How To Download Tweets From Twitter

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How would I go about adding in location(e.g. geo_id or coordinates) and user_id? I've been going through the Tweepy documentation and Twitter API documentation, but can't find any information to add arguments like tweet.text and tweet.created_at.

Update: After some more digging, I managed to find this output of the json file to find which arguments can be called for information:

So, I learned that I can call geo, place, and coordinates (tweet.geo,, tweet.coordinates), but it doesn't appear to do well for historical data. I maybe pulled 3 out of several thousand so far :/

How To Download Others Tweets From Twitter

But it's a handy reference for things like or tweet.user.screen_name!

How To Download Tweets From Twitter


How To Download Tweets From Twitter To Mp3

I'm still looking for a way to determine if the tweet is a retweet (tweets I'd like to remove in my analysis), but besides the tweet.text beginning with 'b'RT @' or if it is an advertisement (e.g. 'Buy 3 for 2 promotion' kinda thing). If anyone has any advice on those, I'd be greatly appreciative!

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