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  • Bustling, glittery, uninvolving.
  • Complicated nonsense about four professional magicians caught up in an elaborate revenge plot.
  • If you're OK with the film playing you for a sap, you'll laugh and clap and wonder how that bird got into that hat. But if you think there's a difference between being tricked and being cheated, you may feel swindled.
  • New York Magazine/Vulture

    5/31/2013 by Bilge Ebiri

    Leterrier also tries to pack an extraordinary amount of story and twists into a fairly ordinary running time, resulting in editing so choppy that sometimes even the easy parts are hard to follow.
  • This would-be 'Ocean's Eleven' of the magic world remains watchable throughout, even as it plods along without ever quite fulfilling its potential.
  • Christian Science Monitor

    5/31/2013 by Peter Rainer Download free skin pack for windows 7.

    One of those movies with a terrific premise and a less-than-terrific follow-through.
  • Boasting a terrific cast and a flimsy plot whose logic disappears faster than a rabbit in a hat, Now struggles to pull off its cinematic sleights of hand.
  • The more you see of the movie and the more elaborate the tricks get, the less you are inclined to believe that humans rather than machines are in charge of the illusions.
  • All too quickly .. the smoke clears and Now You See Me proves to be less than meets the eye.
  • For all the talent up on the screen - and one can't fault the performances - the movie just doesn't deliver.
  • Ultimately 'Now You See Me' promises more than it delivers, though its cast is always fun to watch and the pace never lags. It has the magic for a while .. and then it disappears.
  • Chicago Sun-Times

    5/31/2013 by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky

    Much of what makes 'Now You See Me' so entertaining - in a gaudy, disposable, Vegas act sort of way - is its ever-escalating ridiculousness.
  • The outrageous setup more than suffices, and the film gets a lift from offbeat characters.
  • This is one of those mystery thrillers that are supposed to culminate in a big shocker ending, though the script piles up so many implausibilities that by the time the ending arrives, nothing is surprising anymore.
  • With Now You See Me, director Louis Leterrier has taken a page out of the book of his characters: use sleight-of-hand so viewers are distracted from some rather obvious screenplay deficiencies.
  • Director Louis Leterrier has the energy but not the visual grace to match the elegant malefactions of his characters.
  • Exudes self-importance and can't help but make promises it can't deliver on.
  • Now You See Me is a superficially diverting but substance-free concoction, a would-be thriller as evanescent as a magic trick and one that develops no suspense or rooting interest because the characters possess all the substance of invisible ink.
  • The movie may think it's pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But it's more like a turkey.
  • The scatterbrained story loses its thread and becomes a dull, frenetic chase movie ..
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