Microsoft Vista Updates Will Not Download

Jun 13, 2009 - when i try update my windows vista using windows update updates are. Showing that 'searching for updates' any does not progress further.

  1. Vista Won T Update
  2. Vista Updates Not Working

Windows 7 pro refurb iso download. Hi AnmarieRand:

Long 'Checking for updates..' hangs and slow Window Updates are a currently a common issue for many Vista SP2 users.

Some users find that Windows Update will eventually run to completion if you let it run for several hours, but there is also a workaround posted on Dalai's webpage at that speeds up Windows Update for most affected users. This workaround requires users to pre-install the Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32K.sys) updates listed on that webpage if any are missing from your system before running Windows Update.
The step-by-step instructions posted 16-Jun-2016 in m#l's thread Updates not working, it has been searching for updates for hours are based on Dalai's workaround and will guide you through the process of installing the standalone update packages (.msu files) for your missing Win32K.sys update(s).

Please note that this is only a temporary workaround, and Dalai normally adds a new Win32K.sys update to his list of required updates the same evening that Microsoft releases their monthly Patch Tuesday updates on the second Tuesday of each month. The September 2016 Patch Tuesday updates are being released later today (13-Sep-2016), so if you want to try this workaround you might want to wait until tomorrow and confirm that Dalai updated his webpage at this evening before starting.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox v48.0.2 * NIS v22.7.1.32 * MBAM Premium v2.2.1
HP Pavilion dv6835ca, Intel Core2Duo T5550 @ 1.83 GHz, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

OS: Windows Vista 32 Bit Home Premium

I am unable to install recent Windows Vista updates because the updater hangs at 'Checking for updates'. Attempts to fix the problem seems to have made the problem worse.

Before attempted fixes 13 updates were detected and I selected 11 to install .. but the download stalled with 0 bytes downloaded.

Then I tried a couple of fixes .. and now 'Checking for updates' hangs .. and 'Most recent checks for updates' says 'never' .. and 'Updates installed' says 'never'.

Here's what I've tried:


'Resetting the entire Windows Update Component manually'

Microsoft Vista Updates Will Not Download

I did this using the command prompt as outlined in the article. This created a new WindowsCatroot2 folder and a new WindowsSystem32SoftwareDistribution folder .. which I assume is the reason for the 'never' labels mentioned above.


Vista Won T Update

Installed the latest version of the Windows Update Agent.

Vista Updates Not Working

I used file 'WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe' with the /wuforce switch and ran it from a HDD not containing the OS.


'Troubleshoot problems with installing updates'

I ran the FixIt tool .. and it fixed a couple of things but didn't fix error code 0X80070057


'Fix Windows Update errors by using the DISM or System Update Readiness Tool' /sql-server-2008-download-for-windows-7-32-bit/.

This is listed as the fix for error code 0X80070057. I used file 'Windows6.0-KB947821-v35-x86.msu' and the resulting 'CheckSUR.log' file said there were no remaining unfixed errors.

5. Reran the FixIt tool and it still detects error code 0X80070057

None of these bright ideas worked.

I dunno what else to do.

Anyone have any ideas or can offer a little help?




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