Ford Sync Update Download Problems


Ford Sync 3 Problems

Ford Sync Update Download Problems

The Ford Sync system is a “bring your own device” system sometimes the phones (and for some reason more Androids) have issues getting connected, and staying connected, to the Sync system.

Ford Sync Update Download Problems 2017

Need to know if anyone has been able to update their software to the latest version. I updated one other time successfully but this latest version caused my system to crash/reboot/crash/reboot, etc.
When I initially tried to install the update it got to file 2 and did nothing for about 3 hours. I started it over and it got to file 4, which is when the crash/reboot cycle began.
Now all I can do is listen to the last station I heard and the screen is a garbled mess.
I don't want to have to take my car in to get it updated as they're slow as hell and last time they put my car through the machine wash after I told them 3 times DO NOT WASH MY CAR. Thanks for the swirls on my black car, assholes.
Any work around on this update?
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