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  • GTA 5 PC fix list. By Tom Senior 2015-04. Some players have been struggling to install and play Grand Theft Auto 5, so we've rounded up some of the most common problems we've seen so far.
  • Apr 17, 2015 - Rockstar Issues Install Fix for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC. Go to the “My Documents Rockstar Games” and copy the “GTA V” folder; Go to your root. A different process involving downloading and running a file is required for.
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Gta 5 Slow Download Fix Free


Found a fix for the Social Club download reset issues [x-post]

If you are still having problems with a slow download speed then pause the downloader, go into your GTA V folder and delete the file called.part It will probably show up as 1KB on the list as mine always did.

Gta 5 slow download fix mac

I think I managed to fix the error that the game never actually finishes downloading and every time you restart your internet/pc or it crashes or whatever, you lose a large % or some % of the download.

I was reading through one of the topics on here and it seems like the case was that the downloader was continuously downloading the same file over and over again but under a different file name (for example x64t.rpf 1.79GB becomes x64l.rpf 1.79 etc.)

So while you are downloading and using up your internet and hdd space, it's literally downloading the same file over and over again. Now, when you restart the downloader/it crashes, it sees this error and deletes the duplicated files, however, it still glitches up and downloads the same file again and again regardless, so no matter what you're in an infinite loop.

If you're having this issue, go to your GTA directory, and check the file sizes of each of the .RPF files and see if some of them are duplicated (x64t.rpf 1.79GB, x64l.rpf 1.79GB etc.), If there are duplicates, delete all the files that have the same file size and any remaining .rpf.hash and .rpf.part files in that directory. Download torrent matching jack 2010. Afterwards, restart your launcher and it should start downloading correctly afterwards.

Down below is a list of all the correct .RPF file sizes. Remember to delete all the files with the duplicated file size, even if it's under the correct name down below because that's the one that's causing the issue and causing the other files to duplicate. Don't forget to delete the .rpf.hash and .rpf.part files too.




I originally got the list of correct file sizes from a torrent site, which is why they're not the exact size down to the KB, the file sizes are just rounded to the nearest GB/MB, you can check via file properties on Windows. Another reason why some people are saying it's different is because they're trying to calculate it as 2,000,000KB as 2GB, when in reality that's not the case.

I've just completed downloading and it seems to have worked perfectly and is now giving me the countdown timer. I will be posting my MD5 checksum's down below alongside all my .rpf file sizes and a the total size of my GTA 5 folder.

File Sizes in KB:

Folder Total Size:

What it should like if you've completed the download:

MD5 Checksum (I used WinMD5Free for this one)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Slow download speed/connection lost issues

Another issue people are having is slow download speed or connection lost errors. There's a fix online that tells you to delete the .rpf.hash/.rpf.part files. DO NOT DO THAT.

Gta 5 Activation Fix

If you delete those 2 files without deleting the main .rpf file (x64q.rpf - x64q.rpf.hash etc.), you're telling the launcher to completely skip that .rpf file. The game downloads in chunks, which is what the .rpf files are. When the game finishes downloading one of the .rpf files, it'll start the next one, you will see the entire file size on your HDD, however, it's not there yet and not completed, it's just there as a placeholder to save that chunk of HDD space for that specific .rpf file. So if you just keep skipping, you' have the '60'GB of data, but they're not really there, what you really have is 60GB of placeholder data.

There is no fix for slow downloads/connection lost, it's just the servers, you have to babysit the download. Although it seems the download only slows down at certain times, in my case, mainly around the time one of the .rpf files are close to finishing the download. The connection lost issue also seems to only happen at the start of a new .rpf file, which is also around the same time you get your full download speed back. This is in my case anyways, I'm not sure if it's the same with you, but maybe it also depends on how many people are downloading and where you and the server you're downloading from are located in the world. In my case, I'm located in Australia and seem to be downloading from a server within Australia as well as my download speeds in most cases match those I get from Steam.


Edit/Update v2

If you've deleted the .rpf.hash/rpf.part files ONCE to move it along, it might be ok, since you'll proceed to download the actual file later along the download. This warning is mostly because some people were literally just removing every single .rpf.hash/rpf.part file every time it pops up and thinking they have the full 60GB.

tl;dr use an MD5 checker (Google it) to check every single .rpf file and see if they match mine up above/someone elses MD5 down below in the comment section

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