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League Of Legends No Download


You asked, I deliver. Use any video as your LoL login screen

Hey guys,

I saw this post and since there was no final result posted by the OP, I decided to create something similiar myself.

League Of Legends Login Screen Music Download

Metroid prime v100 ntsc iso download. With a few lines of ActionScript 3.0 code I created an SWF file that simply plays and loops a login.mp4 file located in the same folder. What it means, is that you can use any mp4 movie as your login screen.

How to install:

  1. Download this file (don't worry, it's clean) (MD5checksum:150DCF28C41A24D6C2F1A8A2B31D1601)

  2. Go to your_lol_pathRADSprojectslol_air_clientreleases0.0.1.101deploymodlgn

  3. Rename themes to themes_backup

  4. Copy the themes folder from the package you downloaded earlier to this directory

  5. optional Change the login.mp4 file to any mp4 video you want. See 'Tips for creating your own videos' section below for more info.

League Of Legends Login Screen Download

Known bugs:

  • 'Disable login music' option doesn't work. That's because it's handled by the original SWF created by Riot and I really didn't want to modify it to avoid any potential legal issues. If you don't want the sound, just modify your mp4 video and remove the sound track.

Tips for creating your own videos:

  • The resolution Riot uses is 1280x800 px. My swf will scale any other resolution up or down, but try to keep the 8:5 aspect ratio for best results.

  • Your mp4 video has to be encoded using H264. For some reason standard MPEG4 encoding doesn't work.

  • It's best to keep your compression level low if you want to have a smooth loop from your video.

The default login.mp4 file I included is the 'Voli' loop by Instalok that would definitely make /u/PhreakRiot happy. insertmollyemotehere

Let me know if you like it! :)


League Of Legends Log In

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League of Legends

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Album name: League of Legends
Number of Files: 67
Total Filesize: 319.01 MB
Date added: Feb 21st, 2015

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Song NameMP3
01 A New Dawn.mp36:1315.27 MB
01 The League of Legends.mp31:443.02 MB
02 Tutorial (LoL).mp31:212.58 MB
03 Player Select (LoL) ~ Classic.mp31:392.92 MB
04 Player Select (LoL) ~ Classic Dra.mp36:017.92 MB
05 Summoner's Rift.mp39:1613.77 MB
06 Summoner's Rift ~ Winter.mp39:1913.84 MB
07 Twisted Treeline.mp311:3216.88 MB
08 Player Select (LoL) ~ Dominion.mp31:473.07 MB
09 Player Select (LoL) ~ Dominion Dr.mp36:037.95 MB
10 Crystal Scar.mp314:5021.40 MB
11 Login Screen ~ 2 Year Anniversary.mp30:491.97 MB
12 Login Screen ~ Dominion 2.mp31:192.53 MB
13 Login Screen ~ Dominion 1.mp31:573.27 MB
14 Login Screen ~ Snowdown Showdown.mp30:532.26 MB
15 Login Screen ~ Diana.mp32:163.63 MB
16 Login Screen ~ World Championship.mp31:543.21 MB
17 Login Screen ~ Darius.mp31:102.37 MB
18 Login Screen ~ Jayce.mp31:031.99 MB
19 Login Screen ~ Rengar.mp31:042.26 MB
20 Login Screen ~ Pulsefire Ezreal.mp31:483.51 MB
21 Login Screen ~ Lunar Revel 1.mp30:572.34 MB
22 Login Screen ~ Syndra.mp31:533.20 MB
23 Login Screen ~ Haunted Zyra.mp31:202.86 MB
24 Login Screen ~ Lulu.mp31:002.41 MB
25 Login Screen ~ Gatekeeper Galio.mp31:363.23 MB
26 Login Screen ~ Draven.mp31:072.56 MB
Freljord.mp33:285.00 MB
FUTBOL Login Screen Theme.mp32:273.28 MB
Get Jinxed.mp32:324.52 MB
Login Screen ~ Aatrox.mp31:232.62 MB
Login Screen ~ Aether Wing Kayle.mp31:212.57 MB
Login Screen ~ All-Star.mp32:126.06 MB
Login Screen ~ Azir.mp33:274.19 MB
Login Screen ~ Battlecast Cho Gath.mp31:152.46 MB
Login Screen ~ Braum.mp33:335.90 MB
Login Screen ~ Eternum Nocturne.mp31:102.37 MB
Login Screen ~ Gnar.mp32:213.18 MB
Login Screen ~ Hecarim.mp32:236.48 MB
Login Screen ~ Infernal Nasus.mp31:002.17 MB
Login Screen ~ Kalista.mp32:243.24 MB
Login Screen ~ Kha'Zix.mp31:573.26 MB
Login Screen ~ Lissandra.mp33:287.39 MB
Login Screen ~ Lucian.mp33:425.27 MB
Login Screen ~ Lunar Revel 2.mp33:486.24 MB
Login Screen ~ Nami.mp31:172.51 MB
Login Screen ~ New Summoner's Rift.mp32:433.51 MB
Login Screen ~ Panda Annie.mp30:562.75 MB
Login Screen ~ Pool Party.mp32:466.11 MB
Login Screen ~ Quinn & Valor.mp32:215.33 MB
Login Screen ~ RekSai.mp33:255.72 MB
Login Screen ~ Season 3.mp32:385.85 MB
Login Screen ~ Shurima's Crest.mp32:163.11 MB
Login Screen ~ Sion.mp32:453.56 MB
Login Screen ~ Snowdown 2014.mp32:264.37 MB
Login Screen ~ Super Galaxy Rumble.mp31:593.75 MB
Login Screen ~ Surprise Party Fiddle.mp30:442.71 MB
Login Screen ~ Thresh.mp31:273.68 MB
Login Screen ~ Varus.mp31:222.60 MB
Login Screen ~ Vel'Koz.mp32:204.23 MB
Login Screen ~ Vi.mp32:414.11 MB
Login Screen ~ World Championship (S.mp34:086.70 MB
Login Screen ~ Yasuo.mp31:333.17 MB
Login Screen ~ Zac.mp31:163.35 MB
Login Screen ~ Zed.mp31:072.31 MB
The Harrowing.mp32:583.75 MB
Warriors.mp32:477.41 MB
Total:3h 3m319 MB


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Submitted by vickdanee
Rating: 5/10
DUDE amazing that you have all of this songs here! Good Job! gg

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10
I'd like to download ekko's theme song, I love this website, thank you!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10
Which song is the one from trailer from the first season?

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10
Gud album everything's original

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10
Hasn't been updated in some time, but that's understandable.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10
Amazing, thanks. I have been looking for this songs! Diana's theme song the best :D

Submitted by pupperpowell
Rating: 3/10
Isn't a complete list of tracks, should be updated.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10
I Am Salchu Oksike And Its Awesome Here Wow :-) :-) :-) Its Good To Be Here

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10
Good work, but didn't find Camille

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