How To Download Stuff On School Computers

How to download and install stuff in school while not an administrator? Every Tom Dick and Jane installing stuff on there. The Computers owner is and Administrator but he doesnt no how install. Dec 5, 2016 - If you are mainly reliant on a school or university computer for projects. Once you have the installer files with you, you need to download an.


At my college there is a proxy. The problem is that it has a limit for single file download size. It can’t be higher than 100mb. Also, there is a limit of 1GB download per day. How can I overcome these limits so I can download big files?

How To Download Stuff On School Computers For Beginners

  1. Use ultrasurf or hotspot shield

  2. I don't know if your school uses the same servers as mine (M86 Security), but try using a VPN. Teamviewer connected to a PC elsewhere may work as a work-around

  3. What you might be able to do is to install a download manager onto your computer, and download the file through that? They make multiple connections to the file, so your school may only pick it up as lots of small files.

    Or, if a service exists, find one where you insert the file you want to download, it splits the file up, and you can download multiple parts, then join them back together with WinRar or something.

    But what do you need to download that is more than 100MB at school anyway? Can't you wait to you get home, then bring it along on a Flash Drive.

    If it's school work related, I am sure if you speak with your IT team, they will download the file for you, or give you better privileges.

    Remember to follow your computer access rules. You don't want to do what my friend did and write that the principal/headmaster is a pedo on the schools Wikipedia Page and get expelled and get Wikipedia blocked for everyone at the school - then again, Wikipedia is down for 24 hours now, so it's no different.

  4. Well, as it has been said previously, 1Gb a day is quite a lot of data for educational use! If your problem is how to donload a file larger than 100Mb, you should search for a trunkated copy of that file, such as those you can usually find on Megaupload (for example). If you can't find it, talking to your administrator is by far the fastest way to get your problem solved. But of course, that's implying that you need this file for school work.. If not, you should really not play that game, and keep your private downloads on your private connection!

  5. It's easy: get your own darn internet connection. Schools have limited bandwidth and if everyone starts using up the bandwidth for useless and unrelated things like movies, everyone else on the network will suffer from a really terrible speed.
    100 MB file limit and 1 GB daily limit seems rather fine to me. You should be able to do any educational activities on the net without running close to the limit

  6. Use programs similar to hotspot shield !!

  7. As usual ~ you should be aware that by using your schools network you agreed to all the rules and restrictions set. Bypassing any of them can get you in trouble - worst case disbanded.

    As always it depends on how the proxy was implemented. One could try bypassing it by changing the network settings to directly talk to the gateway/router and remove any proxy setting from the browser. However it's possible that traffic not originating from the proxy is simply blocked hence you won't be able to access the internet without it.

    Your best option is to talk to the network administrator. If your download is necessary for school work or something reasonable you will surely get a lift. If it's just some illegal movie or rapidshare stuff get a USB modem and download it on your own expense.

  8. we dont have any strict rules,and some ppl dload 10gb every day
    so can u tell how to bypass proxy(squid)

    • Hello, if you know of people in your school able to do that, try to became acquainted and maybe they will tell your their way of doing it.

  9. Hello, legaly you can't. Remember that you agreed to follow rules and regulation when you enlisted in school.

  10. well only way is to talk to the school and ask a separate account with higher privilege.

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