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The HeartMath Solution: The Institute of HeartMath's Revolutionary Program for Engaging the Power of the Heart's Intelligenceby
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“When we’re engaged with our hearts, the mind slows down and our thoughts become more rational and focused”
“HeartMath research confirms our intuitive understanding of the heart with solid science and explains how the electromagnetic field radiating from the heart can affect those around us.”
“Positive thoughts and feelings add energy to our system. An optimistic perspective, a feeling of appreciation, or a gesture of kindness, for example, are energy assets. Negative thoughts and feelings deplete our store of energy. Anger, jealousy, and judgmental thoughts, for example, are energy deficits.”
“You achieve the best results from FREEZE-FRAME when you focus in the area of the heart; take a few slow, full breaths; sincerely feel emotions such as love, care, or appreciation; and then forget about breathing while maintaining that feeling state.”
“Forgiveness is simply the most energy-efficient option you face, and the only one that will foster health and well-being. It frees you from the toxic, debilitating drain of holding a grudge. Don’t let villains live rent-free in your head. If they’ve hurt you in the past, why let them keep hurting you year after year in your mind? It’s not worth it—”
“A primary goal of the HeartMath Solution is to increase coherence, bringing us to a state of optimal efficiency. Stress creates incoherence in our system, so increasing coherence necessitates reducing stress.”
“Whatever techniques you practice, realize that the message of the heart becomes clearer when the mind is quiet. And in order to truly quiet the mind, we need to bring the head into alignment with the heart.”
“Activating heart intelligence + managing the mind + managing the emotions = energy efficiency, increased coherence, enhanced awareness, and greater productivity”
“The goal of HeartMath is to help you learn to generate emotional and mental coherence deliberately—on demand—so that ultimately you spend more of your day at this optimal, regenerative level of energy efficiency.”
“Core heart feelings—including appreciation, care, compassion, nonjudgment, and forgiveness—are very potent.”
“A benchmark of new emotional management lies in realizing that our past can no longer be blamed for our actions in the present.”
“Scientists have repeatedly confirmed that our emotional reactions show up in brain activity before we even have time to think. We evaluate everything emotionally as we perceive it. We think about it afterwards”
“that pattern-making ability, essential though it is, has drawbacks. The head can easily get locked into set patterns. Instead of seeing things from a fresh perspective, it can stubbornly presume that it “knows what it knows” about people, places, issues, and ourselves, blocking us from seeing and accepting new possibilities.”
“At the survival level, maintaining a sense of order and stability is essential. But when we’re trying to find new solutions to problems, or trying to develop new attitudes, behaviors, or perspectives, it can be a liability.”
“It takes a new intelligence to understand and manage your emotions. By getting your head and heart in coherence and allowing heart intelligence to work for you, you have a realistic chance of transforming your anger in a healthy way.”
“We’ve all experienced managing our emotions to some degree. But what we usually practice is a kind of “fair-weather management.” When the sun is shining and the sky is clear, we can smile and feel emotionally balanced. But when a storm appears—especially one that wasn’t forecast—our emotions are thrown into turmoil. We’re basically at the mercy of our inner environment.”
“The HeartMath Solution allows us to recognize stress as an untransformed opportunity for empowerment”
“When your mind is unmanaged, it tends to focus on what’s not right. And when you’re caught up in your problems, focusing on what’s not right, you tend to lose sight of areas in your life that are good. The result is that you end up feeling sorry for yourself. This kind of victimized thinking blocks off heart intelligence and creates perceptions that are narrow and confused.”
The heartmath solution book free. download full
“We’ve noticed in our own lives that too much sympathy isn’t helpful. It’s draining—and to no useful end. Sympathy kicks in when our heads overidentify with someone in need and we start projecting our own concerns. Our heads persuade us that in order to be a good friend, we have to “get into” that person’s pain, identify with it and make it our own. But that means engulfing ourselves in the same draining emotions our friend is suffering from. By the time we project our own concerns about the problem on top of our friend’s concerns, we’re sinking into an emotional bog that’s not helpful to anyone. That’s why an offer of sympathy so often leads to two people crying in their beers instead of one—with no solution in sight.”
“New research has found that what creates more stress for people than any other stressor is having to shift concepts, intention, and focus to many different tasks, many times an hour. [1] Unlike thirty”
“Compassion, on the other hand, is regenerative, and it offers intuitive understanding and potential solutions. It lets us feel what another is feeling while holding on to our own authenticity. We can embrace our suffering friend without falling into over-responsibility and despair. Caring about the problems and concerns of those we love is a natural part of friendship. We just need to make sure that our feelings of care lead to higher-heart compassion rather than lower-heart sympathy.”
“The HeartMath Solution is a comprehensive system that provides information, tools, and techniques to access your heart intelligence.”
“We now have scientific evidence that the heart sends us emotional and intuitive signals”
“Contrary to the earlier belief that a steady heart rate was an indicator of health, we now know that a loss of the naturally occurring variability in heart rate is actually a sign of disease and a strong predictor of future health problems. [23] Because heart rate variability declines as we get older, it’s one way to measure our physiological aging. [24] In essence, HRV is a measure of the flexibility of our heart and nervous system, and as such reflects our health and fitness.”
“As Albert Einstein said years ago, “The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Developing the capacity to deal with the challenge of living in a stressful, ever-changing world is now more important than ever.”
“Heart intelligence is the intelligent flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thoughts and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.”
“Mayer and Salovey’s definition of emotional intelligence includes five domains: knowing one’s emotions; managing one’s emotions; motivating oneself; recognizing emotions in others; and handling relationships.”

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“Remember, the mind likes to assume it “knows what it knows,” but often its perceptions are just not accurate. Yet strong judgments are made all the time—every day, every hour—based on limited information.”
“intelligence and intuition are heightened when we learn to listen more deeply to our own heart. It’s through learning how to decipher the messages we receive from our heart that we gain the keen perception needed to effectively manage our emotions in the midst of life’s situations and challenges.”

The Heartmath Solution Book free. download full

“Without the guiding influence of the heart, we easily fall prey to reactive emotions such as insecurity, anger, fear, and blame, as well as other energy-draining reactions and behaviors.”

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