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  1. 6+ Best Family Tree Maker Software Download Reviews. Family Tree Maker is all about discovering your stories and preserving those moments. The more you use this app the more you discover interesting information and facts about your family line and more about you as a person. Family Tree Maker Software for 2016. Rating: 4.8/5.
  2. Downloading RootsMagic Essentials is absolutely free and is the easiest way to start tracing. Import directly from Family Tree Maker, PAF, Legacy, The Master.
  3. What is the latest information with the syncing link between Ancestry and Family Tree Maker? Is it going to continue after Dec 2016. Ancestry have announced they will only honour this until Dec 2016.
  • Pros

    Can share family trees online so you and others can access anywhere. No monthly fee. Free version available.

  • Cons

    Software is download-only. No mobile apps. Not a lot of guidance.

  • Bottom Line

    Family Tree Maker is a barebones resource for building family trees, but it doesn't offer any resources to help you with your research unless you link it with a paid Ancestry account.

15 results for 'family tree maker 2016' Family Tree Maker Version 16 Deluxe Aug 15, 2006. Currently unavailable. See newer version of this item. 3.1 out of 5 stars 22. Audible Download Audiobooks: Book Depository Books With Free Delivery Worldwide: Box Office Mojo Find Movie Box Office Data. Family Tree Maker 2016. Download MyHeritage Family Tree Builder Family Tree Builder is a free genealogy application by MyHeritage. It offers a comprehensive platform with all the tools necessary to build a family tree. It is a free solution for genealogists undertaking a serious genealogy project, but also for non-professional.

Tracing your roots can be a fun activity and Family Tree Maker 2014 ($39.99 download) gives you a place to store your research results and print out basic charts of your family lineage. It's owned by Ancestry, our Editors' Choice for genealogy software. If you want access to Ancestry's array of research resources, you'll have to create an account and link it to your Family Tree Maker account, however. Furthermore, the integration is clunky and confusing. On its own, Family Tree Maker is very basic software, and doesn't offer the level of guidance that Ancestry possesses.

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Set-up and Interface
You can download Family Tree Maker from the Web or order a CD; there's no free trial. The regular price for the download is $39.99, though it was on sale for $29.99 when I purchased it. Both PC and Mac versions are available; if you opt for the CD version, you'll have to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling. I opted for the download option, although installing it wasn't as simple as I expected. After a few steps, I was prompted to download an update. This is irritating; I can understand needing to run an update for software I install using a CD; I'm not so forgiving when it's a download. Even worse, that update, which was deemed mandatory, failed multiple times, and I couldn't run the software after several tries—even after restarting my computer. I eventually completed the download after using three different forms of technical support. That alone would probably be enough to deter the average user.

Once you launch the software, you can link it to your Ancestry account to gain access to numerous resources, such as birth, death and census records to fill in any unknown information about your ancestors. If you have any gaps in knowledge about your extended family, you'll really want an Ancestry account. To link the two accounts, you log into Ancestry from within Family Tree Maker, but the process is not straightforward. My username for Ancestry is my email address, but it was rejected by Family Tree Maker; I eventually figured out that I just needed to provide the start of my email (everything before the @ sign), which struck me as odd; I'd expect better consistency across the two products. Issues like these bothered me throughout: when I navigated the Family Tree Maker site, I was often sent to the Ancestry site with no obvious way to get back. The two sites should be integrated better, or even collapsed into one.

Building Family Trees
Family Tree Maker has seven different tabs: Plan, People, Places, Media, Sources, Publish, and Web Search. The tab you'll use most is the Plan tab, which is basically the main dashboard where you create and edit trees and manage tasks (freeform to-do lists) that you've created.

Family tree maker 2018 download

Building a tree is straightforward; just go to the Plan tab and click on 'new tree.' As in Ancestry, the easiest place to start is with yourself. Add your name, sex, birth date, birthplace, and your parents' names, and then name the tree. You can then start adding your siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Hints will start appearing if you've linked your Ancestry account. From this tab, you can also edit existing family trees, download a tree from Ancestry, or import a file from another service.

The People tab is where you can view and add details about family members, and the Places tab shows a map of where your family members lived. The Web Search tab lets you search Ancestry, RootsWeb, and major search engines for information about your relatives. From there, you can use Family Tree Maker's Web Clipping feature to collect data and images to merge to your tree.

A feature called TreeSync lets you sync your tree seamlessly with Ancestry; any changes you make on either platform will show up on the other. You can set syncing to be either automatic or manual.

Publishing options are numerous, and include pedigree, descendant and relationship charts, reports, and books (in PDF form). However, you don't get a lot of guidance when creating a book. Since it's a rather large undertaking, I'd have liked to have a template to work from, or at least get some suggestions on where to begin; you really have to know what you want up front.

Getting Help
Should you need assistance, you can submit a help ticket, search online, or call the support line (seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET). I submitted a ticket for the download issues I had, but it sat in limbo for three days without response, which is beyond frustrating. I finally called customer service and, after a minute or two of waiting, I was told that there was an 'unusually high volume' of calls and that my wait time was more than two minutes. However, someone answered almost immediately after I got that message. When I told them about my problem, I was told to call Ancestry to get help, bypassing the required update. After a long wait on Ancestry's help line, my issue was resolved, and quickly. I was instructed to manually download the software update, and, thankfully, that did the trick. Other help options include a PDF companion guide, online tutorials, webinars, and an online community.

Great Record-Keeping Software, But Not a Research Tool
Family Tree Maker 2014 works well for storing and sharing your family tree. You can import a number of file types to get started, and you can export your files when you're done. The software is relatively easy to use and syncs easily with Editor' Choice Ancestry, but it doesn't offer any research resources. It's really at its best when you connect it with an Ancestry account; in fact, I'd recommend using Ancestry on its own, since it offers everything you need in one place.

Family Tree Maker 2014

Bottom Line: Family Tree Maker is a barebones resource for building family trees, but it doesn't offer any resources to help you with your research unless you link it with a paid Ancestry account.

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Family Tree Maker (FTM)
Original author(s)Kenneth Lafferty Hess[1]
Developer(s)Software MacKiev
Initial release1989; 30 years ago[2]
Stable release
Operating systemWindows, Mac
Available inEnglish
TypeGenealogy software

Family Tree Maker is genealogy software for Windows and Mac that allows the researcher to keep track of information collected during research and to create reports, charts, and books containing that information.[5] The software was originally developed by Kenneth Hess of Banner Blue Software,[1] which was purchased by Brøderbund in 1995.[6] It passed through the hands of The Learning Company, Mattel, and others before coming under its current ownership.


A redesigned Family Tree Maker 2008 was released on August 14, 2007.[7] The 2009 version of the program corrected some of the errors and omissions of its predecessor, and introduced a few new features.[citation needed] Family Tree Maker 2010 claimed to further enhance the radical re-design and be more powerful and feature-packed with faster navigation and quicker load times.[8]

A version for the Mac was released in 1997, but due to low market demand was discontinued[9] for over a decade. A new version of Family Tree Maker for Mac was released on November 4, 2010.[10]

Family Tree Maker Version 16 was awarded a Codie award in the 'Best Consumer Productivity Solution' category in 2006.[11]

On December 8, 2015, announced that it would discontinue Family Tree Maker. The announcement was met by fierce protest from Family Tree Maker users.[12] On February 2, 2016, announced that Software MacKiev, the company that had developed the Mac version of the software for more than six years, would acquire the Family Tree Maker brand, and take over the development and publishing of Mac and Windows editions.[13]

At the same time as this announcement, Software MacKiev promised free updates for owners of the then-current versions. While the MacKiev dot-one versions were put on sale within 2 months, they were not officially released as free updates to the current versions until 30 Dec 2016. At that time, connectivity with Ancestry was also extended until its replacement could be rolled out. Ancestry connectivity, including TreeSync, the ability to synchronize a Family Tree Maker tree with one at Ancestry, was turned off on 29 Mar 2017, with its replacement, called FamilySync, to be turned on 31 Mar. The news about FamilySync contained a bit of a surprise: it would only be available in Family Tree Maker 2017, the next iteration of Family Tree Maker, which was to be released coincident with the deployment of FamilySync. Users of Family Tree Maker 2 & 3 for Mac and 2012 & 2014 for Windows would no longer have any connectivity to Ancestry. If they wanted such connectivity, they would have to pay to upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2017, which was officially released on 16 July 2017, 107 days later than planned.[14]

The core functionality and user interface of Family Tree Maker 2017 have changed little since 2010. Software MacKiev touted four major improvements: 1. FamilySearch integration 2. /download-game-ppsspp-jogres-v3-iso/. FamilySync 3. Color Coding 4. Photo Darkroom. FamilySearch integration provides potential matches to the Family Tree, but not to their vast record collections. FamilySync is a replacement for's TreeSync feature; it provides potential matches to family trees, indexes, and records at It was necessitated by retiring their TreeSync Application Program Interface (API). While the old API was used exclusively by, since they also owned Family Tree Maker, the new API is open to other software developers to use. Color Coding is a new feature that enables users to assign up to four different colors to a person and their ancestors. Photo Darkroom is a new feature that can darken faded black & white photos.[15]

FTM version history[edit]

Press show for more information on past versions.

RedNot supported
YellowStill supported (Update to the last patch for that version)
GreenCurrent version

VersionRelease dateReleased byEdition/sNotes
1.01989[16]Banner Blue SoftwareDOSSupplied on 3.5 and 5.25 floppy disks. Data file used .FTM as a file extension on DOS. No GEDCOM support.
1.011990[citation needed]Banner Blue SoftwareDOSNo GEDCOM support.
2.0January 1994Banner Blue SoftwareWindows 3.1 / DOSData file used .FTW as a file extension on Windows. Supplied on two 3½ inch floppy disks. Supported GEDCOM import/export.[17]
2.??October 1994[citation needed]Banner Blue SoftwareWindows 3.1 / DOSSecond version (patch?)
3.024 October 1995Brøderbund SoftwareWindows 3.1 & 95 (16 bit) / DOSSupplied on three floppy disks. 16 bit application compatible with Windows 95. DOS version shipped with the DEU (Data Exchange Utility)[18][19][20][21]
3.01February 1996Brøderbund SoftwareWindows 3.1 & 95 (16 bit & 32 bit) / DOSBeginning with this version every copy of Family Tree Maker for Windows came with both a Windows 95 (32-bit) and Windows 3.1x (16-bit) version.[22][23]
3.02October 1995Brøderbund SoftwareWindows 32 bit[24]
3.02 MacJanuary 1997Brøderbund SoftwareMacintosh (PowerPC processor only)Marketed as Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition II for Macintosh.[25][25][26][27][28][29][30][31]
3.4November 1996[32][33]Brøderbund SoftwareWindows 3.1 & 95 (16 bit & 32 bit) / DOS
4.0September 1996Brøderbund SoftwareWindows 3.1 & 95 (16 bit & 32 bit) / DOSFirst release on a CD-ROM.[34]
4.0a?Brøderbund SoftwareWindows[35]
4.0b?Brøderbund SoftwareWindows[35][36]
4.4?Brøderbund SoftwareWindows[37][38]
4.4 File Fixer Patch?Brøderbund SoftwareWindows[35]
5.0(before) August 1998[citation needed]The Learning CompanyWindows[39]
5.0a (Patch)?The Learning CompanyWindows[40][41]
5.0b?The Learning CompanyWindows[35]
6.0after May 1999[citation needed]The Learning Company (Mattel Incorporated)Windows[42][43]
6.0a (Index Optimization Update)?The Learning Company (Mattel Incorporated)Windows[35]
7.0October 1999The Learning Company (Mattel Incorporated)Windows[44][not in citation given]
7.5April 2000Genealogy.comWindows[45]
8.0October 2000Genealogy.comWindows[46][not in citation given][47]
9.0October 2001Genealogy.comWindows[48][not in citation given][49]
9.0 (patch after release)October 30, 2001Genealogy.comWindows[50]
10.0September 2002Genealogy.comWindows[51][52]
11.0September 2003MyFamily.comWindows[53][not in citation given][54]
2005August 2004MyFamily.comWindows[55][56]
200612 September 2005MyFamily.comWindows[57][58]
2006 Patch?MyFamily.comWindows[59]
16September 2006MyFamily.comWindows[60]
200814 August 2007Ancestry.comWindowsReturned to using the .FTM extension for windows datafiles.[61][62]
2008 Service Pack 1?Ancestry.comWindows[63]
2008 Service Pack 2November 2007Ancestry.comWindowsAn initial release was in September but this was withdrawn 24 hours later.[63]
2008 Service Pack 3 ( 2008Ancestry.comWindows[63]
200928 August 2008The Generations NetworkWindows[64]
2009 Patch 18A ( Generations NetworkWindows[65]
2009 Patch 18B ( Generations NetworkWindows[65]
2009 Patch 18C ( Generations NetworkWindows[65]
2009 Patch 18D ( Generations NetworkWindows[65]
201019 August 2009Ancestry.comWindows Vista & XP SP2[66][67]
2010 Service Pack 1 ( 7 & Vista & XP SP2[68]
201131 August 2010Ancestry.comWindows 7 & Vista & XP SP2[69]
2011 Service Pack 1 ( 7 & Vista & XP SP2[70]
2010 Mac4 November 2010Ancestry.comMac OSX 10.5 or later (Intel-based Mac)Marketed as Family Tree Maker for Mac. Supplied on 2 × CD-ROM[71][72]
2010 Mac (Update February 2011Ancestry.comMac OSX 10.5 or later (Intel-based Mac)[73][74]
201229 September 2011Ancestry.comWindows 7 & Vista & XP SP2[75]
201410 September 2013Ancestry.comWindows 8 & 7 & Vista & XP SP2[76]
2014 Mac13 December 2013Ancestry.comMac OSX 10.6 or later (Intel-based Mac)Marketed as Family Tree Maker Mac 3.[77]
FTM 2014.11 January 2017mackiev.comWindows 7 and later, including Windows 10[78][3]
FTM Mac 3.11 January 2017mackiev.comMac OSX 10.8 or later, including macOS Sierra 10.12[78][3]
FTM 201716 July 2017mackiev.comWindows 7 and later, including Windows 10[79][3]
FTM 201716 July 2017mackiev.comMac OSX 10.9 or later, including macOS Sierra 10.13[79][3]
FTM Merger history
  • 1984 Banner Blue Software founded by Ken Hess, 'As the founder and president of Banner Blue Software from 1984 to 1996, I sold over two million copies of Family Tree Maker.'
  • May 1997 Brøderbund Software acquired Parsons Technology from Intuit (which included the marketing rights to Family Origins for Windows
  • August 1998 Brøderbund Software acquired by The Learning Company (which included Family Tree Creator through an acquisition of Mindscape/IMSI. v5 Published
  • Late 1998 The Learning Company acquired Palladium Interactive (which included Ultimate Family Tree).
  • May 1999 The Learning Company was acquired by Mattel Incorporated 'Barbie').v6 Published
  • November 1999 A&E Television Networks, Hearst Interactive Media, Mattel, and private equity firms form, LLC April 2000 v7.5 Published.
  • February 2001 A&E TV acquired
  • Late 2001 acquired the GenForum message board site, which it had been hosting for a few years
  • June 2002 acquired Generations PC product line from Sierra Home
  • April 2003 acquired by
  • December 2006 My Inc changes its name to The Generations Network
  • March 2016 Software MacKiev purchases FTM Software from [80]

Family Tree Maker


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