Download Game Pes 2019 New Update

New Live Update Feature. PES 2019 will always be aligned with the real world thanks to the new Live Update feature. Info on the latest transfers and individual player performance from real-life matches will be reflected in-game on a weekly basis. Latest download of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 19) APK plus the Mod version, including the Obb Data file, all has been updated and made available for sports fans, whose basking in euphoria of happiness is found in playing football games.


PES 2019 Patch: How to Download Option Files for PS4, Xbox, PC for Licenses, Kits, Badges(Pic: KONANI)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, or PES, was released on August 28 in North America.

Japan, Europe and Australia followed suit on August 30.

As usual, fans of the football simulation video game will be wanting to get all the real licenses, kits and badges.

While playing with the default names doesn’t impact the action, no doubt having the real names will make the whole thing feel more real.


It’s good news for PlayStation 4 and PC players, as they can easily switch the default names to the real ones.

Download Game Pes 2019 New Update 2017

Follow our step-by-step guide below to find out how to get the PES 2019 option files.

You will simply need: A USB stick with at least 8GB of free space, an internet connection and a copy of PES 2019.

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PES 2019 patch, or option fine for PlayStation 4:

First things first, format your USB to FAT32.

This is simple to do, just right-click on the USB, select “properties”, then “format”.

Keep in mind this will wipe the USB drive, so be sure to save anything you need off there.

Now create a new folder on your USB called WEPES.

Then you have to choose an option find to download.


PES 2019 Patch: How to Download Option Files for PS4, Xbox, PC for Licenses, Kits, Badges(Pic: KONANI)

One option is to download the PES-patch here.

Usually the file will appear in a zipped folder, which you will have to unzip into the WEPES folder on the USB.

If it isn’t in a zipped folder, simply make sure all the files are in the WEPES folder.

Now plug the USB into your PS4, and start PES 2019.

Click on the Edit menu, followed by Data Management, and finally Import/Export.

Select Import Team followed by “Select all” on the next page with the complete list of files.

Download Game Pes 2019 New Update Pc

On the next “Detailed Settings” page, leave all the boxes un-ticked.

At this point all the files should be added automatically.

Now you are going to want to press the “Save” option on the “Data Management” page.

You’ll still need to add all the tournament logos manually.

This can be done by going back to “Data Management”, followed by “Import/Export, and then “Import Images”.

Select the “Competition Emblems” in the “Import images” screen, and tick all the individual images – not the folders, followed by OK.

Lastly, you have to edit each competition manually, selecting the new logos.

This can be done on the Competition Category pages.


PES 2019 Patch: How to Download Option Files for PS4, Xbox, PC for Licenses, Kits, Badges(Pic: KONAMI)

PES 2019 patch, or option file for PC:

The process is a lot simpler for PC users, luckily.

Download the option file again, which can be found here.

You then need to extract the option file into the same place as the game is installed.

For example, if you are a Steam player, this would normally be C:SteamSteamAppsCommonPro Evolution Soccer 2019.

Download Pes 2019 Pc Full

You can check if the installation has worked in the Edit menu in the game.

Get windows 10 iso download. Then head to the Teams menu and check the names, logos and kits.

PES 2019 Screenshots

Prepare for “The Power of Football” as KONAMI announces first details and screenshots for PES 2019

PES 2019 patch, or option file for Xbox One:

Sadly, it is nor possible for Xbox One users to install an option file or patch.

Pes 2019 Download Free

Instead, Xbox players need to edit the teams, kits and competitions manually in-game.

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