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Marley NC Cooling Tower SPX Cooling Technologies embarked on a mission to design and build a cooling tower like no other in the world. LEARN MORE Email. Working Hours. Telephone (914) 461-0200. Marley Cooling New York 50. 1994 Marley 4800 Aquatower Cooling Tower, 5 Horse Motor, Owners And Instruction Manuals Included, Still Has All Other Paper Work That Came With Machine, SN: 53461-1/B22156A/4861 Additional Prep Fees May Apply. CSU Surplus Property is selling a Marley cooling tower that was previously used in a university setting. Hotline miami level editor download. It is highly encouraged that bidders inspect items in person prior to placing a bid. Make: Marley Model: MS63341 Serial Number: NC1001SM 052758-002-93 Condition: Functional at time of retirement in 2010, latent defects may exist. Marley Cooling Tower - 360 ton Mfg: Marley Model: NC4011GM Stock No. Rockabye baby download mp3. 130.CJR1802.40 Serial No. 060597-001-94 Marley Cooling Tower - 360 ton. • Model NC4011GM • S/N 060597-001-94 • Designed to cool 1080 gpm from 95.2-to 85.2 at a 78 °. • Similar to current NC4211 Model. We Keep New York Cool From reliable cooling towers and fluid coolers to replacement components, the New York sales office of SPX Cooling Technologies is your single source for Marley and Recold products that are making an impact on the NYC skyline.

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I work for a company that is consulting for a facility with a few hundred Evaporative Condensers and we are trying to help them create a replacement timeline so they can budget accordingly. They have given us the Manufacturer, Model and Serial # of all of their towers however they do not have dates on when they were actually installed.
My question is, is there an easy way to determine what year a tower was built using its model and/or serial number? 90% of the towers are Recold with a few Evapco and Munters.
Manufacturer Model Serial
Recold JW85C JW-10012277-A1
Thank you.
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