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  1. Ps4 Download Stuck At 10 Years
  2. Ps4 Download Stuck At 10 Weeks
  • Jun 9, 2015 - When ever i try to download certain games or updates on my ps4, the. Game it needs to download but when i do i gets stuck at 10% and its not.
  • Battlefield 4 installation stuck at 50% (PS4)? Tho they allow you too because your not letting the installation do its job properly. They even say you should wait an 10 minutes after the download is complete because you might get missing textures.

PS4 99+ Hours Downloading Solution

Don't really know if this is the place for this kind of post, but I figured out a solution to the stuck at 10% download preparation and 99+ hours download time.

Basic rundown of what was happening to us:

Yesterday i bought cod bo3 and when its a new game it needs to download but when i do i gets stuck at 10% and its not saying 'lost connextion to the internet' i have tried everything. Restart my ps4. Turn off wifi. Switch to cable. Delete and try to download again. So plss help me. As for the downloads getting stuck at 'Preparing to download. (X%)', most notably 10, as someone else mentioned before, during the preparing to download stage, it's checking the patch files against your currently installed files to see what files need to be downloaded so you only download those files. And should bring that 1mb download from poor to hopefully 10 secs or so. I hear the PS4 uses some different type of bandwith from the console to the hard drive or that could just be the PS3 because people have noticed great improvement with SSD hard drive.

Our download and update for Battlefront was taking a very long time (7+ hrs) so my brother tried to change our Network settings, specifically the DNS (Domain Name Server). After that it shot up to 99+ hours and would sometimes get stuck at a 10% preparation for download when we retried it.

Here's what we did:

  1. Deleted the download content of the game with 99+ hours remaining (by going to the game in the main PS4 menu and pressing the 'option' button while over the game to bring up a smaller side menu and then 'delete'. You can also delete it by going up on the d-pad and to 'Notifications' then find the 'Downloads' tab and delete the game that was downloading).

  2. Restarted our Wi-fi by unplugging it from its power supply.

  3. Plugged it back in after about a minute.

  4. Went to the 'Network' tab under settings and then 'Set up Connection'

  5. Selected the custom setup. I used our home wifi (once it came back up). Later I'll post a exactly what we did, but put in all the info for custom setup as normal, except for DNS. We used the OpenDNS addresses.


Primary Secondary

6. This step may be optional, I'm not sure. The main game we were having the 99+ hrs with was Battlefront. We also needed to download another game, so we put the other game in and tried downloading it and it worked like a charm. Then we paused that download (by going into the 'Notifications' and the 'Downloads' menu) and put Battlefront in. It started downloading almost immediately.

We started at 7 hours, went up to 99 hours, and the unbelievable thing is that, using this process, the download time was cut down to just 3 hours.

Hope this helps some of you guys out there. It may be a bit complicated of a process but it worked beautifully.

If there is a better place to post this on reddit, someone please let me know. I apologize if I am not in the right sub for this.

I suggest that anyone having trouble with this issue research Domain Name Servers a little bit to gain a better understanding of what they do and how they function. It could help you with your problem.


Thanks all! Hope this helps!

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The Playstation 4's Dualshock 4 controller is the best PC controller. It's well-made, feels great in your hands, and offers superb feedback where it matters most, especially in the analogue sticks, triggers and bumpers. And while it's not quite as plug-and-play as the Xbox 360 controller, it's relatively easy to use the PS4 controller on PC thanks to an official (but optional) Bluetooth dongle.

If you're only interested in playing games on Steam, good news—thanks to native Steam support, the Dualshock 4 is completely plug-and-play!

First we'll walk you through the basics of getting your PS4 controller working on PC, either with a cable or via Bluetooth. And if you want to play games that aren't on steam with your DualShock 4, keep reading for our in-depth guide to getting your PS4 controller working with an open source tool called DS4Windows.

What you need


  • Dualshock 4 and micro-USB cable
  • Optional: Dualshock 4 USB wireless Bluetooth adapter


  • Xbox 360 controller driver (only needs to be installed on Windows 7)

Installation guide

1. Download the software linked above, starting with the Microsoft .NET Framework. If you're running Windows 7, install the Xbox 360 controller driver next. This driver is included with Windows 8 and 10.

2. Important step: plug your Dualshock 4 into your PC using a micro-USB cable. Farming simulator 2017 iso download torrent. (If you run into any issues, try using a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0 port. Dualshock 4s are weird like that.) Now we can get DS4Windows to do its stuff.

Bluetooth installation note: if you want to use your Dualshock 4 wirelessly, take a moment to plug in your USB wireless adapter and pair it with your controller. Simply hold the small Share button and the central circular button simultaneously until the controller's backlight starts flashing, then push on the end of the adapter until it starts flashing. Once both are flashing, they will automatically pair after a few seconds.

3. If you only want to use your Dualshock 4 to play games through Steam, congratulations, you're officially done! Steam added native Dualshock 4 support in 2016, so once you're paired or plugged in, you're good to go. Go into Steam's Settings > Controller menu to configure the controller.

Be sure to pair or plug in your controller before opening Steam or any Steam games, otherwise your controller may not be recognized. If you run into any connection issues, closing and reopening Steam should do the trick.

Read on to learn how to use DS4Windows to use your controller with games outside of Steam.

4. Download the newest DS4Windows .zip file, save it to a fresh folder, and extract its contents using 7-Zip or whatever file archiver you prefer. You'll see two applications: DS4Updater and DS4Windows. You already have the latest version, so you can ignore the updater for now.

5. Open DS4Windows and you'll see the Controllers tab. This tab displays the controllers you have connected. Since you've already plugged in your controller (or paired it via Bluetooth), it should be listed here. If it's not, close DS4Windows, reconnect your controller, then reopen DS4Windows. Don't worry about your controller's ID number; we won't be needing it.

6. Open the Settings tab in DS4Windows to configure a few things. Make sure the Hide DS4 Controller box is checked. This will prevent DS4Windows from conflicting with any game's default controller settings. For the same reason, make sure Use Xinput Ports is set to one.

Now that it's installed, DS4Windows will show up as an icon in your system tray. From the Settings tab, you can also set it to run at startup or remain active in the background. You can also update DS4Windows directly from this tab by clicking Check for Update Now at the bottom left. Above that, you'll see Controller/Driver Setup. If you run into any issues, open this setup and follow the prompts to install any missing drivers.

Ps4 Download Stuck At 10 Years

Using your Playstation 4 controller

DS4Windows works by reading your Dualshock 4 as though it were an Xbox 360 controller. By default, it offers a great one-size-fits-all button setup. So now that it's installed, your Dualshock 4 should behave like an Xbox 360 controller, meaning it will work with any game with Xinput support—which is to say, most every modern PC game that supports gamepads. That also means you won't get the correct Square/Cross/Triangle/Circle button icons by default in most games. Some games will give you the option, though. Look for that in settings.

Cubase 5 64 bit download torrent. You do not need to remap anything, but if you want to change some buttons or adjust sensitivity without relying on in-game options, you can. Open the Profiles tab in DS4Windows. I do not recommend making a profile from scratch, but if you really want to, click New to start one up. Otherwise, select the DualShock 4 profile and click Edit.

This screen looks complicated, but it's actually pretty simple. Let's say you want to swap your bumpers and triggers. First, find L1/R1 and L2/R2 in the scroll wheel in the Controls section, or just click them on the virtual controller. You want to swap L1 with L2 and R1 with R2, so start by clicking L2.

This opens another intimidating but simple page. Just click the button you want L2 to act as—in this case, L1. Voila, your left trigger will now act as your left bumper. Repeat this process with the other triggers and bumpers to complete the change and prevent redundancy. You can save this button setup as a separate profile and swap between profiles in the Controllers tab.

How to connect your PS4 controller via Bluetooth

If you followed the Bluetooth installation steps above, you should be able to use your controller wirelessly. Luckily, you don't have to pair your controller every time you want to use it. As long as you don't unplug the adapter, it will save its last connection, so you can just tap your controller's central Playstation button to reconnect it.

The official Sony Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter is far and away the best Bluetooth option. You may have to hunt for it or spend a little more than you would on a standard Bluetooth dongle, but it's worth it for its out-of-the-box functionality.

Ps4 Download Stuck At 10 Weeks

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