critically injured by the Yggdrasill Corporation's attack and the Over Lord's fatal blow, Zack is ready to sacrifice himself to protect the city from the Inves invasions. Even though the Over Lord/Femushinmu's race are extinct, Zack witnesses Kaito becoming an Over Lord and joins his side. However, when Knuckle fights Gaim Kiwami Arms, he secretly tells Gaim to retreat for their plan to stop Kaito's reign. He later sends a message to Oren through Peko, requesting his help. In his next meeting with Kaito and Yoko atop a building, he attempts to plant a bomb to kill Kaito, but Yoko sees through the deception. After a short scuffle with Yoko, Zack manages to detonate the bomb, but Yoko pushes Kaito out of the way, and she falls to the ground below. Kaito and Zack battle as Baron and Knuckle, but Baron gains the upper hand, driving a Banana Squash attack right through Zack, destroying his Lockseed and Sengoku Driver. Three months later, it is revealed that this fight has only left him with a broken leg and left him unconscious. Peko, assisted by his sister and Zack's love interest, Azami, finds him after Kouta has killed Kaito and left the Earth behind. After he is well enough to be out of the hospital, Zack watches the new dancing Beat Riders and spots Mitsuzane, who he forgives for what he did before Kouta left.

As Kamen Rider Knuckle, Zack almost always uses the Kurumi Lockseed to transform into Kurumi Arms (クルミアームズKurumi Āmuzu), armed with the gauntlet-like Kurumi Bombers (クルミボンバーKurumi Bonbā) to punch with. He is temporary given the Suika Lockseed and transforms into Suika Arms, armed with Suika Arms' Boxing Gloves while trying to get Kaito and Yoko escape from auto-piloted Suika Arms armors' attacks inside an infested Yggdrasill Tower.

In Kamen Rider Gaim: Gaiden, after the Movie War: Full Throttle event, Zack entrusts Team Baron's leadership to Peko, as Zack plans to depart to New York to participate in an international dance contest. However, during his first night in New York, Azami calls him on the phone and tells him Peko is in deep trouble. It turns out that Shura, a former member of Team Baron that Kaito had kicked out, has formed a gang called Neo Baron to take revenge. Zack returns to Zawame City to set things right, giving up his chances at the dance competition. Before going to save Peko with Oren and Jonouchi, Mitsuzane gives Zack a new Sengoku Driver, packed with a Kurumi Lockseed, and a new Marron Energy Lockseed (マロンエナジーロックシードMaron Enajī Rokkushīdo), and Peko later gives him the Genesis Core from Kaito's now disabled Genesis Driver, giving him the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Knuckle Jimber Marron Arms (ジンバーマロンアームズJinbā Maron Āmuzu). This form is armed with the gauntlet-like Marron Bombers (マロンボンバーMaron Bonbā), which can be cast off from their heavy spiky appearance into a lighter gauntlet during the Jimber Marron Sparking attack.

Zack is portrayed by Gaku Matsuda (松田 岳Matsuda Gaku).


Peko (ペコ) is another member of Team Baron. He is loyal to Kaito, but cheats to help Team Baron win at the Inves Game. He was originally invited by Mai to join Team Gaim, but refused and joined Team Baron because they were the top dance team in history. When the Beat Riders want to clear their names from being framed by the citizens (mainly Oren at Takatora's direction) for summoning the Inves attacks and infecting the citizenry, Peko shows his disapproval of Kaito's refusal to join the Beat Rider All-Team Dance Show, but later goes when Kaito resigns from being Team Baron's leader. Peko, along with Zack, defends the city in the event that Kouta is not available, providing backup to Armored Rider Knuckle. During the Inves invasion throughout the world, Peko, along with Zack and Jonouchi, become angered that Mitsuzane has betrayed them. When Mitsuzane tries to take Mai away from the Armored Rider force, Peko tries to stop him from being reckless. However, Peko is attacked by the Over Lord Shinmugurun, leaving Mai no choice to go with Mitsuzane to spare Peko's life. Once Mitsuzane and Shinmugurun successfully kidnap Mai, a brutally injured Peko attempts to call for help. However, his microphone recording the incident prompts Kouta and Kaito to rush to Peko's aid who attempts to tell them that Mitsuzane caused this, before Kaito stops him and has Chucky stay behind to look after him while Kouta chases Mitsuzane down. After the Over Lord/Femushinmu's race becomes extinct, Peko and Chucky find Mai, who has recently fallen ill because of the Golden Fruit within her. When Mitsuzane arrives as well, Peko still considers Mitsuzane a traitor until Ryoma arrives to take her to a hospital with his and Chucky's aid. However, both are soon betrayed by Mitsuzane and Ryoma by locking them in a room in the hospital, only managing to escape through the window using bedsheets. On their way back, they find Kouta after his fight with Mitsuzane, and believe him to be dead, but he is simply unconscious. After learning that Kaito has become an Over Lord, Zack asks Peko to deliver a message to Oren to take Kaito out. Peko later evacuates the city along with the others under the direction of the JSDF. Three months after Earth is saved, he and his sister Azami visit Zack in the hospital and tell him what has happened as a result of Kaito's death and Kouta's disappearance. Later, he, along with the other Beat Riders, starts a combined dance troupe. Seven months later, while the Beat Riders trying to convince Mitsuzane to come back with them but he declines their offer, Peko reminds his Beat Rider friends about Mitsuzane's past mistakes and he asks them to give him time alone to atone for what he has done.

In Kamen Rider Gaim: Gaiden, after the Movie War: Full Throttle event, he was entrusted by Zack to take care of Team Baron for him, since he was planning to go to New York. Just before Zack's trip, Peko and the other Beat Riders are kidnapped by Shura's Team Neo Baron, forcing Zack to rescue Peko and his friends.

During the events of the film Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!, Peko obtains a Genesis Driver and the Matsubokkuri Energy Lockseed which allows him to transform into Kamen Rider Kurokage Shin Matsubokkuri Energy Arms (仮面ライダー黒影・真 マツボックリエナジーアームズKamen Raidā Kurokage Shin Matsubokkuri Enajī Āmuzu), armed with the Kagematsu Shin (影松・真) instead of a Sonic Arrow.

Peko is portrayed by Saku Momose (百瀬 朔Momose Saku).

Ryoji Hase[edit]

Ryoji Hase (初瀬 亮二Hase Ryōji) is the leader of Team Raid Wild (チームレイドワイルドChīmu Reido Wairudo) whose he and his members were dressed in black and yellow clothes. He is first seen defeated by Kaito's three Inves, and later defeated by Armored Rider Gaim after being warned by Team Invitto's Jonouchi that he would lose against Team Gaim. Though he initially thinks it is a mistake to align himself with Team Baron when the Armored Riders come into play, Hase accepts the position. However, Jonouchi later changes his mind and convinces him to get his own Sengoku Driver, enabling him to transform into ashigaru-themed Kamen Rider Kurokage (仮面ライダー黒影Kamen Raidā Kurokage).[note 14]

Kamen Rider Kurokage's only form is Matsubokkuri Arms (マツボックリアームズMatsubokkuri Āmuzu). As Kurokage, he wields the Kagematsu (影松)yari,[note 15] and he later acquires a Sakura Hurricane.

After his first foray into Helheim Forest as part of Mitsuzane's plan to draw out Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Kurokage is attacked by Zangetsu and his Sengoku Driver is destroyed. The Yggdrasill Corporation scientists use the data gathered to mass-produce the Kurokage model of the Sengoku Driver, leading to the formation of the Kurokage Troopers. Now rendered powerless, his alliance with Jonouchi and Team Invitto is dissolved and Team Raid Wild abandons him after a loss to Team Baron in an Inves Game. He soon begins suffering from hallucinations of being attacked by Inves as well as Armored Riders Zangetsu and Bravo. In his delirium, he begins to equate the Helheim Forest's fruits with power and upon finding them in the real world, right near where Gaim, Baron, and Zangetsu Shin are about to fight, he eats one and mutates into the Bixie Inves (ヘキジャインベスHekija Inbesu). Although Kouta tries to find some way to save him, even after Hase attacks Rat, Hase is obliterated by New Generation Rider Sigurd. Despite his death, his legacy became a reference by most of the cast.

Ryoji Hase is portrayed by Atsushi Shiramata (白又 敦Shiramata Atsushi).

Hideyasu Jonouchi[edit]

Hideyasu Jonouchi (城乃内 秀保Jōnouchi Hideyasu) is the leader, and only male member, of Team Invitto (チームインヴィットChīmu Invitto) whose other members consists of girls. He is known for his ironically, cowardly tactics and being the weakest amongst the Armored Riders. After joining the alliance with Team Baron to stand a chance against Team Gaim, Jonouchi uses the Ichigo Lockseed given to him by Kaito to use a Bat Inves against Team Gaim's new Armored Rider Ryugen. After learning of Kaito's intention to use his alliance to gain pawns, Jonouchi obtains his own Sengoku Driver and uses the Donguri Lockseed to transform into medieval squire-themed Kamen Rider Gridon (仮面ライダーグリドンKamen Raidā Guridon). After the foray in Helheim forest and Team Raid Wild's supposed disbandment, Jonouchi ends his alliance with Hase as he sees him of no further use. He later goes to Oren to make an alliance with him as he had with Hase, but finds himself forcefully employed as an assistant pâtissier in the Charmant which he considers a mixed blessing as he is not subject to threats like the other Beat Riders. His training under Oren as both a patisserie and a fighter proved vital to his development as a person. Later hired by Yggdrasill to force Kouta to give up his Sengoku Driver, Jonouchi's role was to attack Akira while she is visiting the Charmant if Kouta refuses. However, unaware that his Donguri Lockseed was switched with a fake created by Oren, Jonouchi ends up being knocked out by a conjured frying pan that is created by using the fake Lockseed on his Sengoku Driver. Despite helping Oren to destroy the Beat Riders' final dance event, Jonouchi ends up dancing with his teammates. When everything is changed at the end of the Inves Game war, and a sudden appearance of the endless Inves come out of nowhere during an outbreak while seeing most of the Armored Riders trying to sacrificed themselves to defend the city, Jonouchi finally awakens his fighting spirit, protecting Oren from the rampant Inves. He has since then joined the other riders as a useful and capable fighter defending the city. His belt is later destroyed by Kamen Riders Knuckle and Marika after Kaito's ascension into an Over Lord. After this even, he joins the Japan Self-Defense Forces' evacuation with the others. Three months after Kouta emerged victorious in his fight with Kaito, Jonouchi continues to work at Charmant with Oren. By this time, Jonouchi has learned the truth of what happened to Hase, and feels responsible for his death, but Oren tells him all he can do is accept that he cannot change the past and he must simply move on with his life. Four months later, when Armored Rider Jam arrives, Jonouchi confronts Takatora about his role in Hase's death before taking the last mass-produced Sengoku Driver to help in the fight as a Kurokage Trooper in Hase's memory.

Kamen Rider Gridon's only form is Donguri Arms (ドングリアームズDonguri Āmuzu). He wields the hammer-like Donkachi (ドンカチ). Jonouchi dislikes the name 'Gridon', as it was given to him by Hase after the first transformation and it is simply an anagram of the Japanese word for acorn. He receives a Rose Attacker Lockvehicle from Sid. He later is given the Suika Lockseed by Oren, but his inability to use it properly leads to Kamen Rider Bravo simply using him as a weapon.

Hideyasu Jonouchi is portrayed by Ryo Matsuda (松田 凌Matsuda Ryō).


Sonomura (曽野村) is the leader of Team Red Hot (チームレッドホットChīmu Reddo Hotto) whose members wear red flame themed clothing, motivated by own fame and freedom. After ending his team's alliance with Team Baron, Sonomura was given the last Sengoku Driver from Sid with the Durian Lockseed included. However, before he could use it, Sonomura loses the belt to Oren while celebrating with his posse in the Charmant. After the Beat Riders are demonized for the Inves' infective properties, Sonomura and his team take advantage by jailbreaking Lockseeds to have the Inves commit robberies. When Kouta learns of this from Mai, who was saved alongside Chucky by Kaito and Zack, he confronts Sonomura about using the Inves for personal gain. Though he offers Kouta a place in his group, Sonomura reveals a Mango Lockseed Sid gave him. He uses it to summon the Lion Inves until the Lockseed shorts out, nearly getting himself killed by the masterless Lion Inves.

Sonomura is portrayed by Takashi Kitadai (北代 高士Kitadai Takashi).

Oren Pierre Alfonzo[edit]

Oren Pierre Alfonzo (凰蓮・ピエール・アルフォンゾŌren Piēru Arufonzo), his birth name Gennosuke Oren (凰蓮 厳之介Ōren Gennosuke), is an effeminate and muscular ex-soldier in the Parachute Regiment who spent 10 years in France to become a pâtissier. Owning the Charmant (シャルモンSharumon) pastry shop in Zawame City, Oren expresses a distaste towards the Beat Riders for being destroyers of art and worthless amateurs in combat. After forcefully relieves Team Red Hot's leader Sonomura of the last unclaimed Sengoku Driver, Oren enters the fray to show how a true fight is meant to be as the iron maiden/gladiator-themed Kamen Rider Bravo (仮面ライダーブラーボKamen Raidā Burābo). Having fallen in love for Zangetsu while taking Jonouchi as his apprentice, Oren is employed by Yggdrasill as enforcer against the other Armored Riders during the Inves outbreak. Oren gladly accepts the offer and uses his new position, and an altercation with Baron while his group were being blamed for the Inves outbreak, to gain the people's adoration as a hero of the city. From there, believing they were responsible at the time, Oren makes numerous smear campaigns against the Beat Riders until learning from Jonouchi that the Beat Riders have long since ended the Inves Games and the Inves appearing are from the Cracks. Upon finding a Crack, Oren ends up being trapped before he is found by Kouta and returns to his world while helping to protect Yggdrasill scientists from Dēmushu's Inves army. Soon after Dēmushu invades Zawame, Oren allies himself with the Beat Riders to fight off the invading Inves. He's able to spot an impostor's Zangetsu Shin's identity behind his fighting style isn't elegant as the original. After Oren's belt is destroyed by Kaito, he and the other survivors at Drupers are evacuated by the Japan Self-Defense Forces from the city. Three months later, Oren resumes his business in a rebuilt Charmant while helping Jonouchi get over his guilt over Hase's death and his worries concerning Mitsuzane, who Oren is sure will find a better place for himself in the future.

Kamen Rider Bravo's only form is Durian Arms (ドリアンアームズDorian Āmuzu). He wields dual spiky broadswords called Duri Noko (ドリノコDori Noko). Oren later purchases a Sakura Hurricane from Sid to join the other Armored Riders' game.

Oren Pierre Alfonzo is portrayed by Metal Yoshida (吉田 メタルYoshida Metaru).

Yggdrasill Corporation[edit]

The Yggdrasill Corporation, Co. Ltd. (ユグドラシルコーポレーションYugudorashiru Kōporēshon) is a powerful international conglomerate that has set up shop in Zawame for having the highest frequency of Crack occurrences, having built the city from the ground up by destroying almost everything and literally remodeling Zawame, as well as taking the city's 'sacred tree' and opening a Crack to Helheim Forest through it for research purposes. While the corporation has its hands in many fields and covers almost all socioeconomic aspects of city-dwelling, it is, however, in essence, a research organization dedicated to stopping the plants of Helheim Forest. Due to Yggdrasill's omnipresence in Zawame, it makes the populace feel that they are living in a jōkamachi(城下町, castle town) rather than a bustling city. To prevent widespread panic and continue their research, the Yggdrasill Corporation plays a role in the establishment of the Inves Games and the Armored Riders, while covering up the existence of Helheim Forest from the public and creating Lockseed-compatible weapons in their research and development branch. Once acquiring sufficient data on the Armored Riders, the high-ranked members of the Yggdrasill Corporation receive the perfected Genesis Driver (ゲネシスドライバーGeneshisu Doraibā), inserting the Energy Lockseeds into the belt's Genesis Core (ゲネシスコアGeneshisu Koa) to become stronger versions of the Armored Riders known as the New Generation Riders (新世代ライダーShin Sedai Raidā) and armed with bladed bows called Sonic Arrows (ソニックアローSonikku Arō). While the company was founded to find a way to stop the flora of Helheim Forest from entering the world, or at best preventing a worldwide extinction event by 10 years, Ryoma acts on his own interests and exposes the company's seedy secrets to the public which resulted in the company being defunct after all its employees resigning en masse after the it was labeled a terrorist organization. Three months after the Earth is cleansed of Helheim Forest's plants, Yggdrasill Tower has been torn down with its absence bringing life back to Zawame City. After Kouta leaves the Earth, the company is repurposed as the Zawame Restoration Bureau (沢芽市復興局Zawame-shi Fukkōkyoku) in order to reverse the effects Yggdrasill had on Zawame, such as the effects of the Inves. However, several rogue members of the Yggdrasill Corporation are in hiding, mass-producing Sengoku Drivers to sell to criminals on the black market, and are on the chase from the Kureshima brothers.

Takatora Kureshima[edit]

Takatora Kureshima (呉島 貴虎Kureshima Takatora) is Mitsuzane's older brother who is a project leader in the Yggdrasill Corporation's Research and Development branch. Though a realist willing to commit horrible acts if for the greater good of humanity, Takatora has a bad habit of trusting the dishonest and dearly loves his younger brother Mitsuzane with a desire for him to do well in school so he can join the family business. Prior to the story, suffering scars from setback, Takatora was instrumental in testing the early prototypes of the Sengoku Driver before using the Melon Lockseed and a finalized Sengoku Driver prototype to become Kamen Rider Zangetsu (仮面ライダー斬月Kamen Raidā Zangetsu) to deal with the Inves in Helheim Forest.[note 16] Despite his questionable methods, he actually wants to save as many people as he can by instructing Ryoma to lower the Sengoku Drivers' specs to facilitate easier mass production. After the development of the Genesis Drivers and his new, but also his final transformation into Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin (仮面ライダー斬月・真Kamen Raidā Zangetsu Shin), deeming the Beat Riders to have outlived their purpose in the trial, Takatora learned Mitsuzane was made an Armored Rider behind his back and shows his younger brother the ruins in Helheim Forest so he can help him for the greater good. Takatora also shows Kouta the ruins, seeing same ideals he once embodied in the youth as he is adamant to crush Kouta's spirit. Though he attempts this by showing Kouta what became of Yuya Sumii, it ends up having the opposite effect on Kouta as he destroys Yggdrasill's Scalar System. After Mitsuzane reports to the group that DJ Sagara is helping Kouta, concealing the full story of the Over Lord Inves, Takatora does not believe these turn of events at first until he encounters Dēmushu. With Kouta telling him the full story of the Over Lords, Takatora sees an alternative to save the Earth without massive sacrifices as he allies with Kouta. However, oblivious that Mitsuzane is helping them, Takatora finds himself betrayed by Ryoma's group as he is left in Helheim Forest to die without his Genesis Driver to protect him. Luckily, Takatora is saved by the Over Lord Roshuo who tends to his wounds and gives him a Sengoku Driver to keep himself satiated through the Lockseeds, as he learns more about the Over Lords while realizing that Ryoma is after the Forbidden Fruit. Once back in his world, he follows the Beat Riders as they storm the Yggdrasill building. This is when he learns of Mitsuzane's actions in his absence. Upon seeing the crossfire between Kouta and Mitsuzane, he ultimately decides to side with Kouta and obtains his Melon Lockseed and original Sengoku Driver to fight his brother. While fighting against Mitsuzane as Zangetsu, he gains the upper hand, but is defeated due to a split second hesitation he has in fighting his brother, allowing Mitsuzane the chance to attack him and apparently mortally wound him. As his Sengoku Driver falls off of him and his helmet shatters, Takatora falls into the nearby river, apparently drowning to death. Though it is believed that he had died, it is revealed after Kouta and Mai's departure from Earth that he was found on the riverside and taken to the hospital. Having been in a coma for three months, he has a dream where Kouta forgives his earlier actions and asks him to help Mitsuzane, Takatora regains conscious, and is happy to see his younger brother at his bedside. Seven months after Helheim Forest has been eradicated from the Earth, Takatora and Mitsuzane live their new lives. Takatora meets Akira Kazuraba and they discuss their younger brothers and how they have raised them, until they are interrupted by the attack by Armored Rider Jam and its Locust Monster. After a discussion with his fellow former Armored Riders about Jam's attacks, Takatora is approached by Jonouchi about what happened to Hase when Takatora was in Yggdrasill. Takatora tells him the truth, which saddens him, and he steals Takatora's suitcase because he was responsible for Hase's downfall and death. Takatora lets him have the suitcase, as it contains the final mass-produced Sengoku Driver and Matsubokkuri Lockseed so Jonouchi can fight Jam as Armored Rider Kurokage to honor Hase's memory.

During the events of Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Zangetsu, after showing Kouta a ruins within Helheim, when the mysterious Armored Rider who can produce Helheim powers attacks most of the full-time Yggdrasill members, including on attacking his brother, Mitsuzane, in the same time of his servant and childhood friend, Touka Akatsuki return, and his father Amagi died 'in illness', Takatora began to investigate the suspicious attack related to his father's death and Touka's return. Once he found the abandoned childcare his father build, he witnessed and horrified of what his father had done for using the orphans including Touka as a guinea pig to work for Yggdrasill forever. He begs Touka, who revealed to be the Helheim powered Armored Rider to stop her continue her madness on slaughtering all Amagi's supposed remains, even after she finally fulfill her revenge on killing Amagi. Without any options, Takatora had no choice to stop her and spared her instead, due to his feelings on treating her like a human being and part of family to him. However, he wasn't aware that Ryoma was also from the abandoned childcare and Amagi's right-hand boy, finishes Touka off behind Takatora's back. While cleaning up with Mitsuzane, Takatora thinks about following a bit of Kouta's ideal without any sacrifices.

During the events of the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, Takatora regains his leadership in reforming Yggdrasill into Zawame Restoration Bureau after Kamen Rider Jam's attack. When Megahex invades Earth after his invasion of the Helheim planet for Kouta's Kiwami Lockseed and Mai, Takatora obtains a new Sengoku Driver after the defeat of some of the Mecha Kurokage Troopers to join the fight as Kamen Rider Zangetsu and later a Genesis Driver after he defeats Mecha Ryoma Sengoku to join the others as Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin. During the events of Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle and its sequel novel, Takatora and Mitsuzane learn that the remaining employees of the Yggdrasill Corporation are still at large mass-producing Sengoku Drivers to sell on the black market, leading the two to hunt them down before anyone uses them for criminal purposes.

As Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Takatora normally transforms into the Melon Arms (メロンアームズMeron Āmuzu). In this form he wields the shield-like Melon Defender (メロンディフェンダーMeron Difendā), which he can use in a boomerang-like fashion, as well as a Musou Saber, like Kamen Rider Gaim. In the events of the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, Takatora uses the Fourze Arms (フォーゼアームズFōze Āmuzu), a Lockseed modelled after Kamen Rider Fourze appearing in giving him access to the Rocket Module. Prior to obtaining Bujin Fourze's Rocket Switch, he also picks up Bujin Double's Joker Memory when he unintentionally assists Bujin Gaim, which he later gives to Ryugen. In Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Zangetsu, he is given by Ryoma a Watermelon Lockseed (ウォーターメロンロックシードWōtāmeron Rokkushīdo), a proto-type version of the Suika Lockseed, just in case if the Genesis Driver is stolen or destroyed, and Takatora had no choice to use a Sengoku Driver again to become Watermelon Arms (ウォーターメロンアームズWōtāmeron Āmuzu) armed with a Musou Saber and the Watermelon Gatling (ウォーターメロンガトリングWōtāmeron Gatoringu) gun which resembles the Melon Defender but with a minigun-like attachment in place of the sharp point on the bottom.

As Zangetsu Shin, Takatora uses the Genesis Driver and the Melon Energy Lockseed to wear an advanced version of both, with the transformation being called Melon Energy Arms (メロンエナジーアームズMeron Enajī Āmuzu).

In the novel sequel after Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle, Zangetsu can now use his Melon Energy Arms and remove his Genesis Core from his Genesis Driver to his Sengoku Driver, to transform into Jimber Melon Arms (ジンバーメロンアームズJimba Meron Āmuzu), a downgraded version of Zangetsu Shin, but has access to both the Musou Saber and Sonic Arrow like Gaim. He also has an access to transform into Suika Arms temporarily.

Takatora Kureshima is portrayed by Yuki Kubota (久保田 悠来Kubota Yūki). As a teenager, Takatora is portrayed by Akito Ueda (上田 晟人Ueda Akito) in the TV series and Ryūto (竜跳) in Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Zangetsu.


Lock Dealer Sid (錠前ディーラー シドJōmae Dīrā Shido) is one of Takatora's subordinates, aiding him to sell Lockseeds needed for the Inves Game before beginning Takatora's experiment with the prototype Sengoku Drivers. Sid also was the last person to see Yuya as he presented him with a Sengoku Driver, which later ends up in Kouta's possession. However, Sid's intentions are shady at best as not only he gave Kouta and Kaito prototype Lockvehicle Lockseeds and provided Sengoku Drivers to the other Armored Riders but he also conceals Mitsuzane's Armored Rider status from Takatora. In the past, he was a leader of a group of drug dealers who were suddenly attacked one night by the appearance of the Inves in Zawame City. He manages to survive the attack, and is rescued by Ryoma to become Yggdrasill's Lockseed Dealer and recruiter. He is also given a Genesis Driver and the Cherry Energy Lockseed to transform into the Viking-themed Kamen Rider Sigurd (仮面ライダーシグルドKamen Raidā Shigurudo), whose main form is Cherry Energy Arms (チェリーエナジーアームズCherī Enajī Āmuzu). He attempts to take down Kouta, easily beating him in Orange Arms until Kouta changes into Jimber Lemon Arms and the tables are turned with Sid losing his Cherry Energy Lockseed to Kouta. After getting a new Cherry Energy Lockseed, he reveals the ability to use his own artificial Sid Lockseed, emblazoned with the letter S, on Suika Lockseeds with the Sonic Arrow to summon remote-controlled Suika Arms to fight with. He is sent by Ryoma to dispose of Kouta after deeming him a threat to their agenda, but Gaim's current overwhelming power completely overpowers Sigurd. After Takatora discovers the Over Lords' existence, Sid helped Ryoma in disposing of their mutual hindrance. Once Takatora is removed from the picture, Sid no longer sees a reason to maintain his partnership with Ryoma as he destroys the lab equipment that maintains the artificial Crack and most of Lock Vehicles except taking a Rose Attacker used by the Yggdrasill Corporation, to enter Helheim Forest so he can get the Forbidden Fruit for himself. However, Sid still cooperates with Mitsuzane in secret as they both want Kouta dead. While Dēmushu escapes to Earth, after he and Mitsuzane briefly fight Redyue, Sid is guided to where Roshuo and the Forbidden Fruit are. Unaware that he is being used by Redyue, Sigurd finds himself gravely outmatched against Roshuo as his Genesis Driver is shattered by the Over Lord's power. Though offered a chance to flee with his life, Sid refuses to remain as someone who serves those higher than himself and is killed by Roshuo who crushes him between two massive rock walls.

Sid is portrayed by Kazuki Namioka (波岡 一喜Namioka Kazuki).

Ryoma Sengoku[edit]

Ryoma Sengoku (戦極 凌馬Sengoku Ryōma) is a brilliant scientist in the Yggdrasill Corporation's research division who conducts experiments to develop the Armored Riders' Drivers as part of Project Ark, a plan established by Yggdrasill to save a seventh of the human population by providing them the means of obtaining nutrients from Lockseeds without mutating into Inves. As revealed in Kamen Rider Gaim: Gaiden, Ryoma was an orphan who was taken in by the company's owner Amagi Kureishima as one of select children whose talents would benefit the company, and ironically, Ryoma became his right hand boy, as he discovered and created his first early, yet also a prototype Lockseeds, Ringo and Yomotsuheguri. Though he has worked with Takatora for a long time, Ryoma now considers him a fool for his sense of morality in saving humanity first and not being as ambitious as his father. As a result, Ryoma secretly acts on his own agenda to obtain the Forbidden Fruit to gain its power rather than to save the world from the Inves. After the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, Ryoma presents the completed Genesis Drivers to Takatora and Minato while keeping one to become the knight-like Kamen Rider Duke (仮面ライダーデュークKamen Raidā Dyūku).

Despite Takatora's thoughts on the Armored Riders outliving their purpose, Ryoma decides to use Kouta and Kaito to take his research to newer levels. Ryoma also recruits Mitsuzane to be his eyes in leaving more of Gaim's new Jimber Arms abilities. Ryoma eventually recruits Kaito to join his faction, which consists of himself, Minato and Sid, to hunt down one of the Over Lords whose existence he kept from Takatora. Ryoma also murdered Tōka Akatsuki to take her Ringo Lockseed to reverse engineer a Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed for Alfred. When Ryoma witnesses Gaim in his Kachidoki Arms form, he is livid prior to learning that Sagara is the cause of Kouta's power ups while deeming the youth a personal threat as he knows of the Overlords. When Takatora also learned the truth, Ryoma finally decides to betray Takatora and leaves him for dead in Helheim Forest. After Sid's own act of betrayal, Ryoma abandons the Yggdrasill Building when the Over Lords start invading Zawame while leaking Project Ark to the public so the company would not interfere in his plans.

Ryoma later returns to Zawame as the Armored Riders control the Inves invasion, seemingly helping Kouta to regain control of the Yggdrasill building while observing the youth's transformation into an Over Lord. But Ryoma's actual reason is to claim the Forbidden Fruit from Mai, tricking Mitsuzane to hold off Kouta with the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed while he extracts the Golden Fruit from Mai without regard for her well-being, effectively killing her as the fruit is fused with her heart. Ryoma then disables all the others' Genesis Drivers to avoid direct confrontation, overpowering Kaito when he uses his Sengoku Driver before the youth transforms into an Overlord. Infuriated and insulted that a human can evolve in such a way without using his Drivers, Ryoma ends up losing against Lord Baron as he is stripped of his Genesis Driver and severely injured. Ryoma gives one final warning to Kaito on how he has forsaken his humanity before he trips over a guard rail and falls to his death.

During the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, with Kouta's memories of him as a basis, a replica of Ryoma Sengoku named Mecha Ryoma Sengoku (メカ戦極 凌馬Meka Sengoku Ryōma) is created by Megahex as his enforcer. Despite being an extension of Megahex, Ryoma retained much of his sense of self while gloating of his immortality and superiority. But Ryoma is mortally wounded by Zangetsu, dissolving in scrap metal while told that his ambition is nothing more than an empty desire and weakness.

As Duke, Ryoma uses Lemon Energy Lockseed to transform into Lemon Energy Arms (レモンエナジーアームズRemon Enajī Āmuzu). During Movie War Full Throttle, Ryoma uses the Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed (ドラゴンフルーツエナジーロックシードDoragonfurūtsu Enajī Rokkushīdo) he developed for Alfred to equip Dragon Energy Arms (ドラゴンエナジーアームズDoragon Enajī Āmuzu). As revealed in Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Duke, Ryoma once used a Sengoku Driver to transform into Lemon Arms (レモンアームズRemon Āmuzu) while armed with a rapier.

Ryoma temporarily transfers his brain into the robot body of Hakaider as a favor to a colleague in the DARK organization to test the android's combat ability, making him an equal to Gaim Kachidoki Arms. However, Hakaider's programming overrides Ryoma's mind as he is compelled to destroy Kikaider and anyone in his way. After Hakaider escapes from the battle with Gaim and Kikaider when overpowered, Ryoma restores his mind to his own body while fearful of the android's nature and purpose to DARK.

During the events of Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Duke, it is revealed that Ryoma once felt guilty for the apparent death of his colleague Kugai Kudo who he thought died as the result of a test on the Sengoku Driver with the Ringo Lockseed. He is unaware that Kudo has begun to haunt him as a ghost and take his revenge. During this time, set before the events of The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle film, Ryoma has already been using a Sengoku Driver to transform into a first generation Kamen Rider Duke, while still testing out the capabilities of the second generation Genesis Drivers, all part of his attempts to usurp Takatora's place in the corporation and take the Forbidden Fruit for himself. He is attacked by Kudo's Black Linden cult members who he discovers through help from Sid and Yoko Minami are trying to assassinate him in Kudo's name. He and Takatora fight Kudo, who has the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Saver, and together they are able to defeat the other Kamen Rider, with Ryoma using his weaponry as the basis for the Next Generation Riders' Sonic Arrows. However, he discovers that Kudo is truly immortal as a ghost, so he tracks down the man and uses his new Next Generation Rider weaponry to seemingly obliterate Kudo, all just to test the Genesis Driver's capabilities.

Ryoma Sengoku is portrayed by Tsunenori Aoki (青木 玄徳Aoki Tsunenori).[2]

Yoko Minato[edit]

Yoko Minato (湊 耀子Minato Yōko) is Ryoma's female bodyguard when he hands out the Genesis Drivers after the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle. She uses her Genesis Driver to become the Arabian warrior-like Kamen Rider Marika (仮面ライダーマリカKamen Raidā Marika), whose form is Peach Energy Arms (ピーチエナジーアームズPīchi Enajī Āmuzu). She was a former FBI agent, prior defecting to Yggdrasill. She later assists Mitsuzane in a scheme to take Kouta's Sengoku Driver, deeming the plan to be faulty due to the youth's unwillingness to personally handle the deed himself. But ultimately, though she went along with it on Takatora's orders, Minato's loyalty is to Ryoma as she reports to Takatora about his younger brother's betrayal while relaying the youth's offer for a partnership to Ryoma to cover it up. She loses her Peach Energy Lockseed to Kouta when he rips it from her Genesis Driver after she deactivates it. After she received a new Peach Energy Lockseed from Ryoma, having helped him escape Dēmushu, Minato develops an interest in Kaito and vouches for him to Ryoma to make the youth into a New Generation Rider. After Redyue takes over the Yggdrasil building, abandoned by Ryoma and the company, Yoko switches sides to help the Armored Riders against the Inves invasion. She remains by Kaitos side, and discovers that he is using the Genesis Driver to stave off an infection from his fight with Redyue. When her Genesis Driver is destroyed by Ryoma, she watches from the sidelines as Kaito becomes the Inves Lord Baron and kills Ryoma, but as he walks off to try to find Mai to gain the full power of the Forbidden Fruit, she picks up Ryoma's discarded Genesis Driver and Lemon Energy Lockseed for unknown purposes. She later dies from falling off a building in an attempt to protect Kaito from Zack's bomb, 'confessing' her 'love' for him before passing.

Yoko Minato is portrayed by Minami Tsukui (佃井 皆美Tsukui Minami). Tsukui is a stunt woman with Japan Action Enterprise who has many prior roles on and off camera in both the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series. She also serves as the suit actress for Kamen Rider Marika.

Kurokage Troopers[edit]

The Kurokage Troopers (黒影トルーパーKurokage Torūpā) are a group of Yggdrasill Corporation soldiers who have armors based on the form of Kamen Rider Kurokage. These soldiers transform with the use of the mass production version of the Sengoku Driver, which lack the user lock function present in the prototype models, and the common Matsubokkuri Lockseed. While normally dispatched into the streets of Zawame to destroy any evidence related to Helheim Forest, the Kurokage Troopers function as support units for their employers.

During the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, Megahex creates two clones of Kurokage Troopers. One of the Troopers is destroyed, leaving its Sengoku Driver behind, which Mitsuzane eventually gives to Takatora.

Amagi Kureshima[edit]

Amagi Kureshima (呉島 天樹Kureshima Amagi) is the patriarch of the Kureshima family with influence in the Yggdrasill Corporation, and the father of Takatora and Mitsuzane. Despite building a childcare facility for the orphans of Zawame like Ryoma and Tōka, Amagi used the children in his experiments to research Helheim while selecting few to work within Yggdrasill. It was in fact that Amagi who succumbed to Helheim's will, but before he did so, he taught his children the concept of nobless obliege, as his nobility was all that remained of his good nature. Though Amagi was killed by a vengeful Tōka, his influence lingers through Mitsuzane while Takatora manages to stay out of his father's shadow after Tōka attempts to assassinate on Yggdrasill Corporation members, which leads Takatora to discover the dark secret within the childcare facility.

Amagi Kureshima is portrayed by Minori Terada (寺田 農Terada Minori).

DJ Sagara[edit]

DJ Sagara (DJサガラDī Jei Sagara), believing that one must shine to be remembered by others, is a mysterious man whose only agenda is to see the future unfold in terms of who can obtain the power of Helheim Forest. Sagara originally supported the Yggdrasill Corporation, appearing to them via hologram, as the DJ of a pirate radio station to promote the Inves Games with his Beat Riders Hotline internet show. Sagara ultimately sets up much of Zawame's terms such as Beat Riders (ビートライダーズBīto Raidāzu) and Armored Riders. With the first group of Armored Riders no longer needed by the Yggdrasill Corporation, Sagara begins to show an interest in Kouta and secretly helps him escape while presenting him with the Genesis Core that Ryoma made for his Sengoku Driver.

In time, telling Ryoma the location of the Golden Fruit while continuing to aid Kouta, the later after convincing Roshuo to give humanity a second chance, Sagara is revealed to be not human while originating from Helheim Forest and deeming Kouta worthy of using the Kiwami Lockseed. It was only after, the Golden Fruit is ultimately entrusted to Mai, that Sagara is revealed to be the will of Helheim Forest itself. As an immortalembodiment of the forest, Sagara's task is to observe and hasten evolution, explaining that only a Maiden of Fate can bestow the power of the Golden Fruit to one worthy of it. When Kouta is given the Golden Fruit and uses its power to transfer Helheim Forest's plants and Inves to a new barren planet with Earth remaining as it is, a surprised Sagara gladly accepts Kouta's wish. After seeing Kouta and Mai off while telling them to fill their new world with life, Sagara departs for another world (presumedly Inves' new homeworld) to repeat the cycle.

DJ Sagara is portrayed by Tomomitsu Yamaguchi (山口 智充Yamaguchi Tomomitsu).

Akira Kazuraba[edit]

Akira Kazuraba (葛葉 晶Kazuraba Akira) is Kouta's older sister. After the death of their parents, she has taken an office job at a Yggdrasill Corporation-affiliated company. She is protective of Kouta learning of his status as an Armored Rider, but she still understands that he has his own desires in life while advising him on how to best use his abilities for the good of others. Unknown to Akira, she is targeted by her own employers to make Kouta give up his transformation belt. However, she is glad to be safe. When she is downsized at work, it forces Kouta to look for a new job. While trying to find Kouta and his alliance to get a young boy she befriended during her time in the shelters, she is caught by Redyue's Inves to be one of the many humans used to revive Roshuo's bride, using her life force to power a machine to ensure her revival. Rat and Rica try their best to free them, but Kaito, Zack, and Yoko's arrival later finally frees Akira and the others from Redyue's grasps. She does her best to support her brother during the final battles in Zawame, but watches in horror as he eats one of the Helheim fruits, to no negative effect. When the JSDF comes to evacuate the remaining civilians, Akira goes with them, tearfully saying goodbye to her brother as he plans on staying in Zawame to face off against Kaito once and for all. Seven months after the Earth is saved and her younger brother's disappearance, Akira has a discussion with Takatora concerning relationships with younger brothers, until their talk is interrupted by the attack of Armored Rider Jam and the Locust Monster.

Akira Kazuraba is portrayed by Rika Izumi (泉 里香Izumi Rika).


Drupers (ドルーパーズDorūpāzu) is Zawame City's popular hang out for its youth, particularly the Beat Rider dance teams. Dubbed a fruit parlor (フルーツパーラーfurūtsu pārā), Drupers is known for its fruit parfaits. Kouta eventually begins working for Drupers, followed by Mai when Kouta is busy on saving the civilians. Even though when the full-scale Inves invasion occurs on Earth, Drupers remained open since the Armored Riders are around trying to save to ciy, which act as a secondary base after Team Gaim's garage. It was temporary closed when the soldiers arrived to evacuate the remaining civilians of Zawame, until a time that Kouta saved the world, but left Earth into a new planet. During a Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, it is shown that Druper is having a friendly partnership with Charmant.

Kiyojiro Bando[edit]

Kanye west swish download torrent. Kiyojiro Bando (阪東 清治郎Bandō Kiyojirō) is the owner Drupers. When Kouta and his friends are in trouble, Bando will give them the right kind of advice on how to move forward, and often cheer them up with a parfait. The reason why he keeps his parlor opened, even it is during the Helheim's invasion, because he didn't want his loyal customer, now new employer, Kouta out of a job hunting again.

Kiyojiro Bando is portrayed by Tomohisa Yuge (弓削 智久Yuge Tomohisa).


Iyo (イヨ) is Bando's only staff member, serving as a waitress. However, when the shop is threatened by a fight between Kouta and Armored Rider Bravo, she is seen to be able to hold her own, holding back the Armored Rider with a broom and dustpan, a bō, and also a set of nunchaku, all while Bando is cowering in a fetal position.

Iyo is portrayed by Yui Natsuki (那月 結衣Natsuki Yui).


The Inves (インベスInbesu), the name of which derived from the term 'invasive species', are strange monsters that are thought to only exist within the newly popular Inves Game (インベスゲームInbesu Gēmu), which involves Lockseeds. They hail from an alternate realm known as Helheim Forest (ヘルヘイムの森Heruheimu no Mori) where they normally feed on unripe Lockseeds, summoned to Zawame via Lockseeds opening zipper-like portals called 'Cracks' (クラックKurakku) for them to travel. It is later revealed that the dimension was originally the home of the Femushinmu race before it was consumed by the Helheim Forest, the Inves revealed to be organisms that have mutated as the result of eating the mysterious fruit of Helheim Forest that the Lockseeds are developed from. Each Inves serves in Helheim Forest's seed dispersal system, transferring the seeds to Zawame where they rapidly grow and convert the ecosystem. The seeds can also germinate within the bodies of humans who are physically attacked by an Inves. Helheim Forest's plant life is toxic; it contaminates the soil it grows in and makes it unsuitable for any other type of plants to grow, displacing any native plant life and allowing them to take over the area. However, among the fruit created by Helheim's plants is one that is the basis of the Forbidden Fruit (禁断の果実Kindan no Kajitsu), alternatively Golden Fruit (黄金の果実Ōgon no Kajitsu), mentioned in various myths, such as the golden apples of Norse mythology or ambrosia of Greek mythology. As the Forbidden Fruit is created once a world is consumed by Helheim Forest, it is awarded to one that the forest deems worthy to evolve and change the world. Though numerous parties like Ryoma Sengoku are after this fruit, the Forbidden Fruit can only be bestowed to a worthy user by a Maiden of Fate.

Most Inves are the vaguely pupa-like Elementary Inves (初級インベスShokyū Inbesu) that come in three different colors and facial designs, but they can eat ripened Lockseeds to molt into Evolved Forms (進化体shinkatai). Both types can be summoned by Lockseeds in Inves Games, normally existing within a holographic field. But when a Lockseed is dropped or damaged, an Inves enters a Berserker State (凶暴態Kyōbōtai) while full manifesting with the only means to stop the creature is destroying it or close the lock on the Lockseed used to summon it to send it home. This must be done before the Inves can consume the Lockseed used to summon it, especially as Evolved Inves can evolve into a stronger form (強化体kyōkatai) or just Super Evolved Forms (超進化体Chō Shinkatai). There are also Inves created from humans that ate the mysterious fruits such as Yuya Sumii and Ryoji Hase and are labeled by the Yggdrasill Corporation as Category H (カテゴリーHKategorī Eichi) Inves. Yggdrasill considers such Inves to be nothing more than reanimated corpses controlled by the forest's instinct. For some reason, these Category H Inves do not infect people with the pathogen that causes Helheim's fruits to grow from their wounds. It is soon discovered that the Inves and the Helheim appearing in Zawame after the end of the Inves Games are being controlled by an Over Lord Inves.[3]


The Deer Inves (シカインベスShika Inbesu) is an Evolved Inves, summoned by Kouta with the Ichigo Lockseed during an Inves Game. When Team Baron's Peko disarms Kouta's Ichigo Lockseed, the Deer Inves fully manifests and wreaks havoc on Zawame. Eventually, the Deer Inves ingests the Ichigo Lockseed and evolves into a super evolved form while gaining the ability to manipulate fire. After Kaito gives Gaim the Pine Lockseed, Kamen Rider Gaim Pine Arms finally is able to destroy the Deer Inves. Kouta later encounters another Deer Inves in Helheim Forest and uses the Pine Arms to destroy it.[4]


The Bat Inves (コウモリインベスKōmori Inbesu) is an Evolved Inves, summoned by Jonouchi with the Ichigo Lockseed during an Inves Game before being destroyed by Kamen Rider Ryugen Budou Arms.[5] A mutated (変種体henshutai) Bat Inves appears after a maintenance worker eats the Helheim fruit and attacks people throughout Zawame. It is destroyed through the combined efforts of Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms and Kamen Rider Ryugen Budou Arms.[6]


The Boar Inves (イノシシインベスInoshishi Inbesu) is a Super Evolved Inves which is created when an Elementary Inves eats several mature Lockseeds at once. It has a powerful armor that deflects attacks from Kamen Rider Ryugen, but Kamen Rider Gaim Suika Arms is able to destroy the armor and ultimately destroy the Inves.

Azure Dragon[edit]

The Azure Dragon Inves (セイリュウインベスSeiryū Inbesu) are powerful Inves with armored bodies that slashing weapons are normally ineffective against, yet weapons designed to inflict damage on the armor like the Pine Iron and Mango Punisher are effective. Mai and Kaito first encounter an Azure Dragon Inves while trying to find a way out of the Helheim Forest, the monster ultimately gets destroyed by Gaim Pine Arms and Baron Mango Arms. Another Azure Dragon Inves later appears in the real world and eats an immature fruit, taking on a super-evolved form resembling a larger serpentine creature, and is ultimately defeated by Zangetsu Shin using the Sonic Arrow.[7]

Long-Horned Beetle[edit]

The Long-Horned Beetle Inves (カミキリインベスKamikiri Inbesu) is an Evolved Inves which Kamen Rider Gridon intentionally allows to be created to give himself and Kamen Rider Kurokage a head-start in the 'game' developed by Mitch to draw out the white Armored Rider. It can use its antennae as whips, and is resistant to Kamen Rider Ryugen Budou Arms' attacks, but it does show a weakness to Kiwi Arms' Kiwi Gekirin. Kamen Rider Gaim Suika Arms eventually destroys the Inves.[8]


The Lion Inves (ライオンインベスRaion Inbesu) is a powerful Inves that Sonomura of Team Red Hot summons from a jailbroken Mango Lockseed that he acquired from Sid as part of a deal to take Kouta's Sengoku Driver. However, when the Lockseed shorts out due to the modifications, the Lion Inves grows wings and goes after its summoner before running amok. It is only after the Lion Inves knocks off the Rider Indicator from Gaim's Sengoku Driver that Gaim is able to transform into Jimber Lemon Arms, easily destroying the Lion Inves with powers of the Lemon Energy Lockseed powering the Sonic Arrow and an Orange Squash attack. Another Lion Inves appears during the initial attack by the Badan Empire, though its appearance was unintentional on Moguraroid's part of accidentally digging up Cracks. After eating a Helheim Forest fruit while being attacked by the ToQgers, this Lion Inves grows to gigantic proportions, leading to it being destroyed by the ToQgers' ToQ-Oh CarCarrier Tank.[9]


The Goat Inves (ヤギインベスYagi Inbesu) is a powerful Inves that is destroyed by the combined forces of Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms and Kikaider.[10]

Over Lords[edit]

The Over Lord Inves (オーバーロードインベスŌbārōdo Inbesu) are powerful Inves who rose above the ordinary kind and maintained their intelligence. They are few in number due to the wish made by Roshuo that led to series of wars that nearly drive his people to extinction with only a few survivors that are unable to revive their race. The Over Lords' existence is initially known to only DJ Sagara and Ryoma Sengoku's group, with Kouta, Kaito and Mitsuzane learning of their existence as well later from the respective group, the latter keeping Takatora Kureshima in the dark as the Over Lords possess something that they need for their agenda, ultimately revealed to be the Forbidden Fruit. According to Roshuo, the Forbidden Fruit cannot be used for such foolish means. Though they have the power to avert the forest's invasion, their leader indifferent and neutral in such affairs, some of the Over Lords have no other interests save to fight worthy opponents, seeing the Armored Riders as things to toy with after being in Helheim Forest for so long with no nothing much to do. The Over Lords' language is a cipher of the Japanese language, although more complicated than that of the Gurongi of Kamen Rider Kuuga. The names of the Over Lords are simply their armor's color or their animal motif translated from Japanese into the Over Lord language. After meeting Takatora, Roshuo reveals to the human that the Over Lords were originally the Femushinmu (フェムシンム) race, the dominant species of their world before Helheim Forest consumed it. Having survived the forest, they became special Inves that maintain their sense of self with the power to control the plants of Helheim Forest itself as well as teleport. In the Over Lord language cipher, 'Femushinmu' translates to 'human' (人間ningen), and they sometimes refer to humanity with this word, but those more contemptuous use 'dyoburyo' (デョブリョ) which translates into Japanese as 'ape' (saru).


Dēmushu (デェムシュ) is a brute of an Over Lord Inves in crimson (真紅shinku) armor who enjoys fighting and is prone to anger, seeing humans as weak apes that deserve death by someone as strong as himself. Dēmushu is armed with Sheimu (シェイム), a nagamaki-like weapon with a straight blade, using its sword form for melee combat, and has the ability to summon Helheim plant vines which used to entrap enemies as a staff. Dēmushu is also capable of firing shockwave projectiles from his hand, and his greatest ability is to dissolve into a gelatinous mass capable of deflecting attacks easily, while retaining formidable offensive power. Dēmushu is the first of the Over Lords to be sighted in Helheim Forest, encountering Kaito when he is sent to find him by Ryoma. Dēmushu attempts to converse with Kaito by consulting a dictionary, but ultimately fights him while frustrated over an initial inability to communicate and overpowers Baron Mango Arms. Despite appearing to be much of a brute without much brains, by the time Baron gets the Genesis Driver, Dēmushu also masters enough of the Japanese language to use vulgarities. Because of the injuries caused by Baron's Sonic Arrow finisher, Dēmushu takes the injury personal to the point of leading an attack on the Yggdrasill scientists to find Baron and kill him. With Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms and Zangetsu Shin unable to subdue the Over Lord, Dēmushu falls back after being painfully called back by Roshuo to be punished for attacking the outsiders. But later, while battling Gaim, Baron, Sigurd, and the new Zangetsu Shin, Dēmushu finds a suddenly opened Crack and invades Earth on his own accord with the intention of wiping out Zawame City from existence for his own personal satisfaction. After increasing his power by eating Helheim fruit and trouncing the combined might of the other Armored Riders, things turn around when Gaim arrives in his new Kiwami Arms and easily defeats and destroys him.

Dēmushu is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (杉田 智和Sugita Tomokazu).


Redyue (レデュエ) is a feminine and sadistic Over Lord Inves in jade (翡翠hisui) armor who uses others as her personal play things until she discards them when they are no use to her, having killed off her own parents upon becoming an Over Lord. Until the Armored Riders arrive in Helhiem Forest, having easily learned their language, Redyue lived in boredom and saw them as a means to make things interesting though she initially considered Kouta a boring opponent after letting Dēmushu beat him up. In combat, Redyue uses her Dau (ダウ) spear as a weapon and can ability to emit sounds capable of overloading a target's hearing, and reopen certain Cracks. During Dēmushu's attack, Redyue takes one of the scientists' harvest type Sengoku Drivers and gives it to Roshuo. Later, while feigning defeat, Redyue leads Sid and Mitsuzane to the Forbidden Fruit, the latter having realized that the Over Lord wants the Forbidden Fruit for herself. With Dēmushu's attack on Zawame providing an excuse, turning the Yggdrasill building into a fortress to deploy her forces from, Redyue reveals her intention to become the sole ruler of humanity while offering Mitsuzane a place as her proxy. To do so, she convinces Roshuo to relinquish the Forbidden Fruit by offering the means to revive his queen by using Earth's advanced technology to create a machine powered by human lives. However, Redyue intends to betray Roshuo and take the Forbidden Fruit that he has been safeguarding. But when she finally makes her move when Roshuo leaves himself open during his fight against Kouta and Kaito, Redyue is furious to learn he has already given humanity's Golden Fruit to another and ruthlessly kills him before she is destroyed by Armored Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms displaying his new Over Lord powers.

Redyue is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda (津田 健次郎Tsuda Kenjirō).


Roshuo (ロシュオ) is the leader of the Over Lord Inves in chalk (白亜hakua) armor, resting deep within the ruins. Having endured Helheim Forest when it consumed his world, Roshuo became its king and used the Forbidden Fruit to turn the world into one that reflects his ideals of the strong ruling over the weak. However, as those blessed by the forest slaughter those unable to fight back, Roshuo learned too late that his wish caused a conflict that destroyed the Femushinmu civilization with his beloved, the Femushinmu Maiden of Fate, among the casualties. Expressing a disgust for conflict, Roshuo uses his godly psychic power to keep the remaining Over Lords in check. Roshuo also observes the Yggdrasill Corporation's research team with an interest into their development of technology to use a Lockseed's power without becoming Inves. After saving Takatora, Roshuo reveals his story to him while deeming humans to be no different from his people, and revealing to have been keeping the Forbidden Fruit meant for humanity. Though possession of multiple Forbidden Fruits is against Helheim Forest's laws, Roshuo sees no reason to give it to humanity as he would do anything to revive his beloved and believes the second Forbidden Fruit would allow it. But Sagara's words to give humans a second chance convinces Roshuo to create a special key-like Lockseed from a fragment of the Forbidden Fruit that he entrusts to Sagara in hopes that his judgment over the humans is correct. Despite this, Roshuo promises Redyue the Forbidden Fruit if she can bring back his beloved. Unlike the other Over Lords, Roshuo is seemingly benevolent and does not see humans, despite being powerless, as lesser beings to toy with. Roshuo's heightened intelligence also allows him to learn the Japanese language quickly, and even achieving proficiency to not only converse fluently, but also speak in a manner befitting his status, power, and experience. With the power of two Forbidden Fruits in his possession, with the Joeshuimu (ジョエシュイム) sword as his weapon, Roshuo displays a god-like form of telekinesis that he uses in punishing Dēmushu, killing Sid, and deposing of armed missiles. During the end of the Over Lords' invasion of Zawame, Roshuo meets Mai and decides to make her humanity's Maiden of Fate after she eases his regret and convinces him that humanity is not as bad as he initially believed. During the fight with Gaim and Baron, Roshuo recognizes Kouta's determination before being killed by Redyue when she finally makes her move, but this ultimately reveals that he has given the Golden Fruit to someone else.

Roshuo is voiced by Jōji Nakata (中田 譲治Nakata Jōji).


Dyudyuonshu (デュデュオンシュ) is a Vermilion Bird (朱雀Suzaku) Over Lord Inves who serves under Redyue, armed with a snake sword (蛇剣jaken) called Dēngoshuimu (デェンゴシュイム) which is capable of channeling energy blasts like the Sonic Arrows and redirect them away from himself. Dyudyuonshu is sent to help Mitsuzane when he goes after Kouta, the youth believing the Over Lord is sent to keep an eye on him. Dyudyuonshu easily defeats Marika and holds Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms before he equips Kachidoki Arms, overwhelming the Over Lord until he is aided by Mitsuzane as Zangetsu Shin. But once Bravo reveals to Gaim that Zangetsu Shin is not Takatora, Gaim uses Kiwami Arms and overpowers his opponents before using an Ichigo Power charged blast from the Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju to destroy Dyudyuonshu, with Zangetsu Shin using the Over Lord as a shield to escape the blast.

Dyudyuonshu is voiced by Yōji Ueda (上田 燿司Ueda Yōji).


Gurinsha (グリンシャ) is a white cattle (べこbeko) Over Lord Inves who serves as Roshuo's guard and personal soldier, armed with a large sword (大剣ōken) called Aashuimu (アアシュイム). Given the mission to assist Redyue, Gurinsha leads the Inves in abducting the people of Zawame to power Redyue's machine. Though saved by Redyue while Gaim Kiwami Arms before fighting without restraint, Gurinsha is destroyed when Baron holds him so Gaim can blast him with his Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju.

Gurinsha is voiced by Yuuki Anai (穴井 勇輝Anai Yūki).[11]


Shinmugurun (シンムグルン) is a Black Tortoise (玄武Genbu) Over Lord Inves who serves under Redyue, armed with a battle axe called Dimubu (ディムブ). Shunmugurun is destroyed by Gaim Kiwami Arms using the Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju.


The Queen is Roshuo's dead bride whom Roshuo seeks to revive with both of the Forbidden Fruits and human sacrifices in Zawame. She served as the Maiden of Fate for the Femushinmu and bestowed upon Roshuo both the Golden Fruit of the Femushinmu and the Golden Fruit of humanity. She is seen only in silhouette in Roshuo's memories until Roshuo's death, where she appears in spirit to comfort him, seen only by Sagara. Like Mai as the Girl of the Beginning, the Queen possesses white hair and one red-colored eye.

The Queen is portrayed by Hiromi Iwasaki (岩崎 ひろみIwasaki Hiromi).

Sengoku Period[edit]

The Sengoku Period (戦極時代Sengoku Jidai) is an alternate world entered through different Cracks in the Helheim Forest that is reminiscent of the historical Sengoku period of Japan, appearing during the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle.

Bujin Riders[edit]

In the Sengoku Period World, there are alternate incarnations of the 14 Heisei era Kamen Riders known as Bujin (武神), all serving under a lord. The Bujin Riders that appear in the film are:

  • Kamen Rider Bujin Kuuga (仮面ライダー武神クウガKamen Raidā Bujin Kūga)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Agito (仮面ライダー武神アギトKamen Raidā Bujin Agito)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Ryuki (仮面ライダー武神龍騎Kamen Raidā Bujin Ryūki)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Faiz (仮面ライダー武神ファイズKamen Raidā Bujin Faizu)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Blade (仮面ライダー武神ブレイドKamen Raidā Bujin Bureido)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Hibiki (仮面ライダー武神響鬼Kamen Raidā Bujin Hibiki)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Kabuto (仮面ライダー武神カブトKamen Raidā Bujin Kabuto)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Den-O (仮面ライダー武神電王Kamen Raidā Bujin Den'ō)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Kiva (仮面ライダー武神キバKamen Raidā Bujin Kiba)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Decade (仮面ライダー武神ディケイドKamen Raidā Bujin Dikeido)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Double (仮面ライダー武神W(ダブル)Kamen Raidā Bujin Daburu) serving under Hideyoshi
  • Kamen Rider Bujin OOO (仮面ライダー武神オーズKamen Raidā Bujin Ōzu) serving under Nobunaga
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Fourze (仮面ライダー武神フォーゼKamen Raidā Bujin Fōze)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Wizard (仮面ライダー武神ウィザードKamen Raidā Bujin Wizādo) serving under Ieyasu.

All are defeated by Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim and consumed by the Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid, then transferred their dead bodies into a sacred tree.

The Bujin Riders are voiced by Tatsuya Takagi (高木 達也Takagi Tatsuya) and Yuma Uchida (内田 雄馬Uchida Yūma).

Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim[edit]

Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim (仮面ライダー武神鎧武Kamen Raidā Bujin Gaimu) is the main antagonist of the Gaim and Sengoku Movie Battle portions of the film, who is considered the strongest Bujin. Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim's form is Blood orange Arms (ブラッドオレンジアームズBuraddo Orenji Āmuzu), and he wields a red version of Kamen Rider Gaim's Daidaimaru. His main goal to obtain the power of the sacred tree, by killing all of the 14 Bujin Riders, and kidnapping the Mai in the original dimension, who he already know her identity as a Maiden of Fate, but without knowing that Mai didn't transformed yet. In the climax of the film, he merges with the sacred tree, entering his final form known as Lotus Position (蓮華座Renge-za), with his lower half resembling a lotus flower. He is ultimately defeated by Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Gaim.

Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim is voiced by Rikiya Koyama (小山 力也Koyama Rikiya).

Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid[edit]

The Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid (ウツボカズラ怪人Utsubokazura Kaijin) is a monster serving under Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim that consumes the Bujin Riders to bring their dead bodies that into the sacred tree. Under orders of Bujin Gaim, the Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid goes into the original dimension where all five Beat Riders' Armored Riders are competing in a special battle event, to kidnap Mai, who it already from its master about her identity as a Maiden of Fate, but without knowing that Mai didn't transformed yet. Unable to kidnap Mai and ruining Inves Game special event causes Armored Riders Gaim, Baron, and Ryugen go after it, ultimately transporting them into the Sengoku dimension that the Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid lives. After imprisoning Ryugen into its body, causing Gaim Suika Arms and Ieyasu to retreat, the Crack that brought the original dimension's Armored Kamen Riders beside it opens and Bujin Gaim orders the Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid to imprison Kosuke Nito/Kamen Rider Beast in the original dimension, leading Haruto to enter the dimension as well to save Nito. The Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid is defeated by the Rider Kicks of Kamen Rider Beast Hyper, Kamen Rider Baron OOO Arms, Kamen Rider Ryugen Double Arms, and Kamen Rider Zangetsu Fourze Arms.

The Pitcher Plant Inhumanoid is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino (吉野 裕行Yoshino Hiroyuki).


Ieyasu (イエヤス) is the lord of the Wizard Army (ウィザード軍Wizādo-gun) who loses his Bujin, Kamen Rider Bujin Wizard to Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim. He is first mistakes Kamen Rider Gaim/Kouta as his Bujin's killer. When he realizes that Kouta is not the same Gaim that he previously encountered, Ieyasu then hires Kouta and Mitsuzane to become his new Bujins and later gives Haruto the Infinity Ring that was originally Kamen Rider Bujin Wizard's.

Ieyasu is portrayed by JOY.


Hideyoshi (ヒデヨシ) is the lord of the Double Army (W(ダブル)軍Daburu-gun). He leads Kamen Rider Bujin Double, who becomes CycloneJokerXtreme, into battle against Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim, until he is defeated and loses his Bujin to Kamen Rider Zangetsu, who unintentionally assists Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim in consuming Kamen Rider Bujin Double.

Hideyoshi is portrayed by Minehiro Kinomoto (木ノ本 嶺浩Kinomoto Minehiro), making a cameo appearance paying homage to his role as Ryu Terui/Kamen Rider Accel from Kamen Rider W.


Chacha (チャチャ) is the wife of Hideyoshi.

Chacha is portrayed by Hikaru Yamamoto (山本 ひかるYamamoto Hikaru), making a cameo appearance paying homage to her role as Akiko Terui (née Narumi) from Kamen Rider W.


Nobunaga (ノブナガ) is the lord of the OOO Army (オーズ軍Ōzu-gun). He is seems impressed of Kaito's obsession of power. He sacrificed himself evacuating Ranmaru under Kaito's care from one of Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim's Greeed army when the HON-NOHJI castle that he lives in is set on fire and about to be destroyed, after he gives Kaito a Taka Medal, which transforms into the OOO Lockseed that Baron uses to access OOO Arms.

Nobunaga is portrayed by Hiroaki Iwanaga (岩永 洋昭Iwanaga Hiroaki), making a cameo appearance paying homage to his role as Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth Proto Type from Kamen Rider OOO.


Ranmaru (ランマル) is a female attendant who serves under Nobunaga in the OOO Army. However, when Nobunaga and Bujin OOO fall to the hands of Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim, she makes Kaito the new lord and the new Bujin himself of the OOO Army.

Ranmaru is portrayed by Mao Ueda (上田 眞央Ueda Mao).

Fourze Army Warlord[edit]

The Fourze Army Warlord (フォーゼ軍武将Fōze-gun Bushō) is an ally to Ieyasu's Wizard Army who leads Kamen Rider Bujin Fourze to battle against the Kiva Army.

The Fourze Army Warlord is portrayed by Ryuki Takahashi (高橋 龍輝Takahashi Ryūki), making a cameo appearance paying homage to his role as Kengo Utahoshi in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Kiva Army Warlord[edit]

The Kiva Army Warlord (キバ軍武将Kiba-gun Bushō) leads Kamen Rider Bujin Kiva into battle against the Fourze Army.

The Kiva Army Warlord is portrayed by Keisuke Kato (加藤 慶祐Katō Keisuke), making a cameo appearance paying homage to his role as Keisuke Nago/Kamen Rider Ixa in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Aoi family[edit]

Aoi () family appears in Heisei Riders vs. Shōwa Riders: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai, being the family of Ren Aoi, otherwise known as Kamen Rider Fifteen.

Shu Aoi[edit]

Shu Aoi (葵 終Aoi Shū) is the deceased son of Ren Aoi and the Saki Aoi. After he died in a car accident of being hit by a truck that involved him being unable to meet his mother at a lighthouse, his father joined the Badan Empire to bring him back, but recently brainwashed by them. However, the Badan Empire is planning on using Shu as a vessel for reviving an army of monsters to destroy the world. Shu was thought to be dead however, it because of his special powers that awakes him. Shu runs away from the underworld with Kouta and Mai, being chased by the Shōwa Riders for an undetermined reason, leading him to be protected by the Heisei Riders. When realize that his mother is waiting for him at the lighthouse, he's being helped by Tsukasa to go there until he got captured by his brainwashed father and Badan, when he was so-close to get nearby to the lighthouse. Shu's presence causes a fight to break out between both sides, planned by Takeshi Hongo to gather All Riders to battle each other to turned themselves into a Lockseed, then released by Gaim and ZX in order to combat Badan until got a help from a Super Sentai members Kyoryu Red and the ToQgers. It is revealed that Shu has a strong Imagination, even more potent than the ToQgers, and this will allow for Badan's plans to come to fruition. After the Kamen Riders, ToQgers and Kyoryu Red defeats Badan and freed his father, Shu's body is starting fading. With help of Shōwa Rider's Rider Syndrome (ライダーシンドロームRaidā Shindorōmu), Shu and his father finally reunite with his mom, then disappeared into a light before saying goodbye to his parents and thanks Kamen Riders for a help, as Shu's spirit is finally rest eternally.

Shu Aoi is portrayed by Yuzu Aoki (青木 柚Aoki Yuzu).

Saki Aoi[edit]

Saki Aoi (葵 咲Aoi Saki) is the wife of Ren Aoi and mother of Shu Aoi. A year prior to the events of the movie, she was unable to meet her son at a lighthouse. At first, her son argues with her because she didn't keep a promise to the lighthouse together. However, she made a promise with him to meet there, along with her husband. Unknown to her, her son is dead, caused by a car accident. In the event of the movie, Saki waits for her son too long at the lighthouse until meets Tsukasa Kadoya to discuss about her son and bring him to her safely. At the end of the movie, she reunites with her now cured husband and now deceased son, before their son is fading away into a light and seeing her son's spirit finally rest eternally.

Saki Aoi is portrayed by Akiko Hinagata (雛形 あきこHinagata Akiko).

Underground Empire Badan[edit]

The Underground Empire Badan (地下帝国バダンChika Teikoku Badan) is an amalgamation of all previous evil groups the first nine Shōwa Riders faced, wishing to complete the desire of world dominion that it nearly obtained were it not for the defection of Kamen Rider ZX. Literally going underground, the Badan resurface during the events of 'Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kamen Rider Gaim: Spring Break Combined Special' in preparation for their master plan that unfolds in Heisei Riders vs. Shōwa Riders: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai.

Ren Aoi[edit]

Ren Aoi (葵 連Aoi Ren) is a mysterious man and a main antagonist of Kamen Rider Taisen, who transforms into Kamen Rider Fifteen (仮面ライダーフィフティーンKamen Raidā Fifutīn), an Armored Rider created by the Badan for the purpose of defeating the Kamen Riders. He is the husband of Saki Aoi and the father of Shu Aoi, who died in an accident years before. His son's death and a sudden revival with drives him to join Badan, becoming their Kamen Rider, but results of their brainwashing on Ren. During the Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kamen Rider Gaim: Spring Break Combined Special, Ren attacks the ToQGers during their fight with the younger Moguraroid before being driven off by Kamen Riders 1, 2, and V3 and standing by for the actual Badan invasion. He is defeated Gaim #1 Arms in final battle, thus freeing him from Badan's brainwashes. Feeling guilty of his doing when he was brainwashed by Badan, his son's body is starting to fade away into a light until he and his son made it in time reunite with his wife at a lighthouse, thanks to Showa Rider's Rider Syndrome teleport, before seeing their son's body fading into a light and the boy's spirit is finally rest eternally.

As Kamen Rider Fifteen, Ren transforms into Fifteen Arms (フィフティーンアームズFifutīn Āmuzu), accessed by the Fifteen Lockseed, armed with a large black sword called the Yomimaru (黄泉丸lit. 'Underworld Circle').[12] He also possesses a special 'Legend Rider Lockseed' called the Heisei Rider Lockseed, with which Kamen Rider Fifteen can access the forms of any of the fifteen Heisei Kamen Riders and utilize their powers. These forms include Wizard Arms armed with the Wizarswordgun, Fourze Arms armed with most States form weapons like the Barizun Sword and Elek Module Billy the Rod, the Kamen Rider Gaim-themed Gaim Arms (鎧武アームズGaimu Āmuzu) armed with the Daidaimaru and a Musou Saber, and the Kamen Rider Decade-themed Decade Arms (ディケイドアームズDikeido Āmuzu), armed with the RideBooker and most of 9 previous Heisei Riders' power, such as Onigekibo Rekka.

Ren Aoi is portrayed by Itsuji Itao (板尾 創路Itao Itsuji).


The Moguraroid (モグラロイドMoguraroido) are mole-like Badan cyborg twin brothers sent with a platoon of Combatroids to dig up holes to bring their fellow Badan Monsters to the surface. The elder Moguraroid first appears during his first attack on Zawame City, and in his early attempts to summon his brother he only manages to open up Cracks and summon forth Inves. In the end, while the younger brother is destroyed by the ToQgers, the elder Moguraroid is destroyed by Armored Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms, but not before saying his last words about Badan's second movement to Gaim.

The Moguraroid brothers are both voiced by Kyousei Tsukui (津久井 教生Tsukui Kyōsei).

The soccer parallel world[edit]

The Soccer World is an alternate timeline continuity created by Lapis, who grew tired of bloodshed and war. It appears in the film Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!. Kogane later enters the main timeline of reality to exact his revenge.


Kogane (コウガネKōgane) is a manifestation of the Forbidden Fruit created by the previous Over Lords in the past. When one of Ryoma's experiments goes awry, Kogane awakens and kills Ryoma, then takes the form of a middle-aged man and creates a Locust Monster to either possess a human host for its revival or infects humans into a mindless monsters via small locusts. Because of its existence on Earth, it causes most of the Armored Riders to turn against each other to search for the Golden Fruit. Kogane decides to masquerade as Yuya Sumii to get close to Kouta to try to manipulate him. When its identity is revealed, it reveals that it possesses a Sengoku Driver and the Golden Ringo Lockseed (金のリンゴロックシードKin no Ringo Rokkushīdo), which it uses to transform into Kamen Rider Mars Golden Arms (仮面ライダーマルス ゴールデンアームズKamen Raidā Marusu Gōruden Āmuzu),[note 17] armed with the Apple Reflector (アップルリフレクターAppuru Rifūrekutā) shield and the Sword Bringer (ソードブリンガーSōdo Buringā). It defeats Kouta, brainwashing him to become his liege Kamen Rider Gaim Yami in order to hunt down Lapis. However, it is unaware that Lapis is already within Kouta's mind trying to free him of Kogane's control. The combined forces of Lapis and Armored Riders Baron, Ryugen, and Marika manage to free Kouta so it can fight back against Kamen Rider Mars, even as it uses its flaming horse to become more powerful. It is the combined forces of all of the Armored Riders (minus Duke and Sigurd), including Lapis as Kamen Rider Kamuro, to finally defeat Kamen Rider Mars to return everything back to normal.

Somehow, time is distorted once more when Kogane appears through a time rift seven months after the Helheim Forest plants and Inves have been entirely removed from the Earth. It possesses a teenage girl at a dance stage after Mitsuzane's refusal from the Beat Riders' offer to go back with them, in order to seek out the remaining Armored Riders in act of revenge, using a new Sengoku Driver and the new Black Ringo Lockseed (黒のリンゴロックシードKuro no Ringo Rokkushīdo), which it uses to transform into Kamen Rider Jam Darkness Arms (仮面ライダー邪武 ダークネスアームズKamen Raidā Jamu Dākunesu Āmuzu),[note 18] armed with a purple version of the Daidaimaru named the Dark Daidaimaru (ダーク大橙丸Dāku Daidaimaru), with a Musou Saber as a side weapon. After defeating Jonouchi as a Kurokage Trooper, Jam then fights against Mitsuzane as Ryugen. However, it is cornered in the fight and uses the human body it is using as leverage, leaving Mitsuzane conflicted. However, Kouta returns to the Earth and forces Kogane out of the girl's body as it is defeated again by Ryugen and Gaim Kiwami Arms. In the end, the girl Kogane used as a host is seen teaching children about the sacred tree and dancing.

Kogane is portrayed by Kataoka Ainosuke VI (六代目 片岡 愛之助Rokudaime Kataoka Ainosuke) while as Kamen Rider Mars, while the possessed girl in the final episode of the TV series is portrayed by Honoka Ando (安藤 穂乃果Ando Honoka) and Kamen Rider Jam is voiced by Atsushi Ono (斧 アツシOno Atsushi).

Locust Monster[edit]


The Locust Monster (イナゴ怪人Inago Kaijin) is a monster created by Kogane from fusing a swarm of locusts into one through the power of the Golden Fruit. It has the ability to swarm into multiple flying insects, such as infects other people into a mindless monster or finding a suitable host for its master. The monster first appeared while Kouta searches for the Kureshima brothers. Kouta fought the monster briefly, before it escapes into the alternate world, where he fights Kaito. Then he escapes and returns to the mainstream world, where he fights Gaim again. However, after being blasted by Gaim's Musou Saber, he escapes through a crack to the alternate world. He soon appears again after Team Baron defeated Team Charmant in a soccer battle. However, he fought Baron once again. The monster soon met his end when Baron Lemon Energy Arms used Lemon Energy to trap the monster before finishing him using his Cavaliend Rider Kick.

Another Locust Monster appears at the Charmant under the control of Armored Rider Jam, prompting the powerless Armored Riders to try and hold it off to no avail. Jonouchi later battles the monster as Armored Rider Kurokage, but is defeated by the monster, and the final mass-produced Sengoku Driver is destroyed by Armored Rider Jam. Mitsuzane then battles the two as Armored Rider Ryugen, and once again appears to have the upper hand until both the Locust Monster and Armored Rider Jam fight dirty. The Locust Monster is ultimately destroyed when a projection of the Golden Apple envelops it, soon revealed to be Kouta returning to Earth to help Mitsuzane battle Armored Rider Jam.


Lapis (ラピスRapisu) is an Over Lord counterpart of Kouta. His real name is Shamubishe (シャムビシェ) which translates into Japanese as 'azure' (紺碧konpeki). He has a special bracelet that he uses to escape to the Earth before Helheim Forest was taken over by the Forbidden Fruit. However, he is unaware that the bracelet possessed an evil entity created by another Over Lord, and this would eventually become Kogane, which would be sealed with him within a slab left behind by the other Over Lords. Lapis would eventually grow tired of all of the bloodshed and fighting he experienced on Earth, so he used his powers to create an alternate dimension where instead of bloody battles people played soccer after a chance meeting with Kouta who found him shortly after having seen his people kill each other. While Ryoma is recording his examination of the slab, it explodes and both Lapis and Kogane escape into the human world. Ryoma becomes the first victim of Kogane's plague while he tries to fight it, while Lapis steals a Sengoku Driver, unaware that he was caught on Ryoma's recording of the event. This leads the Armored Riders to believe he is the one responsible for the bloodshed that results between everyone. However, DJ Sagara informs them of what has actually happened to Kouta as a result of Kogane and Lapis is innocent. Lapis's powers allow him to bring back both Ryoji Hase and Sid to life. However, when Kogane begins to corrupt Kouta and turn him into the evil Gaim Yami, Lapis uses his powers to enter Kouta's mind to reveal his past to him and free him of Kogane's control. He later produces a magical horse for Kamen Rider Gaim to ride when fighting Kamen Rider Mars. Before the final battle against Kamen Rider Mars, DJ Sagara gives Lapis the Silver Ringo Lockseed (銀のリンゴロックシードGin no Ringo Rokkushīdo), allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Kamuro Silver Arms (仮面ライダー冠(カムロ) シルバーアームズKamen Raidā Kamuro Shirubā Āmuzu),[note 19] armed with the Souginjou (蒼銀杖Sōginjō) staff.[note 20] Once Kamen Rider Mars is finally defeated, Lapis disappears and the world returns to as it was. In Helheim Forest, Lapis's bracelet, the Souginjou, and a soccer ball can be seen.

Lapis is portrayed by Taketo Tanaka (田中 偉登Tanaka Taketo).


Megahex (メガヘクスMegahekusu) is a mechanical lifeform with the ability to assimilate worlds, having originally been his world's Man of the Beginning before using his wish to assimilate his entire world and become its core as Planet Megahex. From his perspective, individuality is a pointless thing and that his actions of absorbing others into his data system is beneficial. Coming across Planet Helheim and facing Kouta, Megahex accessed the human's mind and learned of Earth's existence, seemingly destroying Kouta while creating a facsimile of Ryoma to keep the Kureshima brothers from interfering. Though Megahex uses Kouta's Kiwami Lockseed to boost his power, he looses it before being destroyed by the Kamen Riders. But more of Megahex's drone bodies arrive to commence assimilation on a global scale, one drone assimilates the Cyberoid ZZZ body to become ZZZ Megahex (ZZZメガヘクスSurī Zetto Megahekusu) and returns to Zawame to transmit the acquired data to Planet Megahex.

When confronted by Zawame's Kamen Riders as they are joined by Drive, Chaser, Heart, and Brain, giving them an added advantage when the Kaito replica he created turns on him, ZZZ Megahex is destroyed with the Cyberoid data transferred to Megahex's core. Drive and Gaim, braving through a dragon-like car drone and the planet's defense, ride the Tridoron into Planet Megahex and destroy him.

Megahex is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki (三木 眞一郎Miki Shin'ichirō), who is also the voice for the Energy Lockseeds and the Genesis Driver.

Tōka Akatsuki[edit]

Tōka Akatsuki (朱月 藤果Akatsuki Tōka) is a servant of the Kureshima family who is really one of a group of select children used by Amagi Kureshima in experiments to study Helheim. She eventually kills Amagi and steals the Forbidden Ringo Lockseed (禁断のリンゴロックシードKindan no Ringo Rokkushīdo) to wipe out the man's legacy as Kamen Rider Idunn (仮面ライダーイドゥンKamen Raidā Idun)[note 21] Ringo Arms, armed with the Apple Reflector shield and the Sword Bringer. But unlike normal Lockseeds, the Ringo Lockseed possess a side-effect that turns the user into an Inves. After being defeated and spared by Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin, Tōka did not understand why Takatora spared her life and prefer treating her like a human instead of a mere slave since their peaceful childhood. When she was about to turn into an Inves, she is later killed by another survivor of Amagi's experimentation: Ryoma Sengoku, who took the Ringo Lockseed before it came into Kaito's possession.

Tōka Akatsuki is portrayed by Sayuri Iwata (岩田 さゆりIwata Sayuri). As a teenager, Tōka is portrayed by Ai Uchida (内田 愛Uchida Ai).


Shapool (シャプールShapūru) is the heir of a foreign country who visits Zawame City as part of an inspection. He is physically identical to Kaito Kumon. Eager for some freedom, Shapool finds Kaito, sedates him, and steals his clothes. He then appears before the Beat Riders, posing as Kaito. However, Kouta found it weird seeing 'Kaito' smile genuinely. His identity is exposed when he tried putting on Kaito's Sengoku Driver, but was unable to transform due to Kaito's DNA being locked to the belt. He was later warned by Kaito that his own butler, Alfred wants to kill him, and believes his father might as well do so, much to his disbelief that his father would never do something abusive. He is soon found by Alfred, who reveal his true intention to kill him to make it look like an 'accidental death', the eliminate his family and taking the fortunes by himself, until Kaito comes back to save Shapool in a few second when he noticed that Alfred is already close to Shapool. Though he and Baron manage to escape from Alfred's reign due to an interruption of the effects of the Dragon Fruit Lock Seed he bought from Ryoma as a New Generation Kamen Rider Tyrant, he and Kaito shares their story, and feels sad about Kaito's dark past. Until they were informed by Kaito's old teammate, Peko that Tyrant attacks their team, took Knuckle as a hostage and send an injured Peko to tell Kaito to bring Shapool to him, or else he'll kill Zack. Despite want to take his responsibility for having Kaito and his old teammates involved in his run from Alfred, Shapool was told by Kaito to look heal Peko's wound while Kaito goes to Alfred to save Zack by himself, teaching the stricted, yet an evil butler who wants to take of Shapool's fortune a lesson. Once Alfred is finally gone for good, Shapool wrote a message to Kaito a thanks for his inspiration to become strong, and return to his country to speak with his father.

Shapool is portrayed by Yutaka Kobayashi who also portrays Kaito Kumon.


Alfred (アルフレッドArufureddo) is the strict butler of Shapool who secretly plans to give his master an 'accidental death' before removing the rest of Shapool's family with Ryoma Sengoku's help to obtain their wealth for his ambitions. When Kaito intervened in his plans, Alfred received from Ryoma a Genesis Driver and a prototype version of Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed to become Kamen Rider Tyrant (仮面ライダータイラントKamen Raidā Tairanto), armed with the Sonic Arrow. But what Alfred did not know was that Ryoma was using him in an experiment to test the Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed, learning too late by the time it gradually transforms him into the ox-like Over Lord-type Inves Tyrant (タイラントTairanto). Tyrant is destroyed by Kamen Rider Baron Ringo Arms.

Alfred is portrayed by Gamon Kaai (河相 我聞Kaai Gamon).

Kugai Kudo[edit]

Kugai Kudo (狗道 供界Kudō Kugai) is a former researcher of Yggdrasill Corporation, and a former colleague of Ryoma Sengoku until his alleged death in a Lockseed-creation accident. He was testing the Ringo Lockseed but he died and became an immortal ghost and begins to haunt Ryoma for letting him die. As a ghost, he can brainwash innocent people into becoming mindless zombie-like puppets to become suicide bombers. Kudo returns years later as part of the Black Linden (黒の菩提樹Kuro no Bodaiju) cult that has targeted the Yggdrasill Corporation. He threatens Ryoma to join his side or be destroyed so he can attain godhood. He also recruits Shura, a former member of Team Baron, into his organization. He does so as the evil Kamen Rider Saver (仮面ライダーセイヴァーKamen Raidā Seivā), transforming with the Zakuro Lockseed (ザクロロックシードZakuro Rokkushīdo) in the Sengoku Driver and a Blood Orange Lockseed in the Genesis Core attachment to become Blood Zakuro Arms (ブラッドザクロアームズBuraddo Zakuro Āmuzu). Unlike the other Riders, the Blood Zakuro Arms armor appears out of nowhere rather than appearing from a Crack from Helheim. Kamen Rider Saver is armed with a red Daidaimaru like Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim's and the Saver Arrow (セイヴァーアローSeivā Arō) bow, which Ryoma later uses as the basis for the Genesis Riders' Sonic Arrows. After Ryoma defeats him as the Genesis Rider Kamen Rider Duke, Kudo no longer bothered Ryoma anymore and goes to another world, but not before giving Shura a blank Banana Lockseed to use for his own purposes against his former teammates.

In novel sequel, Kugai had been wandering across dimensions. After Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle in the present, Kugai made his scattered throughout Zawame City to bring chaos. He somehow obtain what appears to be Kogane's two Ringo Lockseeds, Golden and Darkness Lockseeds to transformed into both Golden and Darkness Arms.

Kugai Kudo is portrayed by Jun Toba (鳥羽 潤Toba Jun)


Azami (アザミ) is Peko's sister. She is friends with Zack and was also friends with Kaito before his death. She is first seen in the hospital visiting Zack along with Peko, who tell him what has happened after he lost consciousness. After the defeat of Megahex, Azami manages to stop Zack from leaving Zawame City for New York, as she needs to tell him Peko and the other Beat Riders have all gone missing.

Azami is portrayed by Maari (麻亜里).


Shura (シュラ) is a former member of Team Baron who was kicked out by Kaito some time in the past because he did not accept Kaito as the team's leader and wanted to kill him. As a result, Shura joins the Black Linden cult. After the Helheim plants are removed from the Earth, Shura forms his own criminal gang he calls Neo Baron (ネオ・バロン), and appears after Kaito's death and the destruction of Megahex to take revenge on his former friends for exiling him from their group. He uses a mass-produced Sengoku Driver and a Banana Lockseed Kugai Kudo gave him before he disappeared to transform into Kamen Rider Black Baron (仮面ライダーブラックバロンKamen Raidā Burakku Baron).

Shura is portrayed by Ryusuke Nakamura (中村 龍介Nakamura Ryūsuke)


  1. ^'Gaim' literally means 'armored warrior' (鎧武gaimu).
  2. ^The daidai() is a variety of bitter orange native to Japan. Dai() means 'large'. The kanji maru() is often appended to the names of swords.
  3. ^The attack's name literally translates as 'Big Orange Strike' (大橙一刀Daidai Ittō)
  4. ^'Ōdama' (大玉) translates to 'big ball'.
  5. ^'Yoroi' (ヨロイ(鎧)) means 'armor'.
  6. ^'Jimber' comes from jinbaori(陣羽織), a special coat traditionally worn over samurai armor.
  7. ^'Kachidoki' is translated as 'shout of victory' (勝鬨kachidoki)
  8. ^The 'Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju' is a combination of the words for 'matchlock' (火縄銃hinawajū, usually referring to the Tanegashima matchlock), 'large' (dai), daidai(), and DJ.
  9. ^The attack's name literally translates as 'Fuse Great Orange Unparalleled Slash' (火縄大橙無双斬Hinawa Daidai Musō Zan)
  10. ^'Kiwami' comes from the Japanese word for 'climax' or 'culmination' (kyoku), and 'without limit' (窮み無きkiwaminaki)
  11. ^'Ryugen' literally means 'mysterious dragon' (龍玄ryūgen, Chinese: 龍玄; pinyin: Lóngxuán).
  12. ^Yomi is the realm of the dead in Shinto mythology.
  13. ^Yomotsuheguri(黄泉津戸契, 'contract to remain in Yomi', sometimes Yomotsuhegui) is a reference to the legend of how Shinto goddess Izanami-no-Mikoto came to rule over Yomi, as when her former husband Izanagi came to rescue her, she warned him that because she had already eaten one of the fruits of Yomi, she had consigned herself to remain there for all eternity.
  14. ^'Kurokage' literally translates as 'black shadow' (黒影kurokage).
  15. ^'Kagematsu' literally translates as 'shadow pine' (影松kagematsu).
  16. ^'Zangetsu' literally means 'slaying moon' (斬月zangetsu).
  17. ^'Mars' comes from both the planet Mars and Malus, the genus of the apple tree.
  18. ^'Jam' literally translates as 'evil warrior' (邪武jamu).
  19. ^'Kamuro' comes from the kamuru(冠る, 'to wear on one's head', 'to crown', or 'to bear the responsibility')
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  21. ^Iðunn is a Norse goddess associated with apples and youth.


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so that basically concludes my weird dream
B/c i'm too lazy to look, I'm doing a redo of this:
You know that thing where those armored riders did showcases of them wearing other arms, like Baron with the Kiwi arms and Ryugen with the Pine arms? Well, what if other riders did showcases like that? I'll do mine, and I'd like it if others could showcase their own this time.
If you wanted to do your own of one rider, dont be afraid to do your own after that won was already done (like if someone else already did Giridon, aka Ornac, u can do your own ornac if you want)

'I am unworthy of its power!'
Budou arms

THIS ONE WAS DONE BY DRAGONRANGER117, just for the disclaimer
Oh. I didn't notice that.
Thanks for the correction.

'I can't use my hands!'
Durian arms
'You do realize that swords are weaker with spikes than without, right?'
Melon arms
'A gun, sword, and shield? Now this is a bargain? I'll use this.'

Dongiri arms

Durian arms
'Not enough! I need more power than this!'
Orange arms
I've thought of something that would make a cool lockseed
If I may, observe:
Lock on
Kabuto power, hyper cast off
hey you mised the dragon fruit,drive,maron and lemon sengoku lockseed please update
I've come up up with some arms of my own. If i may demonstrate:
(jingle is gaim style)

The weapons are large fans in the shape of maple leaves. They are thin, flimsy, and downright horrible at close-range. But they can really blow you away. Pun intended.
While the winds they produce are refreshingly sweet, the windforce is painful.
It can reflect almost any projectile, and in terms of windforce, the ratio of windforce strength from the fans to that of a hurricane is 3:8.
What's more is that the winds from the fans require less effort to produce strong winds than physics would normally expect. So much as swatting a fly with one might cause an airplane in the skies to tilt to one side.
For some reasons, the fans reflect any heavy weapon, such as the mango punisher.
The best choice of action against these arms would be sharp weapons to cut through the winds, such as spears and swords.
Remember when the armored riders tried out different arms, like Baron trying the Kiwi arms, and Ryugen trying the Banana arms?
I'm making my own ideas of that showcase thingy for other riders. Hope it's cool:
Banana arms: 'Baron's spear.. It's more his style than mine.'
Kurumi arms: 'I can't even use my hands!'
Durian arms: 'These seem strong.. I think i'll use this.'

Kamen Rider Game Pc

Donguri arms: 'I don't want Alfonzo trying anything funny on me.'
Durian arms: 'My kagematsu is easier to use.'
Orange arms: 'Hmmm..' (Puts the two swords together) 'This is better. I'll try this out.'

Donguri Arms: 'A hammer, how uncivlized!'
Melon Arms: 'I am not worthy to use such power!'
Budou Arms: 'Ah, guns! These I'm used to! I'll use it!'
I like that idea. Even though i've only watched 3 episodes so far.
Got any ideas for duke? With the sengoku driver, i mean. (he did used to use sengoku b4 genesis driver)
Woah. Bravo is an even bigger wierdo than i thought.
I am now afraid to watch the gaim series. SHould i be?
Trust me, you'd love Gaim. Bravo is pretty weird, but it kinda grows on you.
..ok. Not sure how i feel about Mr. Dangerous being THAT weird, but okay. I guess once i get at the series, things will get..juicy.
I'm guessing it will be annoying. Get it? Cuz of annoying orange?

Just a little something I like to call Kamen Rider D-mon.
Is it good? I hope it's good.
I like that Idea. I guess you could say you DRUMMED up a good one. Hahaha.. I'm worse than my friend.
Either way, I have an idea of my own, inspired by your idea.
Bujin Gaim Monotaros arms.
This good?
Yeah, but it would be better if we had access to a Negataros Lockseed. Then we put Gaim Momotaros Arms vs Bujin Gaim Negataros Arms.
Nice idea. It'd be real rider and real rider vs dark rider and dark rider.
I like that idea.
even though it would be a bit.. dark.
Get it?

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oh ha ha. I've also devised a plan for Bujin Gaim Blood Orange Jimber Dragon Fruit Arms. Not on this flash, of course.

Kamen Rider Gaim Flash Belt

can you make another update for this flash because it is missing a lot of lockseeds
Could people please look at my profile and consider watching ... I'll rewatch anybody thank you

Kamen Rider Gaim Online

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