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  • Much as I remember loving my original playthrough of Prime. This page lists some of the differences between the PAL and NTSC versions of Metroid Prime. List of Metroid Prime version. To navigate than in the GameCube. Download the game Metroid Prime 2 Echoes USA ISO for Nintendo GameCube / NGC. Free and instant download.
  • Aug 4, 2016 - Or let it download while you're eating or sleeping or whatever. Do you have any Wii U or 3DS for when their emulators get good? What would he say if that modification was backported to higan v100 and it still held true? Tried it with metroid fusion sicne i have the rom already downlaoded.

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Genre: First-Person ShooterPlatformerAction-Adventure

Sbrain: Added boot ROM 4.2 as a BIOS option [Nigel Barnes]. Corrected clock frequencies and screen timings, and separated into PAL and NTSC variants [AJR]. Qvt6800.cpp, tr175.cpp, tv912.cpp, v100.cpp and v102.cpp skeleton drivers. Removed 'Metroid Fusion' DM - adam: Added dumps of the internal M6801. Version Differences: Version Number. This version is still sometimes called the NTSC version, even though there are now believed to be at least four distinct NTSC versions of the game. (slower) loader, it will never crash under normal circumstances. This version also came with the American Metroid Prime Bonus Bundle, which included a.

Rating: ESRB: T, CERO: A, PEGI: 12+
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OverviewTake control of Samus Aran in her first 3D adventure as she battles the Space Pirates on Tallon IV while uncovering the mysterious disappearance of its inhabitants.
killer1one1 rates this game: 5/5

I remember back when I was maybe around 12, I picked up a copy of this game called 'Metroid Prime' at a discount price somewhere. I knew nothing of Metroid (I came from a PC only background) but it looked cool. So I boot up my trusty gamecube and load this guy. Fast forward 10 hours and I was still lost in wonder and amazement. The graphics were so good, the design was so good, and it was way too much for my little inexperienced console gamer head. Today, I go back and replay this classic in the wake of my gamecube's loss. Most people wouldn't consider this retro; I do.

Pontinho rates this game: 5/5Metroid prime iso file

When I heard of this coming out, I though it was going to suck. How wrong I was. How wrong…I was. Flipping from 2D to 3D was gonna make or break the metroid series, and for me, it broke my face right off!
Besides moving to the third dimension, Nintendo also moved developers, giving to Retro the kit for Prime. All the favorite things about the old school metroids was now at glorious 3D and looked pretty damm outstanding. Who thought moving from 2D to 3D would be so great?

Brendoge rates this game: 5/5

Metroid Prime isn't purely one of the most atmospheric games out there, but also one of the very best offerings to come out of any system. It's sheer length of challenges and depth is breathtaking. Expect intelligent puzzles, a real-world feeling to the singleplayer campaign and epic First Person Shooter gameplay unlike most games that come out of this medium.
Samus Aran bounty hunter, after destroying the space pirates vessell, she lands on the planet below called Talon IV. It is here a race of alien bird-like beings called the chozo - the one's who raised Aran. This race made peace with the creatures of the planet and lived live to its potential, until it came - the leviathan - a giant meteor-like crater dispersing a poison - phazon all over the planet. The chozo could not stop its spread. Tallon IV became a nest for all things evil then. That's all I'll give away for now. You have been recommended, it truly is one of the lengendary games of our time!

lfz rates this game: 5/5

This game is one of the best out there for Gamecube, if not THE best. How the hell were they able to get the one iconic 2D platformer and turn it into an FPS in way that it works is beyond me, but the fact is they did it.
You play as Samus Aran and you're once again alone in a desolated planet, Tallon IV, which by the way is pretty important in the Metroid lore. Yeah, of course there are space pirates there to keep you busy.
As you push onwards you'll keep obtaning new abilities and will have to backtrack and access new areas until you ultimatelly face the final boss.
The graphics use a huge deal of the gamecube potencial to create enormous rooms, forest, mines, etc filled with enemies. The music builds a really nice atmosphere making everything just perfect.
This game will never let you down, so give him a try.

Uikri rates this game: 5/5

If you are a person who is looking for more than just mindless fun from your games, then look no further. Retro Studios treated the Metroid series with the love and respect that it deserves, and gave us Metroid Prime. The games breaks away from the traditional Metroid formula in a way, in that it throws us into the viewpoint of Samus. That's right this game is played in first person. However, don't let that dissuade you. Simply playing the game for a few minutes should be enough to tell you that it is by no means your everyday first-person shooter title. Nintendo themselves refused to call it such, instead opting for 'First-Person Action/Adventure'. Prepare for an adventure filled with beautiful environments, wonderful musical pieces, and rewarding gameplay. Make sure you go in open-minded, though.

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