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Apr 09, 2017  Please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe for the channel and thanks. #gaming link: There are currently no videos at this moment for King of the Road. There are currently no images for King of the Road. Games You May Like. DiRT Rally 2.0 Coming Feb 22, 2019.

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King of the Road
FounderMichael Burnett
CountryUnited States, China
Official websiteThrasher Magazine

The title of King of the Road is given out once a year by Thrasher magazine. The tradition was started in 2003 and has been one of the premier skateboarding contests in the USA.

In the King of the Road (KOTR) contest, a group of pre-invited teams of professional skaters are each given a book[1] containing a series of challenges. Points are awarded at the completion of each challenge. The teams compete at the same time over a two-week period, in which they travel across the U.S. to complete as many challenges as possible.

KOTR has been held annually since its inception, with the exceptions of 2008 and 2009. In 2011, Thrasher and Converse hosted an addition KOTR competition in China, with the participation of the four biggest Chinese skateboard deck companies.[2]

  • 1King of the Road 2003
  • 2King of the Road 2004
  • 3King of the Road 2005
  • 4King of the Road 2006
  • 5King of the Road 2007
  • 10King of the Road 2013
  • 11King of the Road 2014
  • 12King of the Road 2015
  • 13King of the Road 2016
  • 14King of the Road 2017

King of the Road 2003[edit]


Team Deluxe

  • Ernie Torres

Team Tum Yeto

Team Volcom

Team eS

Final Standings[edit]

1st Place: Deluxe
2nd Place: Tum Yeto
3rd Place: Volcom
4th Place: eS

King of the Road 2004[edit]


Team Almost
  • Daewon Song
  • Greg Lutzka
  • Chris Haslam
  • Ryan Sheckler
  • Cooper Wilt
Team Girl
  • Eric Koston
  • Mike Carroll
  • Rick Howard
  • Brian Anderson
  • Jereme Rogers
Team Real
  • Peter Ramondetta
  • Dennis Busenitz
  • Tony Trujillo
  • Darrell Stanton
  • Ernie Torres
  • Isaac Alvidrez
Team Zero
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Jon Allie
  • Tommy Sandoval
  • Chris Cole
  • James Brockman
  • Jared Green

Final Standings[edit]

1st Place: Zero
2nd Place: Girl
3rd Place: Almost
4th Place: Real

King of the Road 2005[edit]


Team Zero

  • Jamie Thomas
  • Chris Cole
  • Garrett Hill
  • John Rattray
  • Tommy Sandoval

Team Habitat

  • Fred Gall
  • Silas Baxter-Neal
  • Stefan Janoski
  • Kerry Getz
  • Danny Garcia

Team Flip

  • Geoff Rowley
  • Bastien Salabanzi
  • Arto Saari
  • Alex Chalmers

Team Element

  • Jeremy Wray
  • Mike Vallely
  • Brent Atchley
  • Tosh Townend
  • Colt Cannon

Final Standings[edit]

First Place : Zero 4,180 points
Second Place : Habitat 3,470
Third Place : Flip 3,460
Fourth Place : Element 2,680

King of the Road 2006[edit]

Download Game King Of The Road 2010 Online


Team Zero

  • Jamie Thomas
  • Chris Cole
  • Tommy Sandoval
  • John Rattray
  • James Brockman

Team Darkstar

  • Chet Thomas
  • Paul Machnau
  • Gailea Momolu
  • Paul Trep
  • Adam Dyet

Team Baker

  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Erik Ellington
  • Jim Greco
  • Bryan Herman
  • Leo Romero

Team Toy Machine

  • Ed Templeton
  • Billy Marks
  • Josh Harmony
  • Johnny Layton
  • Matt Bennett

Final Standings[edit]

1st Place: Zero - 5,530 points
2nd Place: Darkstar - 4,610 points
3rd Place: Baker - 4,540 points
4th Place: Toy Machine - 3,690 points

King of the Road 2007[edit]


Team Blind

  • Ronnie Creager
  • Jake Duncombe
  • James Craig
  • Danilo Cerezini
  • Morgan Smith

Team Foundation

  • Don Nguyen
  • Sierra Fellers
  • David Reyes
  • Angel Ramirez
  • Abdias Rivera

Team Black Label

  • Chet Childress
  • Adam Alfaro
  • Brian 'Slash' Hansen
  • Shuriken Shannon
  • Chris Troy

Team Zoo York

  • Zered Bassett
  • Aaron Suski
  • Anthony Shetler
  • Lamare Hemmings
  • Brandon Westgate

Final Standings[edit]

Download Game King Of The Road 2010
1st Place: Blind
2nd Place: Foundation
3rd Place: Black Label
4th Place: Zoo York

King of the Road 2010[edit]

1st PlaceTeam Nike SBEric Koston,Grant Taylor,Ishod Wair,Cory Kennedy,Justin Brock. Mystery Guest Marissa Del Santo.

2nd PlaceTeam C1RCADavid Gravette,Scott Decenzo,Sierra Fellers,David Reyes,Robbie Brockel. Mystery Guest Alexis Sablone.

3rd PlaceTeam ConverseAngel Ramirez,Kenny Anderson,Sammy Baca,Julian Davidson,Eli Reed. Mystery Guest Lacey Baker.

4th PlaceTeam EtniesSean Malto,Mike Taylor,Jose Rojo,Willow,Ryan Sheckler. Mystery Guest Elisa Steamer.

King of the Road 2011[edit]

1st Place – 6060 pointsTeam LakaiGuy Mariano,Marc Johnson,Daniel Espinoza,Vincent Alvarez,Mikemo Capaldi,Sam Smyth TM,Ryan Lovell, Videographer,Joe Brook, on Photography,Aaron Meza on 2nd Angle.Mystery Guest Andrew Reynolds.

2nd Place – 5680 pointsTeam VansTony Trujillo,Elijah Berle,Daniel Lutheran,Johnny Layton,Gilbert Crockett,Griffin Collins TM,Cody Green, Videographer, Joe Hammeke on Photography.Mystery Guest Arto Saari.

3rd Place – 5480 pointsTeam Nike SBEric Koston,Grant Taylor,Ishod Wair,Cory Kennedy,Shane O’Neill,Bob Reynolds TM,Jason Hernandez, Videographer, Rhino on Photography,Steve Chalme on 2nd Angle.Mystery Guest Leo Romero.

4th Place – 5340 pointsTeam DeklineChad Tim-tim,Matt Bennett,Nick Merlino,Dakota Servold,Ryan Spencer,Mike Sinclair TM,Jared Lucas,Videographer,Dan Zaslavsky on Photography,Tim Cisilino on Second angle.Mystery Guest Salman Agah.

King of the Road China 2011[edit]

Presented by Converse

1st Place – 2930 PointsTeam GiftMystery Guest Raymond Molinar.

2nd place - 2710Team ShoxMystery Guest Angel Ramirez.

3rd place - 2615Team SocietyMystery Guest Kenny Anderson.

4th place - 1930Team VagabondMystery Guest ??? .

King of the Road 2012[edit]

Alien Workshop (1st Place)Toy Machine (2nd Place)Creature (3rd Place)Antihero (4th Place)
Grant TaylorLeo RomeroDavid GravetteTony Trujillo
Gilbert CrockettDaniel LutheranTaylor BingamanAndrew Allen
Jake JohnsonCollin ProvostRyan ReyesFrank Gerwer
John FitzgeraldJeremy LeabresSean ConoverRobbie Russo
Omar SalazarBlake CarpenterDarren NaveretteChris Pfanner
Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki (Mystery Guest)Austyn Gillette (Mystery Guest)David Gonzalez (Mystery Guest)Ryan Decenzo (Mystery Guest)
Benny Maglinao (Videographer)Jared Lucas (Videographer)Lee Dupont (Videographer)Preston 'P-Stone' Maigetter (Videographer)
Joe Brook (Photographer)Dan Zaslavsky (Photographer)Chris 'Rhino' Rooney (Photographer)Xeno Tsarnas (Photographer)
Chad Bowers (Team Manager)Mike Sinclair (Team Manager)Al Partanen (Team Manager)Andy Roy (Team Manager)

King of the Road 2013[edit]


Teams were announced[3] August 27, 2013. People were able to follow each team via blogs on the Thrasher site.

Cairo FosterAaron HomokiElijah BerleRobbie Brockel
Wieger van WageningenBen RaybournVincent AlvarezIshod Wair
Zack WallinClint WalkerRaven TershyJustin Brock
Jimmy CarlinClive DixonStevie PerezJake Ruiz
Louie BarlettaMike DavisJustin EldridgeKyle Walker
Matt Mullen (Videographer)Adam Mills (Videographer)Daniel Wheatley (Videographer)Jeremy McNamara (Videographer)
Ewan Bowman (Videographer)Preston Maigetter (Videographer)
Joe Brooke (Photographer)Dan Zaslavsky (Photographer)Michael Burnett (Photographer)Rhino (Photographer)
Jerome Case (Team Manager)Sam Smyth (Team Manager)John Alden (Team Manager)
Taylor Smith (Mystery Guest)David Gravette (Mystery Guest)Auby Taylor (Mystery Guest)TJ Rogers (Mystery Guest)

Final Standings[edit]

Winners were announced[4] on September 19, 2013.

  • Winning Team: Birdhouse
  • Phelper's Choice: Raven Tershy
  • MVP: Ryan Susim

Web Episodes[edit]

The 2013 edition of KoTR was shown in a series of videos on the Thrasher site and on YouTube.

King of the Road 2014[edit]


Team were announced[5] September 3, 2014. Mystery guests were announced[6] September 12, 2014 and were all featured in the Osiris video, 'The Storm'.

Aaron HomokiCurren CaplesNyjah Huston
Clive DixonLouie LopezEvan Smith
Clint WalkerAlec MajerusJulian Davidson
Mike DavisBen NordbergNick Garcia
Ben RaybournMatt BergerDominick Walker
Adam Mills (Videographer)Layne Stratton (Videographer)Dave Hoang (Videographer)
Jake Johnson (Videographer)Dan Stolling (Videographer)Mark Stewart (Videographer)
Dan Zaslavsky (Photographer)Rhino (Photographer)Michael Burnett (Photographer)
Jerome Case (Team Manager)John Nicholson (Team Manager)Cole Mathews (Team Manager)
Peter SmolikChad KnightTyrone Olson

Final Standings[edit]

Winning team was announced[7] on December 13 in the final Web episode.

Web Episode[edit]

The 2014 edition of KoTR was shown in a series of web episodes on the Thrasher site and on YouTube.

King of the Road 2015[edit]

King of the road game


The 2015 teams were announced[8] August 25, 2015. The Mystery guests were announced[9] September 2, 2015.Team Birdhouse was the winner. In 2016 this season of King of the Road aired as eleven hour-long TV episodes on the VICELAND channel. [10][11]

BirdhouseToy MachineChocolate
Aaron HomokiBlake CarpenterRaven Tershy
Clive DixonBilly MarksJustin Eldridge
Clint WalkerDaniel LutheranJohnny Jones
Mike DavisAxel CruysberghsElijah Berle
Ben RaybournCollin ProvostStevie Perez
Adam Mills (Videographer)Ryan Lee (Videographer)Daniel Wheatley (Videographer)
Ryan Lovell (Videographer)Jon Holland (VideographerFederico Vitetta (Videographer)
Rhino (Photographer)Joe Hammeke (Photographer)Sam Muller (Photographer)
Jerome Case (Team Manager)Mike Sinclair (Team Manager)Sam Smyth (Team Manager)
Heath Kirchart (Mystery Guest)Forrest Edwards (Mystery Guest)Jereme Rogers (Mystery Guest)

Web Episodes[edit]

King of the Road 2016[edit]


The 2016 teams were announced [12] October 14, 2016.Team Enjoi was the winner. In 2017 this season of King of the Road aired as eleven hour-long TV episodes on the VICELAND channel. [13][14]

Louie BarlettaMike 'Lizard King' PlumbDavid Gravette
Jackson PilzJake HayesKevin Baekkel
Ben RaemersJon DicksonSean Conover
Enzo CauletaJamie FoyChris Russell
Zack WallinNeen WilliamsWillis Kimbel
Dan Stolling (Videographer)Ryan 'Beagle' Ewing (Videographer)Noah Quale (Videographer)
Carson Lee (Videographer)Jon Holland (Videographer)Ewan Bowman (Videographer)
Joe Brook (Photographer)Sam Muller (Photographer)Chris Rooney (Photographer)
James Craig (Team Manager)Jay Thorpe (Team Manager)Sam Hitz (Team Manager)
Sammaria Brevard (Mystery Guest)Lacey Baker (Mystery Guest)Nora Vasconcellos (Mystery Guest)

King of the Road 2017[edit]


The 2017 teams were announced [15] July 6, 2017.Team Element was the winner. Evan Smith was the MVP. This season of King of the Road aired in 2018 as eleven hour-long TV episodes on the VICELAND channel and the Thrasher website. /john-irving-audiobooks-download-torrent/. [16][17]

Madars ApseRobbie BrockelAidan Campbell
Nyjah HustonChima FergusonCorey Glick (AM)
Tyson Peterson (AM at start of KoTR)Jack Olson (AM)Nick Merlino
Mason SilvaKyle WalkerDakota Servold
Evan SmithZion Wright (AM at start of KoTR)Cole Wilson
Jamie Foy (Mystery Guest)Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki (Mystery Guest)Axel Cruysberghs (Mystery Guest)
Ewan Bowman (Videographer)Tim Fulton (Videographer)Jon Holland (Videographer)
Tom Mull (Videographer)Dan Stolling (Videographer)Don Luong (Videographer)
Chris Rooney (Photographer)Joe Brook (Photographer)Sam Muller (Photographer)
Cole Matthews (Team Manager)Justin Brock (Team Manager)Mike Sinclair (Team Manager)


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