Sony Vpcz114gx Network Controller Driver

This page contains information about installing the latest Sony VAIO VPCZ114GX/S driver downloads using the Sony Driver Update Tool. Sony VAIO VPCZ114GX/S drivers are tiny programs that enable your Notebook hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

Sony Vaio, which is one of most popular series of Vaio Computers has got some major issues when they upgrade their operating system. Issues can occur when a user is upgrading from Winodws 7 to Windows 8 or from Windows 8 to Windows 10. For some users, even a newly acquired notebook is also having no internet issues. Probable issues Sony Vaio Pro users facing are:

  • WiFi range drops. WiFi works only within a range of few feet from router. And because of that, it brings a major effect on internet speed on laptop.
  • When few meters away from router, user face connection drops, also internet speed drops to 0.5 Mbps approx. and is highly inconsistent.
  • These issues are more common with European and Australian models.
  • When an user tried to troubleshoot error, gets error of “Default gateway not available” and then it immediately resets the adapter.
  • Another horrible issue, which was observed in some Australian models, that after just few meters away of Wifi router, “No internet Connectivity” pops up.
  • WiFi crashes and uninstalling and reinstalling the WiFi driver does fix the problem, but it’s temporary and after spending few hours, WiFi again crash.
  • Facing Limited Connectivity again and again.

Fix Sony Vaio Pro WiFi Issue

Although Sony users has reported this issue more often, but this issue is not because of any manufacturing fault by Sony Vaio or any software bug or having wrong settings. This issue is global in many manufacturers laptops such as of HP, Dell, Toshiba or Asus. So, here are some solutions to fix Sony Vaio Pro Wifi issues:

Solution 1

Turn off only Bluetooth of your laptop. Many users has confirmed that keeping Bluetooth OFF solved the issue of WiFi inconsistent behavior.

Solution 2

Right click on “My Computer” or “This PC” icon and select “Manage”.

  • Choose Device Manager > Network Adapters > Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260 > Right Click and Select Properties.

Please note, name of wireless card can vary from model to model.

  • Now go to Advanced Tab and Select “802.11n Channel Width for band 2.4” and change it’s value from “20 MHz only” to “Auto“.
  • Notable thing here is, all 2.4 GHz networks use a 40 MHz channel and your WiFi card could be using 20 MHz. Hence WiFi drops from a distance.

So, changing this settings should bring back the speeds even from distance of meters.

Solution 3 (For those having Intel Wifi Card)

If above solution didn’t worked for you, or is not applicable, then for users having Intel WiFi card, can update their Wifi drivers automatically by using this small utility.

  • Go to this link –
  • Download Intel Driver Update Utility and install it.
  • Run it and it’ll automatically find right driver for your WiFi card and update it.
  • Reboot your computer. WiFi issue should be fixed now.

Solution 4 (For Non-Intel Wifi Card Users)

Likewise as Solution 2, go to:

  • Device Manager > Network Adapters > Choose your applicable WiFi Card Adapter and right click on it.
  • Select Properties > Advanced.
  • When in Advanced tab, select “Minimum Power Consumption” and set it to “Disabled“.

Reboot your Computer. Chances are less that Wifi issue may repeat.

Also on Trouble Fixers:

Solution 5

Open Intel Collaborative Performance Control (CPPC) and check CPU aggressiveness. Chances are you might find it at 100%. Reduce CPU aggressiveness to 80% (80-20 rule). This shall improve overall experience like no connection lost when packet is lost.

Solution 6

If your Sony Vaio Pro have Intel Wireless-N 7260 with dual band card, then here’s the solution:

  • Go to Device Manager > Network Adapter > Select Your Wireless Card
  • Right click on it and uninstall driver of it.
  • Now relocate Wireless card in device manager, chance are you could find that in “Unknown Devices” and then right click and select “Update Driver” and let the Windows install the driver automatically.
  • If issue still persists, then again select “Wireless Adapters” in device manager, right click and choose “Update Drivers” and select “Search from a list of Drivers in My Computer“.
  • Chances are Windows might show you 2-3 choices to install driver from. Choices could be similar as below:

Sony Vpcz114gx Network Controller Driver Windows 10

Intel(R)Dual Band Wireless-N7260Version16.6.0.8[14/10/2013]
Intel(R)Dual Band Wireless-N7260Version16.6.2.1[31/10/2013]

Choose the one which doesn’t show any version number or date. Let the driver update to finish it’s process and then reboot your computer.

Now you should note face WiFi Issue in your Sony Vaio Pro.

Solution 7

This Solution might sound kiddish but it’s proven to work. Sometimes customization’s done by OEM’s mess up and users bear the result. So, rather than having your computer with all bloatware your OEM gave along, do a fresh install of your Operating System no matter if you’re on Windows 10 or 8.

Download media creation tool of Windows 10 or 8 from Microsoft website and do a clean install of your operating system. You can also make a bootable pen drive of Windows 10 or 8 first before upgrading and then use pen drive to install Windows.

Windows shall automatically install driver of your WiFi card and you should be good to go. And if you find those drivers working perfectly, avoid updating those in future.

Solution 8

This solution to be tried only if above 7 solutions didn’t worked for you. Chances could be that your router is not compatible with your Wifi Card drivers. Although this is a very rare situation, but then getting a new Wifi Router with dual band i.e. (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) could solve the issue. If you get a new router, or if your current router has the setting of changing band, then keep the router connected at 5 GHz and keep bluetooth OFF of your computer.

I am sure, out of 8, at least 1 solution must work for you in fixing Sony Vaio Pro Wifi Issue. Do let us know which solution worked for you. Or if not, do let us your issue in comments and we’ll try to resolve it in earliest time.

Thanks!! Solution #2 worked for me. I was using USB attached wifi adaptor, which worked ok, but this solution may prove to be much better. Running Win 10 with an SSD. Wow, what a difference!

Hi Suman,

-What is the model number of the computer?

Let us follow these methods:

Method 1.

Try using the Network Adapter troubleshooter to automatically find and fix some common problems:

Open the Network Adapter troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, and then clicking “Control Panel”. In the search box, type “troubleshooter”, and then click “Troubleshooting”. Click “View all”, and then click “Network Adapter”.

Method 2.

If the issue persists, follow these steps:

1. Open “Device Manager”.

2. Right Click on the “Wifi device” and select “Update Driver Software”.

3. Select “browse my computer for a driver software”.

4. Select “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

Sony Vpcz114gx Network Controller Driver

5. Select the driver option according your device model and install. Once this is done, restart the computer and check the status.

Additional Information.

Check for wifi drivers of a different manufacturer on the computer manufacturer's website.

How do I fix network adapter problems?:

Reply with the status of the issue and we will be glad to offer our assistance.
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